Intuitive message for June 2019


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Creations Have Consciousness



All creations have consciousness that are expressions of other consciousness from which they came. 


The creations will always have the imprint of the consciousness from which they were created. 


The outward expression of the creation consciousness can be changed while always retaining the seed consciousness from which it came. 


The seed consciousness from which the creation consciousness was created will lose its ability to influence the outward expression of the evolved creation over time as the conscious intent of the person relative to the creation is intact (aligned with what is desired and release what is no longer desired) and actively being changed consciously.


This is how a creation that might not be useful or to the benefit of the person creating the creation can be changed over time, regardless of the nature of the seed consciousness of the creation, whether the creation consciousness was received through inherited patterns or conditioning.


Conscious presence (awareness) and conscious choice relative to any creation are the medium for changing wanted and unwanted creations and the associated consciousness of the creations.


All human perceptions, thoughts, feelings, actions, ideas, concepts, inventions, and desires are individual creations, each with consciousness.


Each human, in their eternal Now, is the cumulative expression of their creations and the consciousness of each creation.


What is the majority of consciousness of a person’s creations? 


The majority of the consciousness of a person’s creations results in the reality the person is experiencing in the moment and in a period of time in the person’s life (which is only the eternal Now, even though the brain/mind/ego-intellect can only perceive linear time).


If a person wants to change in a certain way, they need only to identify and access the consciousness of what they are wanting, and then, consciously perceive, think, feel, and act accordingly, and as frequently as possible.


People’s conditioning, rooted in the limitations of the ego-intellect as processed automatically and habitually (in their perceptions, thoughts, and feelings), limits the awareness and accessing of the creation consciousness possibilities available to each person based on where they are in their soul learning journey in this life. 


Emerging from conditioning is the process through which the soul learns and expands for broader awarenesses and broader choices.


This process is accelerated when the person becomes aligned with a certain degree of inner knowing integrated into their outer knowing so that this state of conscious awareness and conscious choice is more prevalent in their daily perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Everything a person perceives, thinks, feels, and does (action) creates a consciousness for each perception, thought, feeling, and action. 


Consciousness can be thought of as a certain kind of energy with degrees of complexity depending on why and how the creation was created. 


Random automatic (habitual) creations of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions that are the result of patterns and conditioning have a certain effect and manifestation based on the cumulative energies invested over time.


Creations and associated consciousness that are done through conscious awareness and conscious choice have more power available in the consciousness being created, which equates to more influence for what is wanted in a conscious creation as opposed to what is created in an automatic habitual awareness (a state of being only partially conscious in the moment). 


Judgment, even in the smallest way, limits the person from accessing possibilities of creation and consciousness because judgments are rigidly defined about something and therefore the rigid perception, thought, or feeling limits access to possibilities that are beyond the conditioning/patterns being expressed in the moment.


The person allowing their judgment to transition to objective point of view and observation brings in all possibilities through conscious awareness and conscious choice, and sets up the alignment with the resonances of possibilities that are most useful to the person for where they are in their soul learning journey. 


The state of being self aware in the moment without judgment while engaged in an experience always provides broader possibilities and access to the type of creation consciousness that is desired through conscious awareness and conscious choice.


Even though people are not aware that they have a choice in every moment, due to conditioning of operating in an automatic and habitual mode where their patterns and the default behaviors of those patterns determine their experiences, they will eventually emerge with greater awareness and choice due to the essence of all humans, which is the ever-present nature of infinite unconditional love, infinite power, and infinite intelligence (not just ego-intellect) in every person and the ever present energies of those states always wanting to be expressed in each person.


This presence is expressing uniquely through each person according to what the soul needs to learn in this life through experiences that are unique to each person in their process (evolution) in discovering awarenesses and choices in the transition from victimhood (via inheritance and conditioning) to empowered Creator Self (via experiences in conscious awareness and conscious choice).


If you are not present and conscious in your awareness and choice in the moment, you are operating automatically and habitually where your patterns and the default behaviors in your patterns are creating the consciousness you are experiencing.


That consciousness is neither bad nor good, however, if the feeling that accompanies that state of being does not feel good, this can be an indicator that there is something for you to learn in the experience on a deeper level, and for you to see that you can change your state of being in the moment, which can be used to seed change in the future as related to similar experiences.  


Becoming more consciously aware in the moment and then making the choice to act on that awareness to adjust your state of being is how you emerge from the conditioning of victimhood (conditioned disempowerment) to aligning with your essence of an empowered Creator and all the possibilities that this state of being provides.






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