Recent news about John of God

(December 2018)


Recently, it is reported in the news that a large group of women claimed to be victims of sexual abuse in association with Joao Texieria de Faria (John of God, also referred to as Medium Joao) in Abadiania, Brazil, the home of the Casa de Dom Inacio healing center, where Medium Joao facilitates his healing work to thousands every week.


As of this writing (12/16/18), the accusations and related legal issues are still pending investigation and evidence.


When a facilitator of an energy work modality is in a connected state, their consciousness is altered and they are not the same person as when they are not in a connected state. This connected state of being differs with each facilitator and their modality, and varies according to the facilitator’s soul role in this life.


Medium Joao is a full trance medium, whose consciousness is altered to the point that when he is in a trance state (incorporated with a single healing spirit), his awareness of his non-connected state is not present, and he has no memory of the interactions of the connected state that occur while in a full trance state. When he is not in a full trance state (not incorporated with a single healing spirit, a high vibration state), he is like most other humans, with all the human patterns we have, except that his role in this life as a full trance medium does make his life a somewhat different than the average person, but still subject to the personal challenges that most humans encounter. And, like all humans, any patterns, traumas, and mental-emotional issues that are not resolved have a possibility of being expressed (and projected) when not in a connected state (high vibration state).


If the alleged events occurred, these events happened when he was not incorporated with a healing spirit, as these healing spirits are in the consciousness of angelic beings from which certain human actions are not possible due to the level of high vibration being present in these non-physical angelic beings.


My heart goes out to the women who are accusing Medium João and also to Medium João and his family and to all the volunteer staff and the millions of people who’ve received healing and transformation from his work at the Casa de Dom Inacio over the years. These allegations are deeply troubling to the accusers and to all who are directly connected to the work of the Casa de Dom Inacio (John of God's healing center in Abadiania, Brazil).


I hope the allegations are not true. However, if they are true, all the spiritual work he’s done assisting others in their healing and transformations while in a connected state are not undone because these interactions occurred when Medium Joao was incorporated and in a high vibration state.


Regardless of the outcome of this event, I have no plans to change any aspects of my session facilitation unless I receive guidance/intuition to do so. 


With no intention to discount any aspect of the experiences of the women accusing Medium Joao, this event, like many similar events emerging around the world in these times, is connecting us individually and collectively to our own traumas and the conditioned victimhood patterns that keep us energetically limited in those states. These are opportunities for each of us to have compassion, free of judgment and fear of being judged, so we can access conscious awareness and conscious choice (outside our automatic mode of operation) in how we process our experiences and our feelings and emotions in full connection to our emerging empowered self. 


It is always a choice, and a choice can be different than previous choices if you are willing to connect within. Connecting within provides a deeper level of consciousness that is not available in our automatic mode of operation; the consciousness we experience in our automatic mode of operation contains our patterns, the default behavior of those patterns, and the energies of all unresolved issues in our life. So, it is reasonable to consider connecting within to access the clarity, truth, and empowerment to process any issue in a fully conscious state, and even for this dire issue.


Wishing everyone inner connections to unconditional love, conscious awareness, conscious choice, and compassion for oneself and all others in this holiday season, and for deep healing for all who need it now.


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