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Choice: From Habit or From Conscious Awareness



Almost everything we do, perceive, think, and feel is the result of habit or conditioning—how we are conditioned to perceive, think, and feel since we were toddlers—and as a result, how we do things in our actions.


As time goes by, we make decisions about what we like or don’t like, and these decisions affect how we perceive, think, feel, and do things, and usually without awareness in the moment of where these perceptions, thoughts, and feelings originate, or even if they’re still useful and empowering, or limiting.


And, as time goes by, and we change, some of these ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling, and doing work for us in our processing of experiences, and some do not.


So, do we have to change how we choose in the moment?


No, not unless the experience in the moment presents the awareness that you do not have a choice or you have only limited choices that are based solely on past experiences. 


Often, when we have an experience and it does not occur the way we want it to occur, we perceive, think, or feel that we don’t have a choice in how we experience the event.


And, from this way of processing an experience, based in decisions that we made earlier about how we thought life is experienced and allowed these ways of being to integrate as habit, we limit the possibilities available to us in our limited conditioned awareness that seem to offer no possibilities, or only a limited amount of possibilities, and those possibilities might appear unappealing.


Although each of us is a unique being because of the nature of our unique soul learning journey, as humans, we share similar challenges or soul growth opportunities as related to how we have a choice in how we process our experiences.


As a result of how we all seem to be conditioned to sometimes perceive, think, and feel that we don’t have choices in the moment, because of conditioning (earlier decisions we’ve made about how we process experiences that are challenging and possibly unpleasant and have been integrated into habit), we perceive, think, and feel that we do not have a choice or have only limited unpleasant choices.


This state of being, based in disempowerment due to a lack of a broader awareness for other possibilities in the moment, is a state of victimhood due to early and ongoing conditioning, where a person is not aware that they are capable of accessing other possibilities in their experience through means other than the ego-intellect.


We are more than the ego-intellect, five senses, and past experiences. 


Every human is both a physical being and a non-physical being. 


Being in a state of disempowerment or victimhood is not a negative or positive state, and is a result of conditioning and the perpetuation of limited awareness of possibilities through ongoing habitual perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.


Simply put, we are not taught that there are other ways to access possibilities and solutions beyond what we access through the ego-intellect and past experiences. 


There are many ways to change how you perceive, think, and feel, to become more fully aware in the moment, and many of these methods begin with a person exploring how their ego-intellect operates, and how awareness expands to assist a person in changing.


In exploring the ego-intellect, a person is accessing their non-physical self, their soul/spirit, although usually not consciously and not directly.


One of the most accelerated ways to change how you perceive, think, and feel, which affects how you do things, is through consciously accessing your non-physical self, the soul/spirit directly. 


In consciously accessing your non-physical self through an inner connection and with a simple intention, you dynamically change your energies and vibrations and access the quantum field where all possibilities reside, which is so much more than what the ego-intellect can access through mostly just past experiences.


What makes this approach so incredibly powerful is that you do not need anyone else to do this for you, as you have all that you need within you to make this connection and apply your simple intention for change.


You do not need a middleman or someone to do this for you. 


What makes this approach so challenging is that it is so different than what we are taught to access when faced with challenges, problem solving, or just in operating in the habit mode.


Most of us are taught to use our ego-intellects to access past experiences to process an experience in the moment, whether consciously or unconsciously, and usually out of habit.


Included in this approach is all the conditioning we’ve received that determines how we perceive, think, feel, and do, which usually keeps us “inside the box” and limits the possibilities available to us.


To access possibilities that are “outside the box,” being outside of our habitual operating mode and outside of the limitations of our conditioning about what we can or cannot do based in our past experiences, we can access an unlimited part of ourself by shifting our focus from an outward awareness to an inward awareness, stating a simple intention for change (to release, create, or just connect more deeply), express gratitude, and then let go, knowing that this way of creating is dynamically changing our world according to what we just created.


This is not creating just by wishing or hoping something will change, and instead it is connecting to a command of knowing that something is changing according to your intentions.


This approach is accessible to everyone. 


Creating in this way is challenging because it is the opposite of depending mostly on the ego-intellect for how you process an experience, and because it’s challenging for most people to let go and trust in connecting inwardly to create something that is unknown, unfamiliar, and so different than how most people in the world are taught and operate, through the ego-intellect.


In the beginning, and while you are acclimating to using this approach, your ego-intellect will frequently question if this approach works, if it is real, if it works for you, if you’re doing it correctly, or if it is aligned with the highest good in you and in humans.


When you choose to become more consciously aware in your experiences every day, you will begin to realize that you are emerging from victimhood consciousness (conditioned disempowerment) to aligning more directly with yourself as an empowered Creator, by being more conscious of how the Creator is expressing through you in a powerful and unique way, and with a broadened awareness that you can change how you perceive, think, feel, and do in all of your experiences and moments.


This is a process, and we’re all in this process, and because we’re each in our own unique soul learning journey, no one is more or less evolved than anyone else, despite the conditioning of judgment we all receive in our traditional development.


All aspects of your life is a choice, and a choice you can consciously make at any moment on any day for the rest of your life, regardless of how you were raised, taught, and conditioned.


When you become aware that you can change anything in your life by changing how you perceive, think, and feel, and how you frame an experience in the moment, you will begin to open up yourself to more possibilities, and if you allow this process to continue, the realm of possibilities expands.


Unconscious choice through habit is creating your life.


Can you imagine how your life can change according to your design with conscious choice?


It’s a process.


Start small.


You’re doing the best you can with what you have in the moment, and if you knew how to do something better or differently, you would.


You can choose to judge yourself less.


You can choose to judge others less.


You can start by choosing to consciously create just one part of your day by accessing your non-physical self through and inner connection, stating a simple intention for change (release energies/emotions, create what you want, or just to connect inwardly), and then giving gratitude and letting go and trusting in what you just created is manifesting when and how it serves you best.


You can choose to have fun in this new way of consciously creating.


Not all serious and significant issues in life have to be approached in a heavy and serious way, and a lighter approach and choice is available if you choose to explore it, and you won’t know this until you choose to explore it.


What feels better: heavy or light?


The next time you hear yourself or anyone say “That’s just how it is” as related to anything, that awareness is ripe for change, and it is your choice to accept “what is” or access the possibilities beyond the conditioning of your ego-intellect and how you want it to be.


How do you want it to be?


Get busy and create it through an inner connection, intention, gratitude, and letting go and trusting in yourself as an empowered Creator that you are.


Every moment is an opportunity for you to change how you want to be, to create what you want, and to do so with greater ease. 


The power to do this is inside, waiting to be used when you decide to use it and how often you decide to use it. 


It has always been a choice; you just didn’t know it, or just forgot. 


Now that you know it, choose to create what you want and need, and let go of blame, judgments, fears, and victimhood conditioning. 


You can do anything you want because you’re an empowered Creator, if you choose to be. 




Discover new parts of yourself. 


Start small, but start, and restart as often as needed. 








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