My Path to Here and Now

Spiritual and metaphysical training


I have been actively engaged in many spiritual and alternative health practices for over 45 years, beginning my spiritual quest with a daily practice of Hatha Yoga in 1975, which continues today. 


My Hatha Yoga practice and spiritual quest guided me to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (1978) and daily meditation, and integrating vegetarianism and fasting as part of spiritual discipline. I was initiated as a Kriyaban (Kriya Yoga technique) by Self Realization Fellowship, Yogananda’s spiritual organization.


Exploring supporting spiritual approaches, I researched and practiced Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, and holistic nutritional diets. Around this time, I discovered the world of hands-on healing and the work of Barbara Brennan. After assimilating the content from her two popular books, I was further inspired to find a service modality for sharing my skills and expanding awarenesses.


In 2006, my explorations accelerated and I experienced presence training and Eckert Tolle, discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, which led to a deepening of my inner connections and awarenesses. 


In November 2008, a friend loaned me the Matrix Energetics book written by Richard Bartlett, and I attended my first M.E. seminar a few weeks later. On the first day of this seminar, I experienced a dynamic awakening and a deeper connection and awareness to my Inner Self and to everything. My connection to this method was the seed and catalyst that crystallized all of my experiences as a spiritual devotee and seeker, alternative health researcher and practitioner, and all other aspects of my life into a service that I could offer to those who were seeking transformation, clarity, wellness and a deepening of their connections to their non-physical self. Soon after discovering Matrix Energetics, I became a Certified Practitioner (February 2009). 


In 2014/2015, I explored the energetics of sound as presented by Tom Kenyon and attended two of his seminars, thereby deepening my connections to our non-physical aspect and consciousness. This most recent exploration has connected me to the deeper use of sound as a energetic vehicle for transformation in client sessions.


As an extension and expansion into sound as a medium for transformation, I explored using tuning forks for releasing energies that are no longer useful, from the chakras and energy fields of a person. My discoveries led to the awareness that tuning forks can release energies, energize where needed, and re-establish states of balance in the body, chakras, and energy fields. The two sources I used as a starting point for training are Eileen McKusick (Biofield Tuning), John Beaulieu (Biosonics), and intuitive methods that show up for what is needed in the moment. 


In 2015, I reconnected with Pranic Healing, which I first discovered when first moving to Austin, TX in 1991, but didn't fully explore its possibilities as a healing/service modality until 2015. Pranic Healing fits seamlessly into the energy and consciousness transformation methods I've practiced since I began offering my facilitation to the public in February 2009. Shortly after becoming an Advanced Pranic Healer, I attended the Pranic Healing Arhatic Yoga retreat, enabling me to deepen my daily connection to my soul, Higher Soul, and Source, thereby enhancing my intuitive/clairvoyant abilities, which continues to expand in my personal life and in client sessions.


Through inner guidance, I discovered the Access Bars and Foundation methods in 2018, which is part of the Access Consciousness transformation modality, created by Gary Douglas (and taught by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer). This amazing method enables a person to release old programming, trauma energies, and limitations in how we think, feel, and perceive, thereby aligning ourself with ease, joy, and enthusiasm in creating choice in life more freely and according to what we want and without judgment.


In 2019, during a session that I facilitated almost weekly with a certain client, I received an intuition about a new modality called DNA Dimensional Patterns©, in which the concept and process were revealed. This modality addresses the release of energies covering all aspects of a person, and creates and integrates new energies states and patterns that align with more possibilities for empowerment for the person to create their life in alignment with their core soul learning. 


Most recently in 2023, I have reconnected with the work of Dr. Richard Bartlett and his M.E.D. (Master Energy Dynamics) method. Richard is the original inspiration into my exploration of energy work that I could offer to other people, and showed me how to connect to deeper conscious awareness, and the unlimited possibilities that exist as part of the human experience. Since teaching Matrix Energetics, he now offers M.E.D. online webinars to anyone interested in becoming more empowered and conscious of the almost unlimited possibilities available to anyone interested in using M.E.D. as a vehicle for transforming self and others who are ready for becoming more empowered in their daily life as a human.


Through ongoing training, research, and mind-body/spirit/consciousness explorations, I continue to expand my service to all who seek deeper connections to wellness, inner guidance, and a heightened awareness for discovering that you are an empowered Creator being without the limitations you were conditioned to believe. This process enables you to change all areas of your life through an inner connection, stating an intention, letting go in your trust that what you create inwardly will manifest, and  expressing true gratitude for all assistance received in your inner creations.


I am grateful to be able to facilitate sessions with clients in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Georgia, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Zealand, Australia, India, and other areas.


...and other aspects of the spirit journey in physical reality


Before embarking on a career as a full-time practitioner of consciousness transformation, I began my professional career as a woodworker and carpenter in my early 20's. During this time, I became involved with creating sculpture and music (trumpet, guitar, cello, and currently guitar).


Feeling a need to connect with a very different type of work, I became an independent petroleum landman in the oil and gas industry. While in this industry, I discovered my love for writing, and after about 10 years, I decided to return to college (while helping to raise our infant twin daughters) to get my college degree and receive further training in writing and learning technical content related to computer hardware and software.


As a technical writer in the computer industry, I worked for IBM (writer, department manager), writer/manager in small start-up companies, and as a self-employed contractor.


My last writing project was a departure from computers, where I worked with other writers and college professors in creating a curriculum textbook about nanoscience and nanotechnology (nano-biology being my assigned focus), which provided a fluid transition to the consciousness transformation work I am now facilitating. 


I am grateful for the rich experiences, opportunities, and wonderful people I've met in the various industries, which has led to the alignment with my current life work. With gratitude, I'm always looking forward to what's next in this wonderful journey of expanding awareness, choice, exploration, discovery, creation, and service in empowering others in their soul learning journeys.


Blessings to all, to all who are resonant with this approach in being and in creating, to all who are awakening in their expanding inner empowerment, and to my family for supporting me in this path of service.


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