Intuitive message for February 2019




Available Possibilities Beyond Conditioning and Experiences



Have you ever considered where intuition comes from?


Is intuition solely a function of the brain?


And, does science really know where intuition originates?


What is intuition?


A simple answer is intuition is the communication channel between your inner self and outer self.


If science knew the origins of intuition, then we could follow steps or a process for activating it more often.


For those who meditate or connect inwardly regularly, have you noticed that your intuition presents more frequently than in periods when you don’t meditate or connect inwardly?


It appears that intuition can be nurtured to present more frequently by regular meditation or regular inner connection, when a person uses an inner focus to quiet the mind (and breathing) to enable a different state of being to emerge.


This state of being, derived from an inward focus as opposed to our automatic and habitual outward driven focus full of mental and emotional stimulation, enables our breathing to slow down, which directly effects the chemistry in the body and brain (proven in science).


The chemical changes in the brain and throughout the body directly affects the energies of our cells, energy centers (nerve centers or chakras) and the energy fields surrounding our body.


In this dynamic state of being, which is different than our usual outward focused state of being, aspects of our mental state that is usually active from moment to moment are enabled to become more quiet.


In this more quiet state, we naturally have access to information, energies, and possibilities that are not as easily accessible in our typical daily mental processes, habits, and broader unaware states.


In this more quiet state, we can consciously access information, energies, and possibilities that are available in the non-physical realm, the consciousness from which we create and interact daily, which, typically, we are not aware of this state because of ongoing mental chatter and the resulting distracting energies.


Regardless of how you frame human existence and your existence, whether through religion, spirituality, or human potential as evolving consciousness, you have access to more than what your five senses and ego-intellect show you in your typical outward-focused reality.


It is your choice in any and all moments as to how you choose to process each moment, either through the automatic habitual mode of operation with access to mostly past experiences and conditioning and those limitations, or connect inwardly to begin accessing limitless possibilities that are available to you in any moment.


The nurturing of intuition takes practice, but not the kind of practice that is time consuming and demanding. 


Simply directing your focus to the heart center, in the middle of your chest, for a few seconds with the intention of connecting to your non-physical self for the purpose of enabling your intuition to present more frequently and have stronger presence can be the beginning of changing how you operate more consciously in your day.


When connecting in the heart center or with any method of connecting inwardly, you can use any intention you want as long as it is beneficial and uplifting to you, and if you use a heart center connection for someone’s benefit, your intention is best if it is unconditional toward the other person.


The content of this message is just words unless you use connecting inwardly for yourself for any aspect of your life, whether it’s considered insignificant or important.


The real value in connecting inwardly is the empowerment you will experience, not only in the physical and mental/emotional aspects of your being, but also in how your vibration will change, which will activate more intuition (inner guidance) for you, and more than just once in a while.


So, for a few seconds in the morning, at various times in your day, and at night before sleep, connect in your heart center with an intention for a few seconds for whatever you are wanting and needing, and if you like, include your intention for more frequent and stronger intuition.


You won’t know if it’s possible for you unless you try it for a few days, and optimally, a few weeks.


If you are interested in trying this approach, but decide that you don’t have enough time to do this, then are you designing your life for more possibilities or is your automatic habitual mode determining how you create your life?


Or, you can decide that this approach is not interesting or useful, and that is okay too.


It’s always your choice as to how you perceive, think, and feel in any moment.


You are the Creator in any given moment, if you allow yourself to be.



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