New fee rates are in effect as of

January 1, 2018. See details below.



All distance session payments are made prior to the session.




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Scroll to the bottom of this page for payment information.


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Please read the information provided in the Session Process page to understand how a session unfolds.


Because of how people experience time in a session (when connected in the heart center or inwardly) and the unique way time seems to be distorted in their experience, many people are surprised by the amount of time that has occurred in a session, feeling that they were in the session for only a short period of time, when the actual time that passed was a lot longer. Because a person is also connected in the heart center during the discussions, this phenomena is also true for the time experienced during the discussions. 


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Session rates for all session types (except crystal bed):


Session fees are based on the total amount of time spent in a session (from when you arrive until you leave your session), regardless of the amount of time spent in discussions and session energetics.


                               In-Person                Distance

1 hour                          $115                      $100

1.5 hours                      $145                      $130

2 hours                         $195                      $180

2.5 hours                      $245                      $230

3 hours                         $275                      $260



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Session rates for Crystal Bed session (in-person only):   


30 minute session (25 minutes on the Crystal Bed) - $40

60 minute session (50 minutes on the Crystal Bed) - $80

75 minute session (60 minutes on the Crystal Bed) - $95 


For more information about crystal bed sessions, click on the following link:

Crystal Bed session



The fee does not include time for discussions before and after the designated time for the crystal bed session. 


If you need to discuss your Crystal Bed experience or other issues and need more time than the 30 minutes for the Crystal Bed session, fees for a longer session will apply (see fee rates above).              


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The fees for the following services are based on the rates shown above. An additional $25 is added for all off-site (not in my office) sessions (Pranic Healing, Heart Center, Access Bars):


•  Sessions with individuals: in-person or remote (phone, Zoom, FaceTime, video Skype)

    - See information above for rates 


•  Sessions with animals and pets

     - See information above for rates 


•  House and property clearings

    - $145 - 1 hour (includes travel/prep)


•  Talks and presentations

    - $145 - 1 hour (includes travel/prep)


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Off-site sessions (including talks and presentations)


For sessions facilitated at off-site locations (not in my office), an additional fee of $25 will be added to the session fee. This covers travel and preparations for items needed for the session. 


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Missed sessions


If you do not provide 24-hour notification prior to canceling or changing your session, you will be responsible for the fee of $115 (in-person session), or $40 (Crystal Bed) for the missed session.


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Payment:  Making a secure online payment


For remote sessions or for those who choose to pay online in advance of an in-person session


Remote sessions or payments in advance for in-person sessions can be paid online using:

- Venmo (contact me for my Venmo ID)

- PayPal (use Friends & Family payment category (linked to your bank account and not credit card), so a transaction fee isn't assessed to me. Contact me for my PayPal ID, or

- personal check via U.S. Postal Service.


If you want to pay by check, contact me for the mailing address. For Venmo and PayPal, you need to have your account with these payment portals set up prior to making a payment. See these websites for information about how to set up accounts with either of these two payment portals.


NOTE:  Due to a possible scamming incident, I am no longer using the Square payment portal for accepting session payments.



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