DNA Dimensional Patterns© Session


As of April 2019, a new session modality is available: DNA Dimensional Patterns©. 


This is the first modality I’ve offered in which I did not receive training from a workshop. 


I received the entire modality and process via an intuition while prepping for a session with an Austin client who I see regularly. 


The modality is based on the concept that each of us is a multidimensional being, meaning that we exist simultaneously in other dimensions while being aware of our existence mostly in this third dimension reality.


Yes, this sounds a little like science fiction. However, like all non-traditional transformation modalities, belief and understanding are not the most important requirements to receive results and desired change; the most important aspect of participating in a modality is openness to change relative to what is desired (your session intentions). This might require some letting go and trust in allowing other parts of you to participate without the "all knowing" ego-intellect to interject its domineering presence. This is not the same as being mindless, and is based in you connecting to deeper parts of yourself through your conscious intention and connecting to the power of your heart center in your session. All session connections are based in connecting to energies of unconditional love and the light of unconditional love (which is the same as connecting to God/Source/Creator/Universe).


While some of the chronic long-term issues we experience may be due to the nature of our core soul learning, issues being mediums for our soul learning, some of these issues can also exist across multiple dimensions as DNA Dimensional Patterns, and are changeable. 


The premise is the DNA Dimensional Patterns that exist in other dimensions can affect the DNA Dimensional Patterns in this 3-D reality. 


So, while you are working on releasing the energies of patterns in this 3-D reality and trying to create new patterns with new energies and awarenesses, the progress can be limited by the unresolved DNA Dimensional Patterns that exist in the other dimensions in which aspects of you exist.


Until the DNA Dimensional Patterns and associated energies are released across all dimensions, all time, all universes, and on all levels, the possibilities of successfully releasing whatever patterns and energies that exist in this 3-D reality that are affecting you can be limited.


This modality addresses these issues by first releasing the DNA Dimensional Patterns across all dimensions, all time, all universes, and on all levels, which no longer serve you and impede you in connecting you to your empowered Creator Self.


Next, whenever patterns/energies are released, new DNA Dimensional Patterns and energies are created and received, across all dimensions, all time, and all universes, and on all levels to connect you more directly and deeply to your empowered Creator Self.


Finally, the session process is resolved by connecting you more deeply and expansively to your essence—Infinite Unconditional love, Infinite Power, and Infinite Intelligence—across all dimensions, all time, all universes, and on all levels, which enables you to have more conscious awareness and conscious choice, thereby providing more frequent opportunities to create in the moment what is consciously wanted instead of automatically and habitually expressing yourself through victimhood conditioning.


Like all non-traditional transformation modalities, the transformations and shifts that present to you after your session require your ongoing conscious awareness and conscious choice to support the changes that are presenting to you according to your session intentions.


This is not magic. Your participation in this modality and then supporting the transformations after your session is you creating as the conscious empowered Creator you are, which is beyond your conditioning that expresses as habitual awareness and habitual choice that are part of your daily automatic mode of operating.


From your emerging conscious awareness, you consciously choose to change how you perceive, think, and feel that is more aligned with how you want to be and how you want to create your happiness in life. In this emerging conscious awareness, you become more aware of your self-limiting perceptions, your self-limiting thoughts, your self-limiting vocabulary (including labels and descriptions), and the default way in which you speak to yourself about how you feel about yourself (and others), and in this broader awareness, you can make the conscious choice to change any part of it, or all of it, and in any moment.


DNA Dimensional Pattern© sessions can be facilitated in person or via distance sessions.





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Connect to your Empowered Self via the heart center to access:

conscious awareness,

conscious choiceand non-judgment, for connecting to your essence as an

Empowered Being for creating the life you want, replacing the automatic and habitual mode of operating from the limiting patterns you inherited or learned. 


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