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You are a soul-spirit-consciousness being with a human body.


Every human, in some way, is seeking unconditional acceptance without judgment. This is also the unconditional love that is present in every human and is the essence of the Creator/God/Source/Universe that is Infinite Unconditional Love, Infinite Power, Infinite Intelligence, which exist in every human at the soul/spirit and physical levels and is accessible in our daily experiences when we are not completely focused in our outward awareness via the senses, ego-intellect, habits, and patterns.


Self acceptance and non-judgment of self

Part of our soul learning journeys is reconnecting with self acceptance that is unconditional love that exist in each of us and without judgment of any kind.


We inherited and were taught that we are "less than" and were taught to judge ourselves and others according to this widespread pattern instead of objectively observing ourself and others in non-judgment for deeper understanding and compassion.


Victimhood conditioning/consciousness

Part of the conditioning that results in separation from our "divine" nature is victimhood consciousness, and there are many aspects of this part of our overall consciousness (which is changeable). You are human and will have many different feelings and emotions from your experiences. After the initial experience of feeling hurt by something or someone, it is beneficial to be honest with yourself, acknowledging the experience and how you feel from it.


However, when you invest yourself in the hurts you experienced for prolonged periods of time, you are going past the benefits of acknowledging the experience and your feelings and are deepening the pattern of victimhood consciousness, which is disempowering and can extend into other parts of you life.


Even in the times you are feeling your worst, disconnected, lost, confused, angry, and sad, you can choose to connect inwardly, state an intention to release what no longer serves you, state an intention to create what you want in place of what you are releasing, and state an intention to receive the soul learning from the experience and in a way your outward awareness can understand. Then, give gratitude for receiving what you are needing, and then completely let go trusting that you will receive what you need from your inner connection (creation) when and how it serves you best.


Soul learning journey

One of the primary purposes of you as a consciousness and soul-spirit is to learn what you came to Earth to learn in this life as a physical and non-physical being, and this, in part, includes your previous life learning, karma (energetic balances in your learning), and from the learning that occurs during your existence between reincarnated lives. 


Part of your learning in your unique soul learning journey is your conscious connection to yourself in how you feel about yourself, family, friends, and those outside of your close relationships. This aspect is always changeable based on your conscious awareness in the moment.


Another aspect in your unique soul learning journey is the way you create your life and the way you create in your day, every day. Are you experiencing joy, love, peace, inspiration, and enthusiasm in your creations? This aspect is always changeable based on your conscious awareness in the moment.


A primary aspect of your unique soul learning journey is how you react or respond to what you experience in your day. This is also related to how you create your experience in the moment based on how you perceive, think, and feel in your experience. Are you mostly operating out of habit, or are you consciously aware of what you are experiencing in the moment that isn't automatic in your interactions? Are you easily triggered into strong emotion about certain things? Are you threatened by other's opinions or experience the fear of being judged? Are you objective and open to hearing different perspectives before determining what you are resonant with, or is your mind made up before hearing other points of view about something or someone? 


Choice in the moment as a non-physical/physical being

Part of this soul-spirit learning is connected to you becoming more deeply and expansively aware that you are both a non-physical and physical being, and in your choosing to deepen your awareness in your daily experiences, you become more aware that you are an empowered Creator being and have the awareness of choice in the moment to consciously change your experiences--past, present, and future.


Yes, including the past. When you connect inwardly and state an intention to release energies of past experiences/events and create new energies with the experience/event, you instantly change your current energies, and this affects how you create in the present and future. Don't just take my word for it, try it and see for yourself.


Experiences as mediums for soul learning

Your daily activities and experiences are mediums for your soul to learn, grow, and expand in its awareness that you are an empowered Creator being, both physical and non-physical.


When you are not operating out of habits, not in judgment (an energetically charged point of view), and are consciously aware in the moment, you are a conscious participant in how you can create your life and become more aware of your soul learning when you create in this way.


When you operate as a conscious human, you are aware that you can create and change your life in the moment via an inner connection and intention, which differs from when you unconsciously operate out of habit, patterns, and the limitations of relying solely on past experiences for guidance.


Limitations of conditioned automatic habits and patterns

In your connection to your limitless self as an empowered Creator being, you begin to realize that you have a choice in how you process or frame an experience in the moment, and in all experiences (past, present, and future), and not react only out of the limitations of conditioned automatic habits and inherited and learned patterns.


This expanded awareness requires you to be consciously connected inwardly and not focused only in your outward awareness and automatic mode of operating through unconscious habits of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and inherited and learned patterns. 


Choosing to be more conscious in the moment

In this more conscious state of being and awareness in the moment, you will know that when you choose to break the continuity of your conditioning that you received from birth by bringing your awareness inwardly (via the heart center) and then stating a simple intention for what you want (release, create, or just to connect to give gratitude or to receive guidance), you connect to your most real self, your soul-spirit-consciousness, and you access Infinite Power, Infinite Intelligence, and Infinite Unconditional Love to release what no longer serves you, create in the moment what does serve you, and nurture the awareness of the power of your inner self and become aware that you can change how your soul learns in your soul learning journey in this life.


Your ability to change yourself in the moment

Simply put, you can change yourself via a conscious inner connection combined with a simple intention to release what no longer serves you, then create what you want in place of what you just released, and then give gratitude for your creation and completely let go knowing that you will receive what you just created when and how it serves you best.


The trust and letting go that is included when you create in a conscious way is your knowing that you are not separated from the Creator that lives in you on all levels regardless of whether your ego-intellect understands this. The ego-intellect will catch up eventually in its understanding and eventually in a deeper knowing.


When this conscious awareness is exercised more frequently in your daily activities and mental/emotional functioning, you create new energetic patterns that are more closely aligned with the nature of your soul-spirit, and because of this, your repeated choosing of conscious choice in the moment establishes a deeper intuitive connection that reinforces your new pattern, and you will begin to access more possibilities in the moment with less effort and more ease.


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Awakened Self Empowerment as a daily tool


The purpose of facilitating Awakened Self Empowerment is two-fold:

  • Provide sessions (modalities) for releasing energies and states of being that limit your connection to your true state of being and empowerment, connect you to states of being that already exist in you (and possibly newly discovered) for greater self empowerment.

    Sessions are more effective if you are doing your inner work and commit to making necessary changes in your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings and how you are in your experiences (becoming more self aware of conscious choice in the moment). A session is not a magic wand that exempts you from your conscious participation in your soul learning journey. A session can assist you greatly in creating the changes you need for creating a life of greater peace, ease, and empowerment.

  • Teach you how to become more self aware of your ability to create your life as an empowered Creator being via your conscious choice to connect inwardly to create what you want (release energies, create what you desire, connect to your divine nature), which stimulates the presence of intuition from which you receive inner guidance.


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Awakened Self Empowerment session


Prior to your session, it is recommended that you send the facilitator a short list of your session intentions (things you want to change, release, create).


This is not required but does help you to connect to the energies of what will be transformed and can actually start the transformation process prior to your session.


Most sessions begin with the facilitator assisting you to connect inwardly (heart center, or other chakras).


Then, you can discuss and elaborate on the session intentions you submitted.


The true purpose of discussing your intentions is for you to bring up the energies of these issues so that you can release what is ready to be released, and receive energies that assist you in creating what you want to create in your life. This also includes connecting with yourself in a less judgmental way and bring yourself more deeply into self acceptance and unconditional love. 


While you discuss your intentions, you are connecting to deeper parts of yourself, and with the facilitator intuitively, and energetic transformations are actively in process (which you might or might not detect). During the discussion, the facilitator is also guided, via intuition, to use different methods from various modalities without interrupting the discussion. Some of the modalities might include heart center connection, tuning forks, singing bowls, Pranic Healing, DNA Dimensional Patterns, Matrix Energetics, shamanism, combinations of these and other modalities, or any other connection based in Infinite Unconditional Love and the light of Infinite Unconditional Love.


When the discussion is completed, the session might feel complete, or, the facilitator might introduce a short dedicated segment for additional energetics if that shows up intuitively. Otherwise, the session is complete when the discussion of session intentions is completed.


After the session, it is recommended that you stay hydrated with water for the next three or four days. Energy work has a similar effect on the body's hydration as when performing rigorous exercise. Your body uses more water than usual when processing changing energies, which directly affects your body. All parts of you, non-physical and physical, are connected.


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Scheduling a session


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