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For any inner connection method stated below, do not connect inwardly or to the heart energy field while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention. 


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September 1, 2020


Connecting inwardly to manage current intensities


Prior to the emergence of Covid-19 globally, human consciousness and the related 3-D realities were experiencing increasing intensities as part of a shift in human consciousness, affecting each person's personal evolution and growth.


Since the emergence of Covid-19 globally, the intensities in 3-D realities has increased significantly resulting in the emergence and presentation of unresolved issues in each person and in the collective.


These surfacing issues and related energies, including dynamic energies of fear on many levels, has resulted in intensifying emotions, physical conditions, mental/emotional conditions, increasing anxieties, confusion, relationship issues, work issues, and general turmoil on many levels.


For those who still approach these emerging states of being in a traditional outward directed approach for resolution and solutions, these times can appear to be chaotic and hopeless.


The emergence and presence of Covid-19, in addition to all of its current impacts, is a consciousness catalyst. 


In this period of human history as related to consciousness evolution, transformation (and in some instances, transmutation), we are being nudged (pushed?) to access our Inner Self as a source for resolving and managing issues in our outward directed realities. 


As more and more people are discovering this awareness, consciousness begins to change and even in an accelerated manner, as the traditional paradigms from which we relied on in our daily existence are evaporating. 


The emerging energies that are part of the current consciousness shift do not support the traditional paradigms, approaches, and energies as was a part of what we considered "normal."


Connecting inwardly daily is a way to access the energies and states of being that are more aligned with the current emerging energies and new paradigms that are being created individually and collectively, even if popular culture (via news, media, communications) do not yet fully show this.


How can you connect inwardly?


You can connect inwardly by being aware in the moment that you can direct your attention from being outwardly focused (via the five senses and random thoughts and feelings) to a focus on the heart center (middle of the chest), third eye (location between the eyebrows), or any energy center (chakra) that enables you to let go and feel a more quiet and peaceful presence within. 


After a few moments of connecting within, you can state an intention to release perceptions, thoughts, feelings, experiences, or events, and the energies of these, from your body and energetic system (chakras and energy fields). 


Then, it is useful to visualize yourself in the state of being that is the end result of what you want and how you want to be and feel. (Hold this visualization and feeling for a few moments.)


Then, give heartfelt gratitude for any assistance you receive in manifesting your creation (release and/or new creation).


In addition to creating (releasing something you don't want and/or creating something you do want) via an inner connection, you can also start and end your day with an intention statement that connects you to your non-physical self, the source of intuition and empowerment.


The following statement, stated once or twice a day can change your vibration, which will change your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings (and resulting actions).


My Inner Self,


I am grateful for your presence in all parts of my life and for this awareness. 


With your assistance, I release all fear expressions from my energy body and physical body, in all time periods, thereby connecting me more deeply to my limitless Self. 


Above all ego-intellect perceptions and judgments, I trust your guidance in all areas of my life, and I am grateful for your guidance in all moments in my life. 



The power in this intention statement lies in the acknowledgment that you are more than just your physical body, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and conditionings. Your Inner Presence, when consciously accessed and integrated in your outward directed physical reality activates a part of you that will assist and guide you more directly to the life you want to create instead of being captive to the conditionings of your developmental years and current habitual outer influences that include energetic, mental, and emotional investments in sustaining perceptions, thoughts, and feelings of being hurt or wronged by another person, persons, or events and not having empowered options in the moment.


As this transformation emerges in you, you begin to realize in more and more moments that you have a choice in how you process your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, either do as you've always done via unconscious habit and in ego investments in feeling hurt or wronged, OR, connect within to change how you perceive, think, and feel about what you are experiencing or have experienced.


And, you can start on this new path with less and less judgment of yourself and others because you will soon discover that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have and for where they are in their unique soul learning journey, just as you are.


Begin breaking out of unconscious habits that hold you captive to your conditioning and the resulting limiting perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, and connect to your awakened self empowerment via conscious choice in the moment.



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August 28, 2020


Consciously or unconsciously following the path of your soul learning


How much of your current soul learning is conscious or unconscious?


If you’re reacting to experiences out of habit, which includes expressing the energies of your patterns and conditioning, you are not fully conscious, and as a result, you have limited conscious abilities to release what no longer serves you and limited ability to create what better serves you according to how you truly want to create your life. 


This state of being is part of your current soul learning journey, neither good or bad, or correct or incorrect. 


However, you do have a choice in how you process every moment and every experience if you are willing to let go of how you habitually react to experiences, which might include letting go of conditioned investments in how you habitually perceive think, and feel. 


Investment in how you perceive, think, and feel, via habits of the conditioned ego-intellect, which frequently leads to the expressing of victimhood consciousness, is part of not being fully conscious in choosing how you interact and create in your soul learning in your moments, experiences, and days. 


When invested in the state of being from the ego-intellect’s habitual and automatic perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, the possibilities of you connecting to your true empowered state of being that is not associated with victimhood conditioning is limited. 


This is particularly challenging when you feel that you’ve been hurt or wronged by a person, group, or event. 


In this situation, a person feels that they have the right to feel the way they feel, which is feeling an unpleasant feeling. 


Another way of seeing the situation is the person who was hurt has the right to feel bad because of another person’s interaction, in other words, the hurt person has the right to give away their power as a result of an interaction and then immerse their self in a state of feeling unpleasant (in anger, sadness, resentment, anxiety, loss of control, confusion, feeling less than, etc.). 


Is this victimhood conditioning truly useful in creating the life you want to create and in creating how you want to be?


In such a moment of awareness, you can choose to let go of your investment in feeling bad, and without judgement of yourself or others, and be open to accessing a part of yourself that is directly connected to yourself as an empowered Creator that you are. 


Many times the interaction you receive from others is not yours to process, and if you choose to process what is not yours, you’re assuming a false responsibility, which when done unconsciously, can lead to complexities and suffering.


Letting go of the momentary investment in feeling bad is challenging for most, however, when being aware that this state of being is only limiting your connection to greater and unlimited possibilities, you’ll begin to let go to access more of your inner power, your connection to your empowered Divine Self. 


In this letting go, you are choosing to not use the experiences of being hurt or wronged to validate yourself and your value.


You realize that you have the ability to frame every moment you experience according to what empowers you (an awareness that is useful) or continue to react out of habit according to your conditioning and investment in automatic past victimhood reactions.


The beginning to make a change in how you participate in your soul learning path and how you create your life is by committing to become more self aware about how and when you are triggered by anything that makes you feel unpleasant, or anything that stimulates negative thoughts and feelings (more accurately stated, makes you feel disconnected).


Once you’ve made this commitment, your part is to participate as often as possible in acknowledging these life-defining moments and how you objectively see yourself and the way you truly feel, think, and perceive, and without judgment of yourself. 


Then, you can connect inwardly by letting go of the thoughts and emotions that are part of what triggers you in the moment, and stating an intention for releasing what no longer serves you and stating an intention to receive the inner and outer learning that is available to you in this moment. 


Then, completely let go, trusting that what you just created, via your inner connection and intentions, will manifest when and how it serves you best. 


Nudge yourself to trust in this very different way of creating your life, and you will eventually see and know the results to be authentic and part of your emerging empowered self.


It’s all a choice for you to make in every moment or at least in the moments you designate as important, or you can continue in your habit-oriented automatic mode of operating in life, which you already know and is sometimes lacking in usefulness to shift you and provide solutions with ease. 




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July 6, 2020


Remember Love?


Remember to connect to love for yourself and others at least once in your day. Because of our conditioning, combined with the chaos occurring in the world in these times, it's easy to be consumed with the frenetic operations of patterns, conditioning, and habits of the ego-intellect-mind. 


Find at least one moment in your day to disconnect from the habit-driven outward awareness, focus inwardly for a few moments (via the heart center, third eye, or any energy center that connects you easily), and experience the peace and simple joy that you are without the usual mental activity and emotional expressions. Allow yourself to go deeper into this state of being until you feel the deeper peace of your Inner Being. This state of being and inner presence is your connection to Source/God/Creator/Universe that lives in you on all levels. It is also the source of your spirit/soul and that unique connection to who you are in this lifetime. Allow yourself time and focus to connect to this presence at least once a day, which does not require a lot of time, only your ability to let go of your habitual outward awareness via the senses and the non-stop operation of the ego-intellect-mind. Once connected and in a deeper state of peace, acknowledge this connection, and let go to go deeper. Passively following the breath with every inhalation and exhalation can assist you in letting go more and going more deeply into your inner connection. When your mind wanders, let go, and bring yourself back to passively observing the breath as you breathe normally and without interacting with your breathing. You can "prime the pump" by creating the feeling of peace, either from a memory or from any reference that connects you to your peace easily. 


Allow your awareness of connecting in this way to be a commitment that you will honor for yourself daily, knowing this connection and state of being is your connection to the ever-present state of infinite unconditional love that is part of you on the deepest level. That's remembering love daily.


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June 21, 2020  


Happy Father's Day 


Happy Father's Day to all, and to all the fathers who now have an opportunity to release restrictions and limitations of the past (your conditioning since childhood) and connect with the ever present current energies that support the reinvention of yourself and your abilities to be of service to all in new ways (including yourself).



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June 17, 2020




Forgiveness:  Allowing the resistance of an interaction to find its freedom and higher consciousness.


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May 20, 2020


Empowerment from Your History


You can use your history, past experiences, and stories to empower you to create what you want now and in the future.


Or, you can energize your victimhood conditioning of "woulda," "coulda," "shoulda," regrets, and focusing on all the hurts of what didn't go right in your past experiences. 


Once in the awareness of your past experiences that you define as unpleasant, you can ask "How can I use this past experience to create what I want now and into the future?"


Which is more empowering as an empowered Creator Being you are:

• focusing on the victimhood conditioning and past experiences of hurts and allowing those energies to impede your creations in the present and future,


• focusing on leveraging the learning from past experiences to create what you want in the present and with more ease?


Is holding on to unpleasant past experiences, hurts, and traumas connecting you more deeply to your true nature of an empowered Creator Being, and is this choice useful in creating a life more directly connected to happiness, service to yourself and others, and all with more ease and love?


Are you using past hurts and traumas to validate your current unhappiness and limitations, and if so, is that truly useful in creating the happiness you want?


You have a choice to continue in energizing all the aspects of unpleasant past experiences, or begin to release the energies of those experiences so that you are less impeded in creating the life you want.


If you release and let go of all the hurts, traumas, and events you consider to be damaging to yourself, you will not lose any part of yourself that is truly valuable, and you will initiate a catalyst of empowerment that will continue to unfold as you become free of the past burdens you've been holding on to.


In those past experiences, you might not have been able to influence or control the outcome of the experience to your desired result, and in that awareness, you might have projected onto yourself or others, your interpretation of what transpired as negative, less than, disrespectful, cruel, unfair, or unjustified. 


No matter how you handled your treatment of yourself as related to past experiences you define as unpleasant or negative, you did so mostly due to your conditioning from your developmental years.


That conditioning has been reinforced through the years and has become the default way you react to challenges or certain situations that trigger you in an unpleasant way; there is no thinking involved, as it has become the perceptions, thoughts, and feelings of habit that are expressed.


Here is another way, a simple meditation, to change the past to create the present and future according to what you want. This approach is not about denying what you experienced in the past which was unpleasant; you fully know how the unpleasant experience has affected you, and you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about it and feeling the results of it every time you visit the experience. However, when you revisit the past experience from your patterns via the ego-intellect, you are limited in how you can shift the experience into an awareness and state of being that does not include the energies of the past experience.


There is a difference in recalling the past from only the ego-intellect and all of the judgments that it includes, and when you recall the past from an inwardly connected state with no judgments and only intentions to transform the past into something that is useful and empowering in the present. If you know you have this ability, the ability to change the past to empower the present, then don't let your ego-intellect sabotage you by hanging on to the sufferings of the past to validate your unhappiness and disempower you now. 


If you can connect inwardly for a brief period, let go of all thoughts and emotions for a few moments, and trust in yourself and the power of your non-physical self (soul/spirit), you can transform the energetics of a past experience so that the experience is only a memory and does not carry the charged emotions and energies of that experience into your current life. This shift, via your inward connection and intention to create the past differently can change your current connection to the past experience. When those energies are changed, you change in the present and are better equipped to create your present and future life.


Inner Connection for Changing the Past


1.  In a moment, let go of all thoughts and emotions and bring your attention inwardly to any energetic point (chakra) in your body that enables you to connect with ease. Remain in that connection for a few moments to enable yourself to more completely disconnect from the flow of thoughts and emotions.


2.  After you have accessed a deeper state of awareness, bring forth the memory of an experience that did not result in a way that you wanted (such as a failed performance or negative personal interaction), or a memory of an event that affected you in a way that made you feel less than or feeling a loss (such as the death of a loved one or friend). 


3.  While connected inwardly, create, via visualization, the past experience according to how you wanted it to end (that is uplifting for you and all involved). If the past experience is the death of someone, create the experience of yourself having a deeper understanding and an expanded awareness of the person's death that empowers your inner compassion and connection to unconditional love.


4.  Hold this visualization for a few moments, and expand on the details to make it more real to you, all in an uplifting way.


5.  Give gratitude for your creation, and completely let go, trusting that what you created will change and benefit all who were included in your creation regardless of where they are in their soul learning journey.


Your choices in how you treat yourself and others as related to the past can severely limit your desire to be happy now and into the future, or it can empower you to greater freedom where the past is recreated to empower your present and future moments, and all with more ease.


As you become more deeply aware of how certain past experiences and your reactions to current experiences are affecting your ability to create the life you want and in the way you want to create that happiness, you might come to the realization "I respect myself too much to give my power away to what I cannot control." The only thing in life you can control is how you choose to experience the moment, how you choose to empower the past, and how you want to create yourself in your future.


The above method can be used to create your future; just substitute a visualization about creating your future self via a future experience in place of a visualization of creating a new past experience.


Let go of your conditioning and allow your creativity and imagination via an inwardly connected state, to assist you in creating all that you want.


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May 19, 2020  


The Inner You, The Real You


Be who you are beyond your past experiences and life-long conditioning (of unconscious habits).


If you rely only on your past experiences and unconscious conditioning of habit to process both the important and less important experiences in the moment, you are not using your full potential as an empowered Creator Being that is both physical and non-physical (spirit/soul). The guidance you can access through connecting to your non-physical self far surpasses the guidance received from only past experiences and habit. Confusion, indecision, or any state of heightened emotional charge can be indicators and nudges to your awareness that you are ungrounded, disconnected, and in need of some way to access the information and state of being you are seeking and to be connected and in a state of peace and empowerment, which is not the same as being in control (a conditioning of the ego-intellect). 


In these days of restricted activities, most of us have more time to do activities that connect us to parts of ourselves we may have forgotten about or never knew. The current vibration of the Earth and shifting consciousness of humanity is providing unique energies for inner explorations in whatever way resonates with a person. A good perspective to begin is to introspect and be open to seeing how you process your experiences, the default mindset you have for events that are pleasant and those that are unpleasant. Try to see yourself objectively and ask yourself if there are other ways to perceive, think, and feel when encountering a challenge. Do you have the courage to temporarily abandon the habits of perceiving, thinking, and feeling from the outward driven ego-intellect that accesses mostly past experiences and familiar habits, and instead, direct your focus and attention inwardly to access your non-physical self and the pristine intuitive information and states of being that aren't linked to all of your fears and patterns?


The payoff for accessing and using inner connections with consistency is a life of more ease and expanding self empowerment. 


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May 17, 2020  


Conscious Creation Formula


Let go + Connect inwardly + State intention + Let go/give gratitude = Conscious Creation


  1. In the moment, let go of the ego-intellect investment in your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that present out of habit and conditioning.

  2. Without thoughts, connect inwardly for a few moments by bringing your awareness to the heart center (in the middle of your chest) or to the third eye (between your eyebrows), or to any chakra that enables you to connect inwardly and let go of your full outer awareness.

  3. State a simple intention for what you want to change such as releasing energies, thoughts, feelings, and then create something you want or need in place of what you want released. To create something you want, visualize the end result of what you want (not the steps to get there), and hold that visualization for a few moments. You can add feelings and emotions and details to make it more real to you.

  4. Then, completely let go of your intentions and all thoughts, and just have your awareness inwardly for a few moments. Give gratitude for your creation and resume your activities.


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May 13, 2020  


Innovative Empowerment


Connect inwardly to access new and different ways to create the new you in these times that are optimally charged to support dynamic personal transmutation. Connecting inwardly when in a challenging moment is choosing to align with the energies of Soul/Spirit (the most powerful part of yourself) and the available energies of empowerment (some of which are untapped), and is a potentially less harsh path to consciousness expansion and soul learning while functioning in dynamic times.



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April 30, 2020  


Discerning Truth in Information


With the diversity of information that is available on the internet, in media, in social media, and from people, it is important to remain grounded and clear to discern what is truth for you. 


Analyzing information solely from the ego-intellect (based in experience, conditioning, and patterns) does not give you access to the state of being that enables discerning truth for you, especially if the information viewed or listened to triggers strong emotion that leads to anger, fear, confusion, anxiety, or any feeling that leads to feeling disconnected and ungrounded. 


This does not mean that you’re not supposed to hear information that triggers you, however, it is important to be more fully present in accessing your inner self for discerning truth for you, which might not be possible when analyzing the information solely from the ego-intellect and habit reactions (based in patterns). 


Does the information you interact with enable empowerment for creating the life you want daily, or does it cause emotions and feelings that lead to disconnection, disempowerment, and triggering the pattern of victimhood in you? 


It’s okay to experience a disconnection in the moment when receiving information that is disturbing or foreign to you.


However, once you acknowledge how you feel and become aware of how the information is affecting you, you have a choice in how you process the information, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings in the moment, even though most people are not consciously aware of this choice in the moment.


Do you enable existing conditioning and patterns and the resulting habits of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings to determine how you process the information received to determine how you proceed in the moment, or do you simply acknowledge how you’re feeling, and then choose to connect inwardly to access a state of being that can yield the truth for you in the moment?


Does your ego-intellect automatically insist on investing in perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that validate your past experiences, beliefs, conditionings, and patterns, or is it possible to perceive, think, and feel objectively about something as a path to truth (even though your ego-intellect might rebel at doing something differently or being objective instead of investing in your hurts)?


Regarding the current virus event, there is an abundance of information available about almost anything you want to know related to the virus, its causes, treatment, how it started, the source of its beginning, and many sources of information that include conspiracy theories.


Some of the information from these sources that provide information from a conspiracy point of view might be true, while the premise of the overall conspiracy idea might not be true. 


If you feel an attraction to the information related to conspiracy theories, it is important to discern which of the information is true for you, while not automatically accepting all of the information and the premise for the conspiracy theory, and this also applies to all information read or heard from all medias and sources. 


Because victimhood consciousness exists in almost all humans, the energetics of that pattern is triggered when we feel threatened, which occurs when fear is triggered as related to survival (and the corresponding energy centers of the body).  


When we are triggered in this way, it is mostly unconscious on our part because of the existing patterns in each of us as automatically expressed through our habits of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. 


To discern truth for you related to anything, it is important to temporarily disconnect from the state of being of our automatic mode of operation (via the ego-intellect) and habits, and connect inwardly to access the state of being that is the pathway to receiving intuitive information that is truth for you.


For most who are open to doing this, this approach is still considered foreign to how a person typically operates, and therefore not the automatic first choice in how to process important moments.


When becoming self aware in how you are perceiving, thinking, or feeling about something that has gotten your attention, a good question to ask yourself is “Is there a different or better way of processing this experience other than how I usually perceive, think, and feel about this?”


From the perspective of your soul learning journey, you cannot make a wrong or incorrect decision, as your soul will get what it needs from an experience.


However, by aligning with your non-physical self via an inner connection, you can become more directly aligned with what your soul is needing, and in the process, you can change how you create your life to satisfy what your soul is needing to learn, which often equates to more ease in all you do.


In that state of being, you will know more quickly what is truth for you and what is empowering in the life you are consciously creating, which contrast with being partially conscious and operating mostly out of habit resulting in navigating through all of the dramas that the partial unconscious state creates.


More than ever, it is so important to be more fully conscious and present in all of your interactions, including the information you hear, read, or energetically receive.


An inner connection and the resulting intuitions can be your guidance in all interactions, if you choose to do so in more of your moments.


It is a conscious choice when you commit to accessing your inner connections in more of your moments and then act on this commitment when your awareness shows you an opportunity to connect within.


You can create this commitment now via an inner connection, which initiates a more powerful way of creating your life and with much more ease.


These times and the available energies for transformation are optimum for your conscious empowerment.


Your choice. 


• • • • • • •


April 15, 2020  


Receiving Intuitive Guidance


When triggered and a new or different approach is needed, allow your awareness in the moment to become conscious awareness by letting go of ego-intellect investments in habit reactions of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, and then connect inwardly (via the heart center, third eye, or any inner awareness that gets you out of your outward driven awareness). Then, state an intention to receive the awareness you need on a deeper level for the experience you are having ("I am open to receiving the awareness and information I need, on a deeper level, for this experience."). Let go for a few moments, and be open to receiving the expanded awareness when and how it serves you best, which could be in the moment, or later. Then, give gratitude for your new creation; gratitude connects you to your essence of unconditional love, which is the energy that supports all creations when you're aligned with yourself as the Creator Being you are.


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Connect to your Empowered Self via the heart center to access:

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