Inner Connections 1/11/14

To all mothers...

You are doing the best you can, with what you have, in every moment. Take this in and acknowledge it. It is truth, despite any doubts you have. If you knew to do things differently or could do things differently, you would. Each child, regardless of age, has their own journey and path. Your role in supporting your child changes as they age, from the ever-present mother of a toddler to that as a mentor of a grown child. As your child ages, your unconditional love transforms to meet the needs of the child's role, and no two roles are alike. Go inward to determine if you need to give yourself a kind nudge to transition to a possible new role as mother. Your changing role enables your child the freedom they need to step fully into their ever-changing journey and enables them to more freely connect with all the possibilities that serve them throughout their life. And your support in this way, enables you to release any false responsibilties that may linger from previous roles as a mother.

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