Inner Connections 9/25/14

Are you using your full ability to perceive and create the life you want?
Of course you are! 
If you knew how to do something differently that resulted in an outcome that served you better in creating the life you want, you would use it. 
You are being nudged daily by your Inner Self to perceive and create differently to guide you to a deeper alignment with the peace, love, joy, and creativity that only you can express, and is unlike anyone else's expression of peace, love, joy, and creativity. 
Due to the lifetime of conditioning, it is sometimes challenging to be aware of anything other than what we perceive through the five senses, ego-intellect, and your lifetime of experiences. That said, it's easy to understand how challenging it can be to think, feel, and create from a new paradigm. 
It's our human nature to continue to do things the same way, day after day, because it is comfortable, familiar, efficient, and has predictable results. This is a useful formula and approach until we are challenged with a reoccurring event, situation, or circumstance requiring our full attention. If a familiar reoccurring event presents to you, this could be an opportunity to manage the event differently, thereby releasing the cycle and energy from your life permanently. 
For these challenges, seeking solutions outwardly (our conditioned norm) may not be sufficient to release the energy responsible for manifesting similar events that continue to reoccur throughout your life. 
In addition to one's energetic resonance, one of the primary reasons events reoccur is the learning that is presenting in an event, situation, changing relationship, or a change in feeling (intuition and/or emotions). These reoccurring similar events will continue to cycle around until you have learned what is needed. 
We often ignore or deny the opportunity to learn what is needed because we have been conditioned to judge ourselves harshly, and in this judgment, we perceive only through our conditioning that what exist within is less than, not good enough, or lacking. The natural thing to do is to run in the opposite direction because it is unpleasant (a conditioned response based on a conditioned judgment). 
Your freedom and the transformation of this state and cycle is available from connecting within. The enormity of what you perceive to be scary, daunting, and unpleasant, is based on your conditioned perceptions. Part of this conditioning is the perception that we are victims and that things happen to us for a multitude of reasons. As long as you identify with and perpetuate your position as a victim, you are limiting how you can perceive and create life differently. 
Each of us is doing the best we can, with what we have, in every moment. Again, if you knew how to do something differently that resulted in an outcome that served you better in creating the life you want, you would use it. 
Open yourself to the possibilities that serve you, beyond what you can conceive and perceive through your five senses, and you will begin discovering the joy, peace, love, and creativity that is you, the real you. It's not out there, it's in you, and it's amazing.





Inner Connections 9/19/14

If you dare bypass the ego-intellect by directing it to the heart energy field in the middle of the chest, you will discover possibilities beyond what you can conceive and perceive in your 3-D reality and begin perceiving the limitless abundance of everything you want and need, and this connection is as unique as you and not like how others will experience this connection. If you want to begin thinking and feeling "outside the box," you must be outside the box. Connecting in the heart energy field enables this for you.






Inner Connections 2/18/14

I'm not sure of the significance of the date, March 5, 2014, but I've had a second intuition in a few weeks that suggests we practice non-judgment on this day. Non-judgment of ourselves first, and then non-judgment of others. When we open our awareness to the multitude of ways we judge ourselves and others, and at times very harshly, throughout our days, we take the first step in releasing these patterns from our life. When this process begins, one is able to transform judgment, opinion, and belief into deeper levels of open-mindedness and in that new state, greater freedom is born, new creativity is born, and a deeper connection to one's inner self is born. These are just observations of this process in myself and a few others. If interested, try it for yourself and see what shows up for you.






Inner Connections 1/11/14

To all mothers...

You are doing the best you can, with what you have, in every moment. Take this in and acknowledge it. It is truth, despite any doubts you have. If you knew to do things differently or could do things differently, you would. Each child, regardless of age, has their own journey and path. Your role in supporting your child changes as they age, from the ever-present mother of a toddler to that as a mentor of a grown child. As your child ages, your unconditional love transforms to meet the needs of the child's role, and no two roles are alike. Go inward to determine if you need to give yourself a kind nudge to transition to a possible new role as mother. Your changing role enables your child the freedom they need to step fully into their ever-changing journey and enables them to more freely connect with all the possibilities that serve them throughout their life. And your support in this way, enables you to release any false responsibilties that may linger from previous roles as a mother.






Inner Connections 1/5/14

Received in a connection this morning...

Don't let experience dictate the possibilities that exist for you. These possibilities are often beyond what you can perceive and conceive. Going within, via your heart energy field (in the middle of your chest), is the portal to these possibilities.

Inner Connections 4/23/14

We create our individual realities based on what we perceive (through the five senses (primary) and intuition (usually, secondary)) from moment to moment, and then on what we allow to integrate into our physical reality (usually, in an unconscious way) and our non-physical reality (mostly in an unconscious way). These perceptions, in an unconscious way, creates vibrations and energies that cumulatively creates and attracts according to the source of the vibration-- you. To create a lasting change in your reality, you change how you perceive what you perceive from moment to moment. To do this, you connect to a deeper part of yourself (by bringing your attention to your heart energy field, in the middle of your chest) so that you bypass the primary preceptor, the five senses as filtered through the ego-intellect, and then in that connection to a deeper part of yourself, you state a simple intention for heightened awareness for the purpose of having conscious choice in the moment. Being aware of choice in the moment is being conscious. 
Inner Connections  4/29/14

We let in what we make room for. 



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