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        March 2020


Message 3/24/2020

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This page contains:


- an Intuitive Message,


- additional information (at bottom of page) for maintaining an inner connection during these challenging times.


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Updates to this page for information related to the current virus event or for maintaining an inner connection for managing whatever is triggering you now will be added to the bottom of this page when new information is available. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information ("Additional Information for Maintaining an Inner Connection"). Thank you.


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The following is an intuitive message addresses the importance of maintaining an inner connection during the current global/local health event. 


INTUITIVE MESSAGE (March 18, 2020):


The overview of how we process experiences


As stated in previous intuitive messages, each person has a choice in how they process their experiences, the current global and local events, including the current virus event. 


And, this is based on a person's best efforts using what they know in the moment; expanding one's awareness is key to processing an experience differently.


If you don’t make a conscious choice to access other parts of yourself, other awarenesses within yourself, you are choosing to use your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that are conditioned from earlier parts of your life, and you would be responding to this situation out of habit and patterns.


There are options in how you process your experiences, if you consciously allow yourself the choice in accessing those options.


There is no judgment of you if you decide to process the current situation only from past experiences, judgments, conditioning, patterns, and all that shows up in you from habit.


However, you always have a choice in choosing how you process a moment, a situation even if the present moment does not reveal choices and options.


As we’ve seen dynamic changes in the world in politics, in how the collective of humans treat themselves and others, in dynamic changes in the Earth, and now with this current virus event, we are consistently shown that we are being nudged to access other parts of ourself in how we connect to ourself and others.


If we continue to use the conditioning of our earlier developmental years, which might cause us to be disconnected and operate in states of fear, frustration, anger, hopelessness, aggression, apathy, and other conditionings that are present in traditional states of operating in reality, we are being blind to the immense power, intelligence, and love that exist in each of us and is accessible for times like these.


However, these states of being are not the same as accessing what you normally access via the ego-intellect, conditioning, and habit mode of operation.


In other words, to access your true power, intelligence, and source of infinite unconditional love (that is very real and present), you need to let go of only operating in the ego-intellect and be open to spending a short period of time in a moment to connect inwardly. 


Even though there are many methods for connecting inwardly, each person will do this in their own way, even if all following the same method.


This current virus event is yet another push from the collective consciousness, collective soul, and Earth consciousness for humans to begin doing things differently.


Doing things differently means accessing your true power, intelligence, and infinite unconditional love that exist within you and integrate this part of you in more or all of your outward activities, including how you perceive, think, and feel.


Doing this WILL change how you perceive, think, and feel about any and all challenges you encounter and with gradually diminishing levels of fear, anxiety, frustration, judgment, aggression, and apathy.


When you become more present in your total self (through connecting inwardly with consistency), you will begin to receive intuitions about your place in events, interactions, and your inner relationship to yourself as Spirit/Soul.


This is not necessarily about a religious or spiritual approach, but it can be framed that way if it is useful; it’s more about accessing parts of you that are untapped and connecting to your full potential as an empowered Creator that you are.


This is about you accessing and connecting to yourself more fully as a human that is both physical and non-physical, and when living in this way, you gradually bring forth the increasing presence of yourself as the empowered Creator that you are, and in more and more inner and outer interactions in your day.


Once this is discovered and acknowledged by you, through results that you can confirm, you will more often choose an inner connection in more parts of your life to process your experiences, and the occasional expression of resistance from your ego-intellect will slowly be replaced by the dynamic expression of your higher self and your total self.


When you consciously change your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, you change your vibration, and when you change your vibration, you change your energies, and when you change your energies, you change how and what you create, including your ability to change your body, mind, and all that you are creating in your daily life.


If you are consciously aware when doing this and during periods of your day, you will begin to notice the differences in yourself and how you are creating your life. 


Once this occurs, the living proof that you are a Creator Being, you will consciously continue to make these changes in your daily life regarding how you perceive, think, feel, and act.


These changes in how you create your life daily are more aligned with activating your intuition, which is the communication channel from your inner self (soul/spirit) to your outer self (outward directed awareness through the five senses and ego-intellect and conditioned past experiences).


So, how does this awareness equate to the needs of physical reality at this time?


So, how does having an expanded awareness and having more and stronger intuitions through consistent inner connections satisfy the real needs of getting groceries, dealing with the declining financial markets (retirement funds) and economy, having work to earn money, and not getting the virus and protecting yourself and loved ones during these times?


When you connect inwardly with consistency, you are not in fear, not in anxiety, and not in the usual perceptions, thoughts, and feelings you usually have when triggered, and therefore, you are more clear in your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, and have access to intuition (guidance) that is never incorrect.


Connecting inwardly enables you to let go of the usual mental/emotional processes (including fears, anxieties, limiting judgments, etc.) of the outward driven ego-intellect and enables you to begin to access a state of being that is more quiet, more peaceful, more clear, which enables you to tap into intuition and guidance that is not as present as when you are engaged in the usual chaos of the mind.


Even for people who regularly and consistently connect inwardly, the shock of this immense emerging situation can cause temporary disconnection, which presents the usual fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, aggression, and occasional periods of apathy, and all are part of how we cope in a dynamic change.


Once the shock and all the accompanying feelings and emotions are acknowledged, you have an opportunity to choose how you are going to process events and situations, either like you always do (and all that accompanies that), or commit to accessing a part of you with consistency which will not only greatly assist you now, and also in the future for any other events that present, whether personal or in the collective.


Unfortunately, there often appears to be a reluctance and resistance to changing how we perceive, think, and feel in all of our experiences; we’ve become accustomed to habit and our automatic mode of operation; it's been our "go to" for as long as we can remember.


And, it's amazing that sometimes we'd rather endure the suffering that occurs as a result of our conditioning and habitual automatic mode of operating, instead of accessing a part of ourself that empowers us and eliminates or reduces the suffering caused by unconsciously feeding the chaos originating in our habit mode of operating.


In the beginning of accessing inner guidance through intuition, your ego-intellect might question whether your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings are correct. 


However, with increasing accessing and consistency in accessing your inner connection, these doubts will diminish, and you will recognize the difference more easily in discerning what is imagination (doubts from the ego-intellect) and what is intuition-guidance.


You do not have to rely on others to do this for you; all you need to do is begin accessing this part of yourself with consistency, and it will build into a recognizable presence that you can access with increasing ease and diminishing doubt, provided you access it with consistency.


It is your choice whether to put in the time (not much required) and effort (not much required) to access this part of you, and to do this every day.


To begin accessing the inner part of you is empowering, and it is never too late to begin.


The results in how you feel, how you think, and how you perceive will show up almost immediately, and continue to build in presence the more you use it.


One thing is certain:  With these changing times (even before the virus event), we cannot continue to process life in the traditional ways and expect to maintain happiness, peace, joy, empowerment, love, and wellness in all areas of our life in the ways we were accustomed. 


We are being prompted to let go and trust in processing life in different ways, and in the beginning, this might feel and be unpleasant; your view of unpleasant is part of your conditioning and it is always changeable and in varying degrees and in ways you are ready for. 


Broadening your awareness about who you are, a physical AND a non-physical being, and then connecting with the non-physical aspects of yourself with regularity changes how you perceive, think, feel, and do.


It is a choice, and if you’re okay with continuing in how you are currently processing your life in these dynamic times (without inner connections), there is absolutely no judgment about how you do things, as each soul is on a unique soul learning journey and a soul will always get what it needs to satisfy its learning.


However, if you are feeling a resonance with changing how you process your experiences, then now is a good time to start.


As each person is an empowered Creator Being, each person has a choice in how they process their life, regardless of how anyone else is processing their life; do what feels right for you, as long as you’re clear with yourself about how and why you’re making your choices, and you are able to be at peace with yourself in your choices. 


So, you can understand that if you are more clear-headed, at peace, and grounded from regularly connecting within, you will be in a better position to navigate and manage your experiences in the current virus event, and be in a better place to help yourself, loved ones, and others in your community.


And yes, the possibilities you can access are not only related to surviving, but also thriving (and not at the expense of others); and your inner guidance can show you the possibilities (plural) in how this works for you. 


This can also be a time of exploration, discovery, great creativity, learning an instrument, doing things in your yard and home you didn’t have time to do before, starting or expanding a simple exercise program (at home), start a writing project for fun, start a daily meditation practice, and eliminating anything within you that prevents you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do for yourself; all of these do not require travel and can be accomplished in your own home and without limitations. 


You energize what you focus on.


What are you focusing on, and what are the effects of your focus?


The simple formula for how inner connections work is: 

Inner connection + Intention + Letting Go = Conscious creation.


All that is required is to let go of your connections to past experiences and conditioning, connect inwardly, state an intention for what you want (to release something and/or to create something), and trust that what you just created will manifest when and how it serves you best.


And, throughout all of this, regardless of what you do or don’t do, connect inwardly with real gratitude for who you are, for your blessings, and for the future you are creating.


(End of intuitive message)




Regardless of whether you use any of the information above, follow the health and safety protocols for the virus as broadcasted through the various sources; we are both non-physical and physical and we must pay attention to the current physical situation and demands to maintain the best possible outcomes individually and collectively.





Peace, gratitude, and wellness to all,

Larry ❤️



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March 23, 2020

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