Intuitive message for January 2019



Our Stories


We all have stories that we replay in our minds, whether consciously or unconsciously. 


Some of the stories originated in our youth or from our reaction to an event we determined to be important, whether pleasant or unpleasant. 


The conditioning of how we perceive, think, feel, and judge plays a significant role in how we frame our stories, and in some ways, determines how long we tell those stories to ourself and to others.


Because most of us are operating daily in an automatic mode, our stories perpetuate from experience to experience and from day to day with little opportunity to change unless a life experience serves to wake us up out of our automatic mode of operation.


It is beneficial to be aware of the "stories" you tell yourself and to others (and the words you use) and be willing to let go of the stories that keep you bound to a state of victimhood (disempowerment), where you continue to embellish the unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and actions of an experience, as a way to validate your state or position. Unless you are letting go of old stories and creating new stories that connect you to all the possibilities that serve you in clarity, light, love, peace, joy, wellness, and empowerment, you are potentially keeping yourself bound to the patterns and their default behaviors that no longer serve you. This awareness must be accompanied by kindness toward yourself and without harsh self judgment. Regularly connecting in the heart center and in daily introspection through meditation enables you to be aware of the inner dialog that either serves you or not, and enables you to make conscious choices in determining what you create in your life. As a result, self deceptions can begin to dissolve.


Here are some questions that can provide broader awareness relative to your stories.


What is your story that you tell yourself regularly, and then perceive, think, and feel according to that story every day?


Is the story still accurate for you?


Is the story your creation, or is it the result of conditioning or other people's creations that you accepted as yours, and where did your story originate?


Is your story empowering, or is it disempowering for the creations, dreams, and aspirations you have for this time in your life and into the future?


Is your story a chronic reviewing of all the things in your life that aren't working for you, or is your story based in all the things you want and need to do to manifest all aspects of your happiness?


What part of my story and myself that are working for me that I'm not seeing or understanding.


Becoming more self aware from an inner connection can facilitate the perceptions needed to enable yourself to change your stories that are no longer useful, thereby giving you the opportunity to create new stories that are more empowering.


The objective self awareness needed to effectively change ones perceptions, thoughts, and feelings comes from being consciously aware to enable conscious choice.


You can become consciously aware and in conscious choice through an inner connection, whether from meditation or from a variety of techniques offered through many modalities, including connecting to the immense power and energy of the heart center in the middle of your chest.


When connecting inwardly, you access a part of yourself that you typically don't access consciously when involved in habitual and automatic perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.


Connecting inwardly for almost all which you determine to be important, and even for those things that aren't important, provides you access to perceiving, thinking, and feeling "outside the box," the "box" being the automatic ways you experience moment to moment.


From your inner connections, you access clarity and solutions, creations, and ideas, you normally would not access with the logical ego-intellect and outward directed focus.


From your inner connections, you can effortlessly discover new aspects of new stories you want to begin creating, and these aspects and stories can feel lighter than most stories you've been living because these new connections to new stories are purely yours.


Give yourself the gift of deeper self awareness through regular inner connections to access your true power, intelligence, and unconditional love, all residing in your unique and accessible soul that is you, and on many levels undiscovered.


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