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Connect to yourself as an Empowered Creator Being (that you are) via the heart center, to access:


• Conscious awareness in the moment


• Conscious choice in the moment, and


• A state of non-judgment in the moment


Many of the points of light in this image are galaxies.


...for accessing and creating how you want to be and how you want to create the life you want in the present moment, thereby replacing the automatic, habitual, and partially conscious mode of operating from the limiting patterns you inherited or learned. 


Every moment is a choice, a choice in how you process your experience in the moment, 


  • from an automatic habit mode driven by a partially unconscious state of being that instantly and automatically emerges, which is based in past experiences, emotions, patterns, and limiting judgments, and provides limited possibilities as established in previous experiences and judgments. This is usually the default operating mode in most people in their daily activities, therefore a choice is not consciously accessed in how an experience is being processed.  


  • from a heightened awareness in the moment when you know that you can choose to process your experience differently based on letting go of all past experiences, emotions, feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and judgments, and instead bring your quiet awareness inwardly with a simple intention to access all possibilities that are beyond what you can typically access via your outward driven perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. With this inner awareness and a simple intention for what you want to create (release something, create something, assist someone or something from a more powerful state of being, or just experience a grounded state of being from connecting to yourself as an empowered Creator Being). So, if you react to something, and how you feel in your reaction doesn't feel good, that emotion can be an indicator to you that there is different way to process or frame the experience in which your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings can be shifted to more deeply acknowledge what you are experiencing, and then proceed to proactively changing your experience via an inner connection and simple intention.


Your choice! You can coast along in the state of being that is automatically driven by habit, patterns, and no awareness of choice in the moment beyond past experiences and conditioning, or become more self aware that you have a choice in creating your life differently in the moment when you access yourself inwardly as the empowered Creator Being that you are.


You can choose how you frame and process your experience in the moment. 


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Message 8/16/2020 - Availability of in-person sessions


Only distance sessions are available through December, 2020.


During this time, distance sessions are available via phone, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime.




When contacting me for scheduling a session (via email or text message), please provide about two or three time preferences to streamline the scheduling process. 


Email:  lbegnaud1@gmail.com


Text message:  512-965-2149



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Message 4/19/2020


Distance sessions are available now and throughout the year. The next in-person sessions (Austin, TX; Lafayette, LA) will be announced when the regional social distancing covid-19 protocols permit close proximity interactions.




Connecting to your power

I know from every session I’ve facilitated over the past 10 years that everyone has the ability to connect inwardly to access their inner power, inner intelligence, and source of infinite unconditional love that far surpasses what you usually experience in outward directed awareness through mostly the ego-intellect and habit. These times are challenging, and they are also an opportunity for you to perceive the new and emerging map your soul is revealing to you for accessing the amazing presence you are on deeper levels. All that is required is to set aside a little time every day, about 10 minutes or more, and connect as follows: 

(Do not connect inwardly while driving or performing any task that requires your full outward awareness.) 

  1. Let go of your outward awareness, thoughts, and emotions, and be aware inwardly for a few moments;
  2. State an intention to connect inwardly and deeply;
  3. For a few moments, passively observe your breathing to relax and go deeper;
  4. Be open to receiving and connecting to the peace and resulting joy that resides inside;
  5. State an intention to release or create what you want to release and/or create, and hold that intention for a few moments, visualizing the end result of your creation (release and/or creation), as if it is manifested in the moment;
  6. Give gratitude for the assistance you are receiving;
  7. Completely let go, trusting that your inner connection (creation) is manifesting when and how it serves you best, and resume your outward activities related to what you want to create.


Methods for connecting to your power

If you’re feeling triggered by events, there may be a method on this website that can help to shift you in the moment. A shift in a moment can lead to cascading changes that serve you in how you want to create your life. These methods work, take little time, and cost nothing except your investment in a little time for yourself. Through investing in yourself, you are better able to help others.



Wishing you and yours health and well-being on all levels, and new connections to thriving,














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When I began offering transformation sessions, the focus has always been about accessing the non-physical self (spirit/soul/energetic bodies) to release energies, traumas, and conditioning that obstruct you from connecting to your expanded consciousness and your true Self.


This consciousness that you are a part of is infinite intelligence, infinite power, and infinite unconditional love as expressed uniquely through you and is free of judgment. There is nothing else to obtain outwardly for you to access what already exists in you now and in the future.


In recent years, I have noticed a shift in human consciousness that is nudging all of us to access these inner states for integration in our outer physical realities, and in our daily experiences. Consciously accessing these inner states provides a balance for consciously creating in your outer world and is needed for realizing one's full potential as a human on all levels, in these times.


I say “realities,” plural, because each of us is a soul with a unique and specific soul learning journey, and the more you consciously acknowledge your soul learning journey and integrate this expanding awareness by connecting inwardly to create your life, your outer reality will become more aligned with your unique soul learning journey, which is always changeable through consciously changing how you perceive, think, feel, and do. Being more conscious in integrating your inner world into your outer world enables you to process daily experiences consciously instead of operating through habit and unconscious conditioning. 


A simple way to view this emerging focus in human consciousness is conscious alignment with your empowerment of yourself in all of your daily experiences and with ease.


So now, this transformation approach is more focused on assisting you in you accessing your daily conscious empowerment of yourself, your inner connection for attaining deeper levels of happiness through the release of judgment of self, judgment of others, and fear of being judged that you received through previous conditioning, thereby enabling you to receive and create all of life with deeper conscious awareness, conscious choiceand less judgment, for more ease, joy, exuberance, adventure, freedom, and true empowerment in your life.


Creating possibilities...


Your life presents a broad variety of daily experiences and challenges related to physical health, mental and emotional peace, healthy relationships, fulfilling work, integrated spirituality, inspired creativity, and other personal issues through which you define and create your happiness, and according to your unique soul learning journey.


Through various influences, or from traumatic physical, mental, or emotional events, or from conditioning, you can temporarily lose your connection to your core self and feel unable to function as you were once accustomed. 


Your natural state, on the deepest level, is a connection to your body, mind, emotions, spirit, and consciousness, which is the wellness and happiness you enjoy and seek through your experiences. Each of our lives is unique because each of us is here to learn, grow, discover, and create our happiness in our own unique way according to each person's soul learning journey. Every person's journey is unique as the consciousness and creativity expressed through each of us. In the deepest sense of each person's reality and the collective reality, there is no "one size fits all." Each of us is unique.


Even though it sometimes does not appear to be so, you have a choice in how you create: how you think, feel, perceive, and act, and how you frame what you're experiencing in the moment. It is only your conditioning that automatically and blindly guides you to fixed and set ways of experiencing life. This is changeable through conscious choice, conscious awareness, and allowing judgments (which are charged, set, and limiting) to change to points of view (no charge, open, accessing all possibilities).


The unique individual as an Awakened Empowered Being...


Within each person is an ability to express one's individualized unique creativity in all areas of life and the resulting unique learning in that process. This learning is based in the needs of our soul learning, which includes the learning through our outer experiences, and can be without judgment. In all moments of no-judgment (perceiving point of view without charge), you can be fully conscious and free.


Consciously connecting with the deeper awareness of yourself, beyond just your five senses as perceived through the ego-intellect, connects you to your inner and outer awareness that you are an Empowered Being and can create the life you want instead of operating in an automatic, habitual, and mostly unconscious mode through the conditioning you've received and through the patterns and the default behaviors you inherited, learned, or through the patterns you created from the patterns you inherited or learned.


This deeper awareness is instrumental in your inner and outer connection to your soul learning and enables you to become empowered and conscious in how you create, learn, and express your love, joy, peace, and creativity in all that you do, and with less judgment. This deepening connection and empowerment leads to acknowledgement and acceptance of yourself on all levels and acknowledgement and acceptance of others on all levels, and that acceptance enables compassion for yourself and others, with less or no judgment--another way of saying inner and outer freedom.


This is a process, and it is never too late to begin to consciously connect more deeply to what serves you and release what no longer serves you, regardless of the external conditions, previous conditioning, or current limited ability to perceive other possibilities. Every moment is a choice and is changeable.


When you commit to changing how you operate in life, from an automatic habitual mode of limited awareness to being conscious of choice in more of your moments, a heightened awareness in your daily activities can begin connecting you to new ways of perceiving, thinking, and feeling, which can lead to new ways of creating, learning, and manifesting the life you want. This awareness connects you to possibilities that exist beyond the possibilities you typically access in your automatic mode of operation.


By redirecting your focus from the usual outward-directed ego-intellect awareness to your heart center (the connection to your inner Empowered Being), in the middle of your chest, and stating an intention for what you want to create or release, you consciously and immediately begin creating energy and vibration that ripples out and affects your daily interactions. The purpose of bringing your full awareness to your heart center in the middle of your chest, is to redirect your scattered chaotic awareness to a one-focused awareness to a part of your body that is a portal to your non-physical self, a very powerful and useful part of your body for accessing your true power and unlimited possibilities.


All that is needed to support this approach is an openness to change and a willingness to let go of rigid beliefs, concepts, and ideas that limit your openness to knowing you are an Empowered Being.


And, yes, in the beginning, your ego-intellect might protest this different approach in some way:

  • showing up as doubt ("...something this simple can't be effective..."),
  • judgment (this new way being silly, stupid, weird, too different, not proven, not conforming to the general consensus, science, and reality, etc.), or
  • just not being stimulating enough to the intellect.


Even if doubt, fear of being judged, or any of the other negating perspectives creep in, you have the ability to let go in the moment and make a choice to access your true power--your connection to your inner Empowered Being, via the heart center.


Again, letting go and trusting this new way of operating is a process and one that builds on itself in a way that is natural for you, the unique you that is connected to all unique humans and to all of life.


You can create life in a traditional way, where you are not consciously aware of how your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings are manifesting and creating your life, or you can create life more specifically by committing to connecting to your inner Empowered Self daily and consciously participating in what you want to create from the limitless inner possibilities, the source (in you) of all possibilities.


No one can do this for you, and your openness, commitment, participation, and trusting and letting go in this process will enable you to prove to yourself how you can create what serves you and release what no longer serves you. 


What is involved in a session?


A session begins with letting go on a deeper level by connecting in the heart center, and then the session is facilitated through one of the following session types; click on the following links for more information:



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The effects of a session... 


In your session, you release energies that were associated with old mental conditioning that blocked you from deeper states of happiness and freedom, and some energies are released from traumas and mental-emotional conditioning that inhibits your ability to create without judgment. 


Most people feel these subtle changes in their body and awareness, which is an indicator that they are letting go enough to access what they need and to release what is no longer needed. Some of the energies you release are related to energetic and behavioral patterns that you inherited, or were learned in various developmental periods, or are the patterns you created from what you inherited and learned. All that you need to reconnect or connect with new energies is within, and letting go and trusting in your intention to release what you don't need and to receive deeper connections to your essence is the connection that can manifest and create.


In this process, transformational shifts occur that directly and immediately affect you on a physical, mental, emotional, and non-physical level, whether you perceive all of the shifts with your five senses or not. Some shifts appear subtle and some appear dynamic, and the shifts that present for you are a result of your level of readiness and openness to change at this time in your life.


Immediately after a session, most participants state they feel lighter, more peaceful, and grounded. Others state they feel differently in their perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Some often comment that an ache or a pain has disappeared. These are just some indications that a person has shifted in their session. Transformations continue to unfold in the hours, days, and weeks that follow the session, and possibly longer. Many of the changes can be permanent and can benefit other areas of one's life because all parts of your life are connected. Transformations occur based on your openness, your resonance with the transformation approach, and the inner and outer learning you are ready to receive, and all according to the resonance of your soul learning journey.


DNA Dimensional Patterns©, Pranic Healing, Heart Center sessions are available in person, by phone, and Skype video (via computer). Access Bars and crystal bed sessions are available in person only. For more information or to schedule a session, click on the following links or visit the other pages on this website:    


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Heart Center Session: Process & Connection Methods


Pranic Healing Session: Process & Maintenance Methods


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Crystal Bed Session



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Session locations:  



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