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Intuitive message for September 2019



Constructs and conditioning that no longer serve you


Have you noticed that on occasion you do something or say something that you wished you wouldn’t have done or said?


Or, have you noticed when you are not feeling good about something you are experiencing, your perceptions, your thoughts, and your feelings seem to have a life of their own, where you are just following along with what is showing up in your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions without the awareness that you can change anything in the moment?


This is your automatic mode of operation, the mode of operation from which you respond to life events without much thought, awareness, or feeling, other than what you usually think, perceive, and feel when involved in similar experiences.


Basically, we are driven by our patterns and conditioning and the default behaviors of those patterns and conditioning, until we choose to do things differently.


In these experiences, you are conscious enough to follow along familiar pathways of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions.


However, you are not fully conscious in these experiences as long as you are in your automatic mode of operation and interacting according to habit.


That is not a negative state to be in, as most people in the world operate in this way, most of the time.


When in your automatic mode of operation, there is a familiar convenience of perceiving, thinking, feeling, and doing that has a certain efficiency about it, which is an unconscious incentive to continue processing experiences in this way.


When in your automatic mode of operation, which you’ve acquired through many years of conditioning, you also attach your identity of who you are to the ways you perceive, think, feel, and act.


This is one aspect of who you are, not all aspects of who you are. 


Another aspect of who you are is your connection to your non-physical self (spirit/soul), and this presence of yourself is not only related to the workings of your mind, ego-intellect. 


To access your non-physical self, you direct just enough of your outer awareness inwardly with an intention to connect to your non-physical self, to the part of you that is not limited by conditioning and past experiences, and is connected to more possibilities than you can access through your outer awareness via the usual mind-ego-intellect awareness. 


For many people, doing life the same way every day with the usual awareness associated with the automatic mode of operation is okay, and they don’t feel a need to do anything differently, until some life event or introspective moment presents itself and prompts (forces?) your full attention. 


Processing life in this way is useful to many people, although many do not have the awareness that they can actively change their experience by how they frame the experience in their awareness.


For those who choose to access other parts of their total being beyond the awareness of just physical reality, they discover there are many paths to accessing the possibilities, creations, and resonant alignments with new and different ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling, and doing, which all lead to greater empowerment, greater peace, and greater love for oneself and others.


From another perspective, this translates into less judgment of yourself and others, and more alignment with perceiving the differences we have with everything that is not you as being just different points of view that are presenting to you for your learning about yourself, others, and the grand creation of life.


When you begin to experience that openness that is not bound to strong opinions, strong positions, and strong judgments, you begin to feel a flow in your experiences that accompany lightness, presences of joy and peace that exist in neutrality, and a new freedom based in the awareness that you don’t have to perceive, think, feel, or do according to what you’ve been taught or according to what you inherited from your lineage that no longer fits you.



If this is appealing, then all you have to do is acknowledge this awareness within you and commit to exploring it on broader and deeper levels in the course of your daily experiences. 


The simple formula for this is:  inner connection + intention = conscious creation.


All of the paths, modalities, and ways of expanding your consciousness are just starting points for you to discover how you learn, heal, empower yourself (and others), and to discover your limitless connections to Infinite Unconditional Love, Infinite Power, and Infinite Intelligence that already exist in you.


In the beginning of this exploration, you might try techniques for deeper and more expansive connections to your inner being, and that’s just what these methods are—starting points—until you integrate them and make them your own, in which the methods might not even resemble the methods you started with.


Don’t get caught up in trying to have the same experiences as those you learn from or from those you put on pedestals. 


We are all humans learning from each other, and all having valid contributions to each other even though judgments hide the deeper natures of some of these contributions.


Because we all have victimhood conditioning in varying degrees, we are not always aware that we can change almost any aspect of our daily experiences, which means that all you need to change yourself in an experience is to have conscious choice and conscious awareness. 


Having conscious choice and conscious awareness is a state of being that is not in a state of your usual automatic mode of operation.


Being in conscious awareness and in conscious choice requires breaking the continuity of your ongoing automatic mode of operation and habits so that you can consciously choose to let go of conditioning and past experiences to access other possibilities in perception, thought, feeling, and action that are beyond your usual flow of habit and operation. 


For many who are open to this different way of experiencing a moment or event, this might seem very foreign, confusing, and unnatural, and possibly, unnecessary or undesirable and bothersome.


We are all on our own individual soul learning journeys, so this approach might not be for you and others that you know, and that is okay.


However, if you are open to exploring becoming more conscious in your experiences and want to access becoming more conscious in awareness and in choice in the moment, you already have everything you need for doing this: your ability to connect inwardly and integrating your inner connections into your daily activities.


It’s just a matter of committing to doing this as best you can, and then participating in your commitment as best you can, on an ongoing basis.


For you to change your habits of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions, this approach will require you to participate daily for the rest of your life, as there is no destination and only milestones of successes. 


However, the “payoff” is seeing and feeling the difference in the results in how you frame and process your experiences.


Your ability to change yourself is limitless and is a process, and the process gets easier as you change yourself and acclimate to creating life differently.


In the beginning of this approach of becoming more conscious in your moments, you will see results, although possibly subtle in the beginning.


As your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and resulting actions change, so will the energies of your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions which you accessed and manifested from previous conditioning in your previous experiences.


In other words, your energetic vibration changes, which causes you to be in energetic states of being that are more resonant with how you want to create life.


It’s a process, and one that accelerates as you nurture the new ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling, and doing based on your persistence in connecting inwardly in your daily experiences.


By you participating in becoming more conscious in your experiences, you accelerate how you want to create life, consciously process your experiences, and change in ways that are resonant with you instead of being subject to the cumulative energies of past conditioning to offer experiences for you to change.


Whether an experience is defined as pleasant or not, we have the ability to frame and process an experience according to our connection to our inner infinite power, our inner infinite intelligence, and our inner infinite unconditional love.


However, most of us, due to conditioning, only unconsciously access the byproduct of our conditioning and past experiences and the automatic perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that accompany that conditioning, usually without conscious presence unless the experience is dynamic enough to promote our broader, more conscious awareness in the moment.


We can access that awareness without having a major life event force us to being consciously aware.


Again, it just requires a commitment and then participating in that commitment every day in a way that is natural for you and to your abilities.


Or, not.


You have a choice in every moment. 


What kinds of activities keep you immersed in not being more conscious and keep you in being in an automatic mode of operation, driven by habits of perception, thought, feeling, and action?


What kinds of activities (habits) reinforce you being distracted and disconnected from being more conscious and reinforce you being in your automatic mode of operation?


These activities will differ from person to person.


Our electronic devices are great tools and are also great distractions in how they can completely captivate our attention for long periods of time.


While operating these devices, it might be useful to regularly pause to connect inwardly for a brief moment so that your outer awareness is aligned with your inner awareness and you can still be more conscious and have conscious choice and not only be driven by habit of perception, thought, feeling, and action.


When an experience doesn’t make you feel good, do you unconsciously distract yourself to avoid the experience and avoid what the experience is trying to show you about yourself and your interaction in the moment?


Are you self aware in how you react to experiences that trigger you and cause an unpleasant flow of feelings, emotions, and thoughts? 


Breaking the continuity of your automatic mode of operation in that moment can be very useful in learning what is being offered to you in the experience, and equally as important, enabling yourself to shift your energies to a state of neutral or feeling good.


You are not a helpless victim incapable of changing yourself in any moment, and you are not captive to your past conditioning of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions, unless you allow yourself to be.


Usually, we are not aware that a subtle shift in our perceptions, thoughts, and feelings can create a release of what triggered us to be in an automatic mode of operation in which our perceptions, thoughts, and feelings control us in feeling unpleasant in the moment.


Big changes in yourself can start with small changes in the moment, in the way you react and frame what you are experiencing.


This approach is not denial or suppression of what you perceive, think, or feel, and it is first, consciously acknowledging what you are experiencing, and then having the awareness in the moment that you have more choices available to you in creating how you want to be and how you can transform the moment through being open to receiving information and empowerment from deeper levels of yourself, instead of unconsciously reacting the same ways you usually do.


You are a dynamic Creator capable of framing your experiences in ways that are empowering instead of fueling the conditioning of victimhood (not knowing that you can change yourself in the moment). 


This power, in all humans, includes the ability to change the conditioning of judging to a more useful, empowering, and freeing perception of “point of view” in all of your experiences.


It’s simple:  Judgments limit conscious awareness and conscious choice because you are set in your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, so you are not open to the possibilities that are available to you in physical reality, much less the possibilities that are available to you from your inner connection to the non-physical (which far surpass the possibilities available to us in physical reality).


Allowing yourself points of view (about yourself, others, situations, and events), instead of judgment, enables you to access all possibilities from the physical and non-physical realities (based in the nature of your spirit/soul) that are resonant with you and your present moment. 


It’s a choice.


Your choice.


Do you want to limit your possibilities, especially when you’re seeking them, or do you want to access more possibilities that serve you in your highest good, even though accessing this openness to greater possibilities is very different than how you operate in your habitual automatic mode of operation?


It’s like learning anything that you’re interested in.


The more time and attention you put into it, the faster and more deeply you learn it.


It might be useful to make a list of all the constructs and conditioning that are part of you that you think might be useful to change for enabling self empowerment and more conscious awareness and conscious choice.


Don’t judge these as negative, but just as possible aspects of yourself that could change for greater self empowerment.


If you’re going to make this list, then also create a list of all the aspects about yourself that are now self empowering, and fully acknowledge these traits in you as empowering. 


It is very useful to acknowledge what empowers you now and to celebrate the milestones that enable you to shift to greater empowerment.


Most of us are not taught that we can change all aspects of our life, and instead we are shown, usually not consciously by others, that life offers good experiences and bad experiences, and these experiences are the only mechanics that change us.


This construct is truth for many people, but it is not truth for the full potential of being human, which is both physical (body) and non-physical (spirit, soul), and the conscious integration of the physical and non-physical. 


The full potential of being human is directly linked to yourself as a Creator, in which you possess the essence of infinite power, infinite intelligence, and infinite unconditional love, in which these three aspects of your essence are inseparable.


It is your choice as to whether you want to begin consciously accessing this part of you in your daily experiences and step more expansively into your true nature and abilities.


No one can do this for you.


It is not negative or incorrect to choose not to pursue this mode of operating in life.


You are you, and you are where you are in your soul learning journey.


So, if any of this information feels resonant, then there are possibilities available to you now to begin changing yourself accordingly.


If this information does not resonate with you, then you can find other ways of changing yourself, and, you can continue in your current way of operating in what feels comfortable and useful.


No judgment.


There is no one way to enjoy and experience life, and you have to find what works for you, and not according to what others tell you works for you, and not because everyone else is processing their lives in a certain way.


What feels good and right on a deeper level is a good indicator of what might work for you and is often a stepping stone to deeper connections to what works for you.


Because many of us are conditioned for immediate gratification in our experiences, don’t be put off by some of the challenges you might encounter when you begin consciously processing experiences differently.


You may not perceive the results you want immediately, as the complexities of the human experience (which includes your current and cumulative non-physical energetic states) are not always apparent in the outer awareness of the mind-ego-intellect.


Be patient.


Give yourself a few weeks (or months) to adapt to perceiving, thinking, feeling, and doing things differently before you judge yourself and the new methods you are using to change yourself.


This approach is not like adapting to a food diet.


This approach is using an inner connection to empower yourself and consciously integrate this change into your evolving daily lifestyle and all without judgment. 


Imagine yourself operating more consciously and with less judgment of yourself, others, situations, and events.


That feels amazingly light and free, and this state is available to you whenever you choose to frame or process your experiences accordingly.


You can choose to participate in conscious awareness and conscious choice instead of what habitually presents in your automatic mode of operating.


What are all the areas of your life that could be empowered with conscious awareness, conscious choice, and less judgment.


Make another list.


Creating a list takes the abstract (non-physical) and makes it concrete (on paper or on screen), which allows you to see it, and in seeing it, makes it more real to you and diminishes the complexity of the items and the list.


These messages are reminders or offerings of possibilities that you can try or not try, according to where you are with yourself now; these messages are not recommendations, are not based in judgment of you or humans, and are offerings of possibilities based on whether the information resonates or not. 



Yours to choose. 







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