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You are a soul-spirit-consciousness being with a human body.


This website and session facilitation is provided to assist anyone who desires to become more consciously awakened to greater empowerment and expanded awareness via an inner connection.


This ability is available within every person, if they choose to access it and its expansive power.


Accessing this ability and state of being requires consciously letting go of the automatic and habitual reliance on past experiences via the ego-intellect as the sole approach in processing and creating current experiences.


In other words, by consciously changing your awareness in the moment, you can integrate more of your unlimited inner presence in your every day life for accessing greater potentials for creating the life you want, supporting desired physical conditions in the body, and changing your mental and emotional states of being to support a more easeful, peaceful, and empowering state of being every day in physical reality.


You are a physical being (your body and senses) and a non-physical being (your spirit, soul, consciousness), and being both physical and non-physical, you can access the intelligence-consciousness that resides in your body and in the energy fields that are a part of you.


As a human on a soul learning journey, one of your points of soul learning is discovering that you are more than a physical being with five senses and a mind (ego-intellect), as you are also a non-physical being (soul, spirit, consciousness) with the ability to change your reality creation via directing your ego-intellect to connect inwardly to access and intend your non-physical self to create what you need in physical reality and in non-physical reality (the non-physical aspects of yourself that are resonant with your soul/spirit and electro-magnetic energies).


We are not taught in our developmental years how to access this dynamic presence that lies within every human, and any moment in one's life is a good time to begin learning how to access this mostly untapped innate presence, power, and intelligence.


Due to our conditioning to perceive physical reality as the only reality that is available to us for creating what we want and need, most of us have not learned of our untapped potential of our non-physical aspect (soul, spirit, consciousness) for integrating into our physical reality for greater potential for creating and learning (integration of soul learning and physical reality learning).


Your intuition is the communication link between your non-physical self and your physical self. So, how do you enhance your ability to access your intuition more frequently and possibly even have it more present in your life without having to consciously access it?


Participating in consciously accessing your inner self via changing your focus and awareness from an outward directed presence to an inward directed presence (via the heart center at the center of your chest) on a regular basis can enhance the presence of your intuition.


We are all built differently and uniquely, physically and non-physically (soul, spirit, consciousness, and non-physical electromagnetic signature of the body), and as such, each human creates differently physically and non-physically. 


How we are built differently and uniquely (physically and energetically) is directly related to the nature of our unique soul learning in this life, and no two soul learning journeys are the same.

A soul (person) is never the same at any given moment due to the moment to moment learning, which means we, in our physical reality, are never the same from moment to moment; our past conditioning over a period of time limits our ability to perceive this.


By consciously accessing our inner non-physical self by shifting our awareness inwardly (heart center, third eye, crown center, or any energy center of the body), we have the opportunity to create through intention, visualization, and inner dialog (information feedback system) for what we want and need, which is not based in willfulness, judgment, and the need to control, but based in stating an intention via an inner connection, and then letting go and trusting in what shows up as guidance, and then responding to that guidance for what is needed from you in your creation.


This approach to living enables consciously accessing the Creator State of Being that lives in you as an integrated physical and non-physical being and without the limitations and judgments of the ego-intellect-mind.


As long as your intention to connect inwardly (in the heart center) is based in infinite unconditional love (which already exist within you), you will access only creations that serve you and others in this way.


This approach to creating can manifest some things instantly (via intuition), and at other times, this approach to creating unfolds over time like other traditional approaches to creating in physical reality, however, with the added benefit of greater conscious learning, which directly satisfies the soul learning that is showing up in the experience.


This type of creating and learning is different from the ego-intellect’s need to control and just fix something, and then get back to “normal,” and move on without learning about the deeper purpose of why the experience showed up for you.


This type of creating and learning usually includes awareness of how and why you did what you did, and to see if your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings are ready for transformation into something more useful and easeful in how you process and create your experiences. 


The difference in creating via an inner connection as opposed to traditional creating via only the ego-intellect-mind (focused only on outward perceptions, past experiences, judgments, and the need to control) is the inner connection enables you to let go of the limitations of the mind, emotions, and reliance on past experiences and judgments, and then through a simple intention of stating what you want or need (or asking an open-ended question), the energetics of your entire being via conscious intention initiates the creation, which then manifests when and how it serves you best.


In time, you will understand more about what "when and how it serves you best" means in context to yourself as a soul/spirit/consciousness in a physical reality as you regularly connect within. 


The traditional approach of creating via the ego-intellect-mind (based only on past experiences and conditioned judgments) and willing something into creation is based in repeated efforts in willing, controlling, and again repeating the willing and controlling, which not only takes more effort, time, and energy, but does not always yield the results expected and can result in chaos. This sets up disappointment, feelings of failure, and other conflicting emotions when the ego-intellect’s perception about the ability to control a situation is not achieved.


And, when in an ego-intellect controlling/judging mode, you are less likely to perceive the intuitions that can be coming through to your outer awareness because you are set on controlling the situation instead of receiving intuitive information that would directly support what you are wanting and needing and in a more easeful way.


Typically, the state of being for accessing intuition is the opposite of the state of being when you're trying to control a situation via willing something into being.  


With creating via an inner connection also comes the awareness that you are more than just the ego-intellect and a repository of past experiences from which you create. 


You are, in many ways, limitless if you allow your trust in your inner connection to your inner intelligence to guide you to access what you are needing in the moment and in the future. 


Allowing your inner directed awareness to create in this way requires trust and letting go—trust in the inner process based in faith that you will be shown the results you need, and you consciously letting go of the traditional directives received from the mind-ego-intellect based in past experiences and the need to control things (which is the opposite of inwardly accessing resonance with a creation and learning from this creation).


The more you use this approach to creating and learning at the soul and physical levels, you will soon become aware that many of your conditioned judgments will be challenged, and you will be shown pathways to transforming these judgments into objective points of view so that you can access more possibilities that aren't hindered by the energetics of old conditioned and limiting judgments. 


This can be challenging in the beginning, but the more you use this approach for creating, the greater the trust, letting go, and ability to connect inwardly without the usual mental chaos, limiting judgments, and associated emotions from the mind-ego-intellect. 


Another way to think about "trusting and letting go" after creating something from an inner connection is "I'm letting what I need come to me now", which might be less mentally challenging for those who feel a strong need to control every aspect of creating.


Use this approach to creating in simple ways so that you can become more aware of how you operate while engaged in this way of creating.


And, when you see how you perceive, think, and feel in this approach to creating (living) and see the results of creating and being in this way, you receive intuition, inspiration, and momentum to continue creating and being in this way.


It's a process.


Start small.


Nurture your progress.


Deepen your commitment as results validate your efforts.


This approach is not associated with any religion or spiritual practice, however, this approach can be integrated into any religious practice, spiritual practice, or consciousness explorations.


This approach is about becoming more deeply human on broader levels and using your untapped potentials for being and creating, and in a more easeful, peaceful way, with more inward self awareness and intuition, all contributing to greater awakened self empowerment on many expanding levels. 


When you transform yourself in this way, you directly contribute to the uplifting of everyone you come in contact with and to the uplifting of all humanity because we are all connected.



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Awakened Self Empowerment as a daily tool


The purpose of facilitating Awakened Self Empowerment is two-fold:

  • Provide sessions for transforming energies and states of being that awaken deeper levels of empowerment and expanded consciousness.

    If you are already doing your inner work and are committed to making necessary changes in your awareness, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, you will greatly benefit from becoming more self aware of conscious choice in the moment, in more and more moments in your life. This is key to your expanding awakened self empowerment: becoming consciously aware of choice in more and more moments and being self aware in a moment that you have the choice to:
    1) repeat choices based in past experiences, OR
    2) consciously direct your awareness inwardly for accessing new possibilities that would not be available if relying solely on past experiences.

    A session is not a magic wand that exempts you from your conscious participation in your soul learning journey. A session can assist you greatly in creating the inner and outer changes you need for creating a life of greater peace, ease, and empowerment.

  • Teach you how to become more self aware of your ability to create your life as an empowered Creator being via your conscious choice to connect inwardly to create what you want (transform energies, create what you desire that is uplifting, connect to your true nature), which stimulates the presence of intuition from which you receive inner guidance.


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Awakened Self Empowerment session


Prior to your session, it is recommended that you send the facilitator a short list of your session intentions (things you want to change, create).


This is not required but does help you to connect to the energies of what will be transformed and can actually start the transformation process prior to your session.


Most sessions begin with the facilitator assisting you to connect inwardly (heart center, or other chakras) and become more self aware than what you usually access in your day.


Then, you can discuss and elaborate on the session intentions you submitted.


The true purpose of discussing your intentions is for you to bring up the energies of these issues so that you can begin initiating alignments and resonances that are in sync with your body's intelligence, the intelligence of your non-physical self, and the intelligence of your energetic fields. This also includes connecting with yourself in a less judgmental way and bring yourself more deeply into self acceptance and unconditional love. 


While you discuss your intentions, you are connecting to deeper parts of yourself and the energetic transformations are actively in process (which you might or might not detect). During the discussion, the facilitator is guided, via intuition, to use different methods from various modalities without interrupting the discussion, all based in Infinite Unconditional Love and the light of Infinite Unconditional Love.


Lengthy discussions are not required for you to transform, shift, and change. In this case, more is not always better. Generally, just stating your purpose for having the session and stating your openness and intentions for change is enough to begin the session.


Usually, the session is complete when the discussion of session intentions is completed, or when your transforming energies have reached a point of resolution that will be detectable by you and the facilitator.


The primary purpose in discussing your life experiences in a session is to address the energies that show up for transformation. In a session, your life stories are important, but only relative to revealing your energetics that are ready to be transformed. After your session, it is recommended that you don't mentally revisit the issues that were addressed energetically in your session. Trust in yourself and your process and give yourself time to process the energetic transformations that were initiated in your session. The resolution of these energies will result in the resolution of your mental/emotional/life issues. Be patient, and give it time.


After the session, it is recommended that you stay hydrated with water for the next three to four days. Energy work has a similar effect on the body's hydration as when performing rigorous exercise. Your body uses more water than usual when processing changing energies, which directly affects your body. All parts of you, non-physical and physical, are connected. And, maintaining your level of optimum hydration is important for all body, mental, and energy functioning, and not only after a session, but as a daily health practice. 


After your session, it is beneficial to give yourself at least three days to process the energetics of your session without pursuing any other energy work modalities during this period. 



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Scheduling a session


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NOTE:  Start times for distance sessions are no longer available after 5:00 p.m. CST (6:00 p.m. EST).


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