Lately and with increasing frequency, I’ve been receiving new methods of energetic interactions for changing mental/emotional and physical conditions. 


The most recent method I received intuitively is a combination of two modalities: Pranic Healing and the method of Modules from Matrix Energetics; the new method combining these two modalities is neither Pranic Healing, nor Matrix Energetic Modules.


Both have a morphic field of energies that when combined offer transformation on many levels, including mental/emotional and physical, and when combined they become something other than what they are originally, while maintaining the energetics of what they are originally.


As with all methods, an intention is stated and then activated energetically via the method. Intentions can include personal issues, mental/emotional issues, physical issues, and can include issues related to the current virus event.


However, each of us is built uniquely (physically and energetically) and have a unique soul learning journey.


So, how this new method interacts and integrates with you will be unique to you and possibly very different from how it interacts and integrates with others; there is no one-size-fits-all in any human experience, only similarities and even those similarities are unique when further understood.


It will be beneficial to you not to compare your experience with this method to the experiences others might have with this method; doing so only triggers judgments and limitations that are part of your patterns and can limit your ability to receive what is available to you.


I am offering this method to anyone who wants it and without a fee; the method takes about 5 minutes and does not require and does not include a discussion.


Don't underestimate the power of any method based on the simplicity or amount of time used in a method; such a judgment is based in the limitations of the ego-intellect and does not consider the non-limitations of connecting to the non-physical.


A discussion is not needed for you to connect to this energetic as related to your intentions (for change). If a discussion is needed, you can schedule a regular session (30 minutes, one hour, or longer). However, instead of considering needing a discussion, it would benefit you to trust in yourself on a deeper level and be open to the presence and power of the non-physical aspects of yourself you can connect to in this method, which does not require a discussion.


To participate and receive this method will require you to let go and trust in the method, in your connection to the non-physical process, and in yourself to enable your inner intelligence and inner power to connect to what you are needing, which is unique to you. The inner aspects of yourself already know what it needs, and to receive this, all you have to do is to make your best effort to let go, trust, and receive what is available for you without interacting with your ego-intellect in the usual manner. 



Steps in the 5 minute PH Module session:


1.  At the agreed session time, you call me at 512-965-2149.


2.  I explain that any and all intentions, spoken or not, are affected, including the release of energies and physicality of the current virus event, the virus itself, and fears of the virus. You can add an intention; just the distilled/bullet version, as a discussion is not required for the connection to be effective.
3.  I request you close your eyes (unless otherwise guided) and to relax and let go completely, as best you can.
4.   We connect inwardly via the heart center. 
5.  Silently or verbally (depending on guidance received), I facilitate the module by acknowledging what is being created through your intentions for releasing, receiving, and integration on all levels, in all time, in all dimensions, in all universes, and in all consciousness that you are a part of, and to run the module until completed; this step takes about 2-3 minutes, however, the module will continue to run after the entire session is finished. 
The module includes cleansing, energizing, and stabilizing of all energies of all chakras, energy fields, and all aspects of your physicality, and always all in safe levels. 
6.  When the module is completed, I will verbally acknowledge this, and will ask you to silently give gratitude to your non-physical assistance (spiritual helpers) for their help today.
7.  Because the module continues to run after the session (until completed), like all sessions, the body uses more water than usual to process energies and the resulting physical changes, I will remind you to drink lots of water for the next few days so that you maintain a healthy water balance in your body while you process the energetic changes. 
8.  I will ask you if you have any questions, and then we say good-bye.



After receiving the method, be open to you integrating what is received without judgments and preferably, in a state of open mindedness; and do not follow up this method with other modalities on the same day, as you want to give this method time to integrate in you without adding energetics from other methods (which could possibly make you energetically congested).


Do not use this method in place of any diagnosis, medicines, or medical attention you need, and continue to follow all health, medical, and safety precautions as related to your specific health needs and the current virus health and safety protocols.



In gratitude,

Larry ❤️


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