Intuitive message 

December 2019


The Year 2020


This year, like the last few years, will be a year of dynamic transformations for almost all aspects of the human experience, individually and collectively.


We are living in times of increasingly accelerating changes, which are becoming more dynamically noticeable in relationships (with self, others, and the collective), and in politics, Earth events, and in people's awareness of different energies in themselves, in others, and in overall human consciousness, compared to previous years. And, many of these changes are challenging, especially with the starkly differing points of view among segments of society.


You were born as an empowered Creator to learn, create, and express as a unique soul in all of your experiences. Your presence and expression in this world does not have to look like or be similar to the presence and expression of anyone or of the collective. You can choose to tap into this presence in you, and its power to create what you want in your experiences, OR you can unconsciously and habitually yield to the conditioning that separates you from your Essence. 


Once you have this awareness, it is a choice. You are not being judged right or wrong if you do not connect to this presence and awareness in your experiences, but you are missing a dynamic pathway to happiness and inner and outer health and empowerment that is beyond comparison and with more ease than you know (if you haven't tried this approach). 


It's as simple as shifting your awareness in the moment from how you usually process an experience (from your conditioning, past experiences, and habit) to having an inner awareness and knowing that you can process your current experience differently than how you usually process your experiences. Then, from that expanded awareness, you can access possibilities that yield the desired outcome, not through the willfulness of the ego-intellect (as you usually do), but from the intuitive flow of information and energy from being connected inwardly in your awareness. After using this approach in how you process an experience, you begin to know, not believe, that you can change almost all aspects of your life, and what you cannot appear to change, you can change how you perceive, think, feel, and do in your experience, which is probably much better than how you are conditioned to perceive, think, and feel.


The transformation tools on this website and tools from other similar sources that connect you inwardly will greatly help you to process and manage your inner and outer environments throughout the coming changes and keep you grounded, if you make the choice to do so in your experiences. As with all life changes, how you process your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings in your experiences, and the tools you choose to support yourself can determine how you create overall happiness in your life. 


It is always a choice: be more consciously aware in the moment, OR unconsciously yield to the automatic habitual mode in processing your experiences. If you commit to allowing yourself to be more deeply aware of yourself as an empowered Creator in all of your experiences, and you know (not just believe) that you can change any and all experiences because of your inner awareness and your connection to its power, you are on a path to greater and greater empowerment in all you perceive, think, feel, and do. And, one of the greatest benefits in this ongoing connection is you influence others, and your relationship to others and the world in an uplifting and empowering way.


Consciously connecting to yourself in the moment, as an empowered Creator that you are, enables you to create and process your experiences differently, thereby consciously bypassing patterns of victimhood and the fear of being judged in what you perceive, think, feel, and do. The freedom that this approach offers is one that unfolds naturally in you according to how you integrate the new choices you make in stepping into this paradigm. 


It's your choice in all you perceive, think, and feel, and in all moments. The power that emerges from your choices to become more consciously aware in more moments accumulates and gains momentum the more often you use it and with consistency. If you do this, your life will change more in alignment with how you want to create your life and with more ease.





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