Intuitive message for March 2019



Processing Experiences:  Focus on the Content of the Experience or Focus on How You React and Interact in the Experience 


How do you process your experiences in the moment?


Are you aware of what is happening with you beyond your automatic responses and reactions when processing significant issues?


In those moments, are you aware that you have access to more than what your past experiences and conditioning have to offer for accessing other possibilities that might actually work better than what you’ve been accessing through your automatic mode of operation?


As humans, we have access to more information and energies than what we were taught is available through accessing just our past experiences and the typical automatic way we process interactions such as problem solving, relationships, creating what we want, and releasing what we don’t want.


As a result of our conditioning, from when we were children to our current age, we mostly use our set awarenesses and choices based on how we typically process what we experience. 


There is a lot more available beyond what you typically access automatically if you are open to other awarenesses and letting go of the automatic and typical way you process your experiences, especially in those experiences that are meaningful to you.


As many of these messages have stated, accessing unlimited possibilities is possible by momentarily letting go of your typical mental processes and bringing your awareness inwardly (to the heart center in the middle of your chest), and then once in a state without thought or emotion, you can state a simple intention to release energies or emotions, create new things or states of being, or just connect inwardly to your most powerful and peaceful self.


However, having the awareness to connect inwardly for accessing other possibilities is often challenging because of the conditioned and habitual way in which our awareness is directed mostly outward, automatically accessing past experiences from which to process our moments.


In that awareness, we’ve also been conditioned to focus on the content of the experiences instead of the possibilities in how we process the content of our experiences differently and with more awareness than what our automatic mode of operation offers.


The content of an experience are those things we perceive, think, and feel are important in our interactions in an experience (the subject matter of an experience), and from our outward directed ego-intellect, we are driven to interact and resolve the experience unconsciously using past experiences and conditioning. 


In focusing solely on the content (subject matter) of an experience, we can be unaware of how we are reacting, interacting, and processing how we perceive, think, and feel, which is usually in an automatic way.


Having the awareness of how we respond or react to an experience can be more valuable than focusing on the content of an experience with which we are automatically interacting.


Which offers the potential for greater happiness: Focusing on the content of an experience, or being aware in how we react and interact with an experience, which could change the value of the content of an experience and provide a useful tool for future experiences?


What empowers you more, focusing on the content of an experience in an automatic way, or being consciously aware of how you react and interact in an experience?


Focusing on the content of an experience and the automatic way you process the content can result in happiness, and how long this happiness lasts depends on the content of the experience, and how you feel after processing an experience in your typical way.


Having an awareness of yourself in how you are processing an experience, especially a meaningful experience, can offer broader awarenesses and result in more choices and options beyond how you typically process the experience.


The more you become aware in the moment that you can interact with your experiences through focusing on awareness instead of the content of what you’re experiencing, broader awarenesses and more choices can emerge for you to create the outcome you want.


Being aware of how you perceive, think, and feel in how you are reacting and interacting relative to an experience can create the awareness that you have more options to choose from than what you’ve used in the past.


Processing an experience in this way is another way of letting go of judgments, the preconceived charged awarenesses of how things work in your life, which are based on conditioning and past experiences.


When you let go of judgments in the the moment and allow yourself to have an objective point of view, you have access to more awarenesses and choices, which can result in more possibilities. 


When you become aware of how you’re reacting and interacting in an experience, a good question to ask yourself is “Are there other ways to perceive, think, and feel about what I’m experiencing in this moment?”


Another question to ask when you’re aware of yourself when reacting and interacting in and experience is “If I were to let go of how I usually react and interact in this type of experience, what options and possibilities would I have in this experience?”


When you ask yourself these types of open-ended questions, resist the urge to answer them, as these open-ended questions are meant to be asked for your non-physical self and the Universe to answer. 


In this approach, you are accessing more awareness, choice, and possibilities by “getting out of the way” by not engaging your mind/ego-intellect in the traditional-conventional way, and letting the energies of the question access information and energies that are usually beyond what your mind can access in its typical functioning.


Again, the most challenging aspect of processing experiences in this way is letting go of using the mind/ego-intellect in the way you usually use it, and trusting in an aspect of yourself you are not as familiar with, the power of your non-physical self (spirit, soul).


How we react and interact in every situation, in every condition, and in every moment is a choice, also know as free will. 


We might disagree with that last statement because of our conditioning and past experiences, however, any resistance to the previous statement is a function of the conditioning of the ego-intellect (victimhood, feeling powerless, etc.) and is not in alignment with the power of you as soul/spirit, unless you are just unaware of other possibilities (which, in time, your soul will show you).


We all make choices based on where and how we are in our soul learning journey, and because each soul is unique, there can be no judgment about where and how each person is in their soul learning.


So, regardless of what you focus on in your experiences, the resulting choices you make are part of your soul learning, and in some way, you are being guided to deeper self awareness in how you process all of your experiences, which all leads to enhanced soul learning with greater ease.


This message, like all messages from inner connections, are showing us the possibilities of being an empowered human beyond the awarenesses of just our outward-directed minds.


Once we are aware of other ways of experiencing life, we get to choose whether to use these options or not, or how to use these options and how often.


If you are experiencing something that is deeply troubling or feel you are in the depths of misery, being open to changing how you perceive, think, and feel about yourself and how you are reacting and interacting in the experience can create a “bread crumb” path to other ways of perceiving, thinking, and feeling that begin to uncover deeper levels of empowerment in you.


You energize what you focus on.



Through the infinite unconditional love, infinite power, and infinite intelligence that exist in you and in all that is, may you discover all that you are needing in this moment to free yourself  in some way to feel and know you are an empowered being and on all levels. 


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