Remote/Distance Sessions


For those who are not able to schedule an in-person session in Austin, TX or Lafayette, LA while I am in town, remote/distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. Intuition and energy transformation affecting mental/emotional and physical aspects of a person do not require face-to-face proximity for effective results to occur and are not limited by time and space.
Many energy workers I’ve met facilitate only remote/distance sessions via phone, Skype video, and even without a phone/voice connection. Some of my Lafayette clients have said that their remote/distance sessions were more powerful than their previous in-person sessions.
As in a face-to-face session, all that is required in a remote/distance session is an openness and a little trust in your ability to release energies and patterns you no longer need and to receive new energies that serve you in how your want to create your life.  
For a remote/distance session, you will need complete privacy and quiet, where you will not be disturbed or interrupted by other people, pets, or electronic devices for the duration of the session. You can sit in a chair or lie down for the session. It is highly recommended that you provide a list of your session intentions to me prior to your session, as this facilitates a deeper connection, potentially less discussion time, and often starts the session processes when the list is submitted.
To schedule an appointment for a Pranic Healing or Heart Center remote/distance session, send your date and time preference, and I’ll confirm the availability of your preference, or I’ll provide other possible available times if your selected times are not available.
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