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For any inner connection method stated below, do not connect inwardly or to the heart energy field while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention. 


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June 4, 2024


Elevating the status of your inner self



What is the purpose of elevating your inner self to the level of your current outer awareness for creating the life you want and for creating how you want to be?


If all the information about spirituality, soul, and consciousness is used primarily for managing mental and emotional stability in 3-D reality, one is overlooking the vast possibilities of greater empowerment available to them that not only transcends managing mental and emotional stability, but can provide pathways to changing oneself in all areas of life, including mental, emotional, and physical transformation, regardless of one’s conditioning, reliance on past experiences, education, judgments, and conditioned beliefs.


However, for a person to begin accessing the unlimited aspects available in an inner connection, they are required to regularly access their inner self and create from that inner connection on an ongoing continuous basis for that energetic construct to grow and continue to expand to greater empowerment. In other words, continued accessing of your inner self via the heart center in the middle of your chest and stating an intention of what you want to create, followed by gratitude, initiates an energetic presence that builds on itself with every conscious inner connection.


However, because some people are so deeply rooted in their perceptions of 3-D physical reality, the five senses, and what they have learned and know from their interactions in physical reality as the only way to be, they are not ready for accessing the possibilities that exist when connecting to their inner self. To those who are deeply attached to what only physical reality and the five senses has to offer, any ideas of accessing empowerment or creating life from an inner connection might seem absurd, delusional, and a waste of time. And, that is okay, as every person is built differently and each person is pursuing a path based on their best efforts and their resonance with their soul learning journey even if they are not aware of it. 


For a person to transition from a reality based only in their reliance of the five senses and a deep attachment to only what physical reality shows them, being open to accessing their non-physical self via the heart center can be challenging in the beginning. This transitional process usually starts when the person begins to have a feeling that there is more to life than what their outer awareness, five senses, and past experiences show them. This can also occur as a result of some triggering experience that wakes up their intuition and opens a flow of awarenesses not previously experienced, which can seem confusing in the beginning, as they don't have a point of reference for these new experiences. Over time, the person begins to investigate some of the non-physical aspects of human reality through religious, spiritual, or consciousness research. In that exploration, they will discover that there is almost an infinite amount of paths leading to greater knowledge of the non-physical presence in the human experience. In these dynamic times, human consciousness is primed for this type of exploration and discovery to assist spiritual explorers in being able to digest, understand, and manage the dynamic transformation we are all experiencing.


Most of us are taught and conditioned to access solutions and create what we desire through our outer awareness, five senses, and past experiences (which includes all that we have learned). If you knew that more clarity and information were available from you directing your awareness inwardly via the heart center in the middle of your chest and stating an intention for what you want or need, and then giving gratitude for this accessing, would you try it? 


Are you ready to elevate the status of your inner self, the source of all that you are (soul), to the level of awareness you unconsciously participate in daily in your outer awareness? 



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March 1, 2024


The Importance of Drinking Water




The Surprising Link Between Hydration and the Aging Process 

new study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published by eBioMedicine identifies the key role hydration is thought to play in the aging process. This new research serves as great proof of the importance of drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated.

The study determined that middle-aged persons with higher sodium-to-water levels in their blood biologically age faster. They are also more likely to develop chronic diseases – such as diabetes, heart failure, and dementia – and to die prematurely.

The study determined that middle-aged persons with higher sodium-to-water levels in their blood biologically age faster. CLICK TO TWEET

Decreased hydration levels were actually shown to accelerate the process of biological aging despite chronological age, our age measured in years from our birth.

According to an NIH press release, “The results suggest that proper hydration may slow down aging and prolong a disease-free life,” said Natalia Dmitrieva, Ph.D., a study author and researcher in the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), part of NIH.

The results suggest that proper hydration may slow down aging and prolong a disease-free life. —Natalia Dmitrieva, Ph.D., a study author and researcher in the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at the National Heart,… CLICK TO TWEET

A mouse study inspired the new research

The study was inspired by an earlier study on mice which suggested that restricting water shortened their lives by as much as 6 months, equivalent to about 15 years of life for humans.

Researchers said in the new observational study that their initial goal was to test “the hypothesis that optimal hydration may slow down the aging process in humans.” The study used a large dataset from the federally funded Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study which included men and women between the ages of 45 and 66 years who were followed over a long period of time.

Researchers in the new study assessed information from ARIC study participants that had been shared during five medical visits – the first two when participants were in their 50s and then the last when they were ages 70 to 90. To allow for a fair comparison, researchers excluded data from adults who already had high levels of serum sodium or underlying conditions like obesity that might affect serum sodium levels.

“Decreased body water content is the most common factor that increases serum sodium, which is why the results suggest that staying well hydrated may slow down the aging process and prevent or delay chronic disease,” said Dmitrieva.

What is serum sodium and why is it important?

Serum sodium was used to gauge hydration habits in the new study. Serum sodium is the amount of sodium relative to the volume of water in the blood, and it goes up as hydration is reduced. Serum sodium can be detected by a simple blood test, and according to the Mayo Clinic, a normal blood sodium level is between 135 and 145 millimoles (mmol) per liter.

Researchers in the recent study used 15 age-dependent biomarkers to calculate the biological age of cohorts from the ARIC study. They found that people with higher serum sodium were biologically older than their cohorts of the same chronological age and also more prone to chronic, debilitating diseases that can reduce quality of life.

More specifically, the study results showed that odds to biologically age beyond one’s chronological age went up by an estimated 10-15 percent for serum sodium exceeding 144 mmol/l and by approximately 50 percent for serum sodium levels above 144 mmol/l, when compared to participants with serum sodium levels between 137-142 mmol/l. Note that these higher serum sodium levels thought to increase biological aging are still within the normal range, even though they’re at the high end of the spectrum.

People in the original blue zones drink lots of water

People in the original blue zones, home to the longest-living populations, make drinking water a part of their daily routines. The Seventh Day Adventists, for instance, drink 7 glasses of water a day.

When asked what the longest-lived people in the world drink, Blue Zones founder Dan Buettner said, “Easy: Clean water is the best longevity beverage on earth.”

Easy: Clean water is the best longevity beverage on earth. —@thedanbuettner CLICK TO TWEET

Hydrating primarily with water is just one of the recommendations in our Blue Zones Food Guidelines, which were designed so that you can eat – and drink – just like the longest-lived people in the world for the same longevity benefits. The guidelines advise drinking at least 7 glasses of water daily.

Tips that make it easy to get enough water

Here are some tips from the Blue Zones Meal Planner to help you get your daily recommended amount of water.

  1. Infuse water with fruits or herbs to add flavor and texture
  2. Brew and drink decaffeinated, herbal teas
  3. Drink water when you first wake up
  4. Eat more hydrating foods like celery, cucumber, apples, and melons
  5. Track your daily water intake using a free smartphone app
  6. Read our Rethink Your Drink article for ideas on hydrating without added sugars

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April 5, 2023


Investing in your fears



When you consistently invest in your fears, you abandon your true self—the part of you that is in resonance with the Creator energy that lives in you at all times, and is the essence of your joy, peace, love, empowerment, and ease. 


When you trust more in your fears (a conditioning that occurs over a period of time), than your inner presence, you abandon your access to unlimited possibilities in aligning to what you really want that is uplifting, nurturing, inspiring, and empowering. 


If your connection to your fears has a chance to transform, you must change your focus and awareness to what you want even if that feeling of what you want does not seem real in the moment, and, you are capable of changing your focus in the moment.


The idea is to break the continuity of feeling stuck in your fears long enough to enable yourself to bring your awareness to empowering perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and states of being that already exist within you so that you can “prime the pump” with focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want. 


This approach is not about denying what you're feeling in the moment, but is about acknowledging what you're feeling, and then acknowledging that you are making a choice to redirect your focus inwardly (instead of remaining in an outward awareness).


By redirecting your awareness inwardly, you can access your deeper knowing and reconnect to that state of being for transforming yourself and accessing other possibilities that are not available to you when you are in chronic state of fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, or any other emotion that regularly disconnects you from your true self.


There is no shame in feeling any human emotion; it's part of being human, and judging your humanness is not useful. So, you can ask yourself, "Is the emotion I'm currently experiencing useful in empowering me in creating what I want and for assisting others?" If you determine an emotion is not useful, you have a choice and options in the moment in connecting to yourself in a way that is useful.


It is always a choice if you allow yourself and your awareness in the moment to have this choice. Remembering this in all of your daily interactions is your commitment to yourself.


In those few minutes of bringing your awareness inward, letting go of your stuck emotions and changing and maintaining your focus on what you want, you access aspects of your true self, which can lead to deeper and more expansive connections to all that is empowering to you.


When feeling disconnected and immersed in your fears or anger or sadness or any other emotion that seems to sustain feeling disconnected, every moment is an opportunity to shift yourself by changing your focus and awareness for just a few minutes, and then letting go of your investment in those feelings long enough to tell yourself that your true self is not the fears, anger, or sadness, and then acknowledging that your true self is an empowered being that always exists within you.


Follow this acknowledgment with your awareness of everything you are grateful for in your life. Allow yourself to really feel this gratitude for the blessings in your life, which will connect you to the awareness that the disconnected feeling you experienced is a temporary state of being and can be transformed by you changing your focus and being open to reconnecting to your empowered self.


In addition to connecting to gratitude, you can ask for assistance from any source of non-physical assistance (based in unconditional love) that you are familiar with (Creator, angels, Mother Earth, non-physical intelligences based in unconditional love, etc.) to help you to let go of the emotions in the moment and to connect you to your deeper true self for accessing a state of being that is useful.


By doing this self directed transformation, you also access the deeper soul learning that is present, thereby learning from your experience without any denial of what is actually occurring within you. 


By choosing to shift yourself to a more connected state of being, you can more clearly see what was occurring in you in the disconnected states of being.


As Einstein stated, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."


By continuing to shift your focus in times of feeling disconnected, you establish a new energetic pattern that enables continued conscious empowerment and conscious soul learning in a more present state of being and with greater ease.



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March 29, 2023


A discussion between two scientists about the human energy field


Click the link below:



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March 28, 2023


There is only a state of different


The illusion of physical reality as perceived by the mind-ego-intellect brain is that there are laws of opposites: right-wrong, positive-negative, correct-incorrect, good-bad, etc.


Based in our conditioning, we are hypnotized (via subtle daily conditioning) into perceiving normalcy, a state that is stable and slowly changing, but not always changing.


There has never been a state of normalcy where everything is the same, as everything is always changing in every moment, therefore, everything is always different in every moment, even though we can’t perceive it because of our dulled perceptions and awarenesses in every moment.


When we become aware of perpetual different, our reality changes because we no longer have conditioned charged judgments about sameness, normal, stability, and instead, we become aware of different, how things are different, and how the limitlessness of different can be useful and enlightening.


As humans on Earth revolve around our Sun, our Earth path around the Sun is never in the exact same path as any previous time and rotation around the Sun.


So, we are always in a different physical place in time in every moment.


As our solar system expands outwardly in the band of the galaxy that we are located in, we are never in the same place in the galaxy at any point in time.


So, we are always in a different physical place in time in every moment.


As our galaxy is always moving through new space in the universe, we are never in the same place in the universe at any point in time.


So, we are always in a different physical place in time in every moment.


As we move through the universe in this way, always at a different physical place at any time, we also encounter new energies that directly affect all the cosmic bodies and their energies because all energies in the universe are not the same in all places in the universe, which directly affects and includes our physical bodies and energies, which also affects our mental and physical states of being.


These new energies that are encountered also affect the physical laws that affect our reality on a physical planet. 


These physical laws or states are also changing and different in every moment as we all change our perception and awareness of reality.


What causes this constant state of change?


Constant, uninterrupted learning causes a constant state of change, which cannot be interrupted because the nature of consciousness is ever changing though continuous learning.


If one’s awareness becomes immersed in the awareness of different, as in what is different in this moment relative to any topic of awareness, they then have access to changes in states of being that are less limited and can be directed to creating for the wellness needed in the moment that is resonant with the perpetual state of different in a given pathway of different.


As we encounter the vast and dynamic changes we are now experiencing in societies and cultures around the world, including the dynamic changes occurring on the physical planet and our sun, it is useful to maintain an awareness of all that is always changing and how this ever present state of change is the true normal, as this can provide a sense of grounding in your expanding awareness.


Transitioning from the former state of one’s view of normal (where you were conditioned to believe that some things in physical reality are unchanging and the always the same), to your new expanded awareness of normal as a constant state of change and “different”, over time, you can emerge into a new state of empowerment and freedom in how you create your life on an daily basis.


Your awareness and use of the perpetual state of different (change) can be useful in your awareness that you are less limited in your ability to create what you want and need in your physical and non-physical reality.


In this process, you will notice yourself letting go of conditioned judgments and limiting perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that you either inherited (from your lineage) or learned.


When this occurs, you will step deeper into your truest self, with more expanded acceptance of who you are and who everyone around you and in the world are.


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February 10, 2023


To change yourself...


To change yourself and your creations (the life you create through perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions) first address the structure of your creations (how you usually perceive, think, feel, and do) instead of first addressing the content of your creations (content being the outer event to which you’re unconsciously reacting to).


Most humans react unconsciously to an outer event due to their conditioning, habits of that conditioning, and reliance on past experiences as the source of all solutions.


To change yourself in a moment, you can be self aware that you have a choice in how you process your experience:


- either the same as you usually do, unconsciously reacting with the same perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that emerge without conscious self awareness which have repeated throughout your life in most experiences,


- be consciously self aware in the moment enough to see your habitual reaction and then make a choice to observe yourself and the situation and be open to a more objective point of view for following a new approach to processing the current situation.


In this conscious self aware state, you have a heightened ability to access your intuition because you are not in judgment and rigid perceptions from past experiences, and you are open to receiving new possibilities for what you need.


Part of our habitual conditioning in our perceptions, thoughts, and feelings are related to being steadfast in maintaining conditioned judgments about various aspects of our life and the world around us. 


In tandem with this conditioning of judgments is the need to be right, a conditioning that limits our ability to form objective points of view about what we’re experiencing in the moment, thereby limiting our ability to change in any given moment.


For you to change yourself in a deeper meaningful way, it benefits you to let go of conditioned judgments, judging in the moment, and the need to be right, which in some cases, is a reaction to being triggered in one's victimhood consciousness.


When these conditionings are suspended or lessened in the moment, you access a state of being in which you, as the Creator, can use your objectivity and imagination to create differently, or be open to receiving intuitions for accessing different ways to process the moment based on the broadened range of possibilities that emerge in your awareness. 


Remember, you always have choices. It’s only your conditioning and unconscious reliance in doing things the same way that limit changing yourself and accessing limitless possibilities in whatever situation you are in.


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January 31, 2023


Why we do things, their purpose, their release


We do things because we enjoy them on some level and they serve a purpose in our soul learning.


Why we do something can be aligned with what we truly want or need, or it can be driven by fear (fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what others say or think about what we do or don't do).


When the things we do are no longer enjoyable, or they no longer serve a purpose, the thing we do will cease, gradually or abruptly, or it will change into something that requires resolution in a different way to satisfy the soul learning that is presenting.


This can apply to all areas of our life, about why we do what we do, from diet and the things we consume, to habits and daily rituals, and from the clarity of what we want or need, or from all the degrees of fear and the sources of fear.


One of the important things to be aware of is self awareness about the things you do, the thing’s purpose and usefulness in your life, and its potential life span in your life (in other words, the awareness that the thing might not always be in your life and you can be willing to let it go when it shows up as completed and no longer needed). 


Having these awarenesses can assist one in releasing guilt, shame, or conditioned judgments about continuing to do something that is judged a certain way in the collective, and in doing so, thereby deepening your awareness about your unique soul learning without the baggage of judgments from the collective or from your conditioning of self judging in your developmental years to current time.


These awarenesses can contribute to you consciously changing your point of view and your vibrational states so that you can access new creations and solutions that are then a vibrational match to the new you (due to your awarenesses being expanded), which is related to evolving your potential, thinking outside the box, and aligning more directly to your inner self, the source of the Creator that you are.


Having an awareness of being open to perceiving, thinking, feeling, and behaving differently in what you do daily is the opening to releasing the limitations of judging yourself and others and releasing the limitations of unconsciously choosing victimhood instead of consciously perceiving, thinking, and feeling the possibilities that exist in all moments, moments of challenges and being triggered, and moments of joy flow when conscious heartfelt gratitude is the aspect that further expands your consciousness and awarenesses.


In this state of expanded awareness in the moment, you know (not believe) the futility of labels such as right or wrong, correct or incorrect, and good or bad, as your awareness knows that possibilities that exist in the moment are virtually infinite as long as you allow it to present to you by letting go of the limitations of mental creativity and yielding to the limitless creativity of the soul/spirit that presents via your intuition.


Only your fear of letting go of controlling your environment and relying on selective memory of past successful experiences prevents you from accessing the limitless abundance of your inner self, spirit, soul.


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January 26, 2023


What is it to be human in these times of dynamic change? 


  • Compassion for self and others despite the conditioning of judging and victimhood that emerges when triggered


  • Staying grounded despite influences of the ego-intellect, conditioning, and patterns


  • Trusting and letting go in your inner empowerment and inner creative ability to change yourself and your environment on all levels by connecting inwardly and stating an intention and visualizing the end result of that intention, followed with gratitude, then trusting and letting go, to enable the creation to emerge when and how it serves you best


  • Being self aware of your judging, of self and others, and be willing to shift your awareness to objective point of view in the moment (objective point of view vs. judging and victimhood), which enables simultaneous deep soul learning and outer level learning, and ultimately, greater expansion into self empowerment


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January 5, 2023


Changes in 2023 


In this new year, 2023, many facilitators of inner connection have similar things to say about what is coming this year, and these statements or predictions are a direct result of their resonance and ability to connect into the non-physical, which is different for each person and for everyone because we are all built differently, physically and energetically, according to our individual and collectives soul learning journeys.


What has presented in my awareness about what is unfolding in 2023 is a continuation of what started a few years ago and is directly and more intensely related to our individual empowerment in each of us as sovereign Creators in creating what we want and need in our individual life and for assisting in the uplifting of consciousness in society.   


This approach has less to do with the typical way in which we solve problems and create solutions, which has been mostly through the ego-intellect through accessing past experiences, and attempting to control the current situation to fix it and then quickly move on and get back to “normal” as soon as possible without any further awareness as to the possible purpose of why we had the experience and what there is to learn on a deeper level about how we processed the experience; this state of being can be an indicator about what we’re needing to learn to become more empowered as a Creator (that lives in each person). 


One of the human conditionings that directly obstructs our ability to connect with our natural state of being as an empowered Creator is the conditioning and energetics of victimhood; we all possess this construct on some level.


The expression of victimhood is not only related to the “why me?” perspective when unpleasant things occur, but also includes the perspective that “things are happening to me” (instead of for me), and includes the limited or non-existent awareness that each person can change their conditioning, circumstances, situations, experiences, and states of being by connecting to their inner self (the Creator presence within) and then stating an intention for what you want to create without reliance on past experiences or controlling the situation.


Part of our victimhood conditioning is present when we insist on how something is “supposed to be,” which is a conditioning we received in our developmental years.


When a “supposed to be” expectation is not experienced, we often jump to a conclusion about why the expectation wasn’t met, along with blaming external forces, conditions, or people for the failed expectation. 


The resulting mental and energetic state of a failed “supposed to be” fuels existing victimhood awareness (consciousness).


One of the primary aspects of what is presenting for us to change in 2023 is to broaden our awareness of who we truly are (empowered Creators via an inner connection), and then access our inner presence and power to transform the small and large aspects of our experiences as empowered Creators instead of remaining helpless victimized individuals (state of being perpetuated through lineages). 


We are being strongly nudged to make whatever inner transformations that are necessary to change how we process our inner and outer experiences.


These individual and collective transformations are a process and will begin to manifest discernible results as each person commits to this new way of being and creating. 


As a collective, a morphogenic field (energy field carrying the energy vibrations of all who contribute in their individual transformations) will be created, which will assist others who are beginning to make the same transformations, making it easier for others as the energy field builds and expands with more and more energies from the individual contributors.


As in the past few years, there will be many personal, societal, and global events that will present opportunities for individuals and various collectives to begin experiencing and creating from an inner awareness as a Creator (the power of your soul's presence) instead of solely through outer awareness (ego-intellect) based on past experiences and attempts to control situations.


As more people awaken to more expansive ways to be and create in this world, as Creators instead of victims, there will always be people present who have previously had these awakenings who can assist others who are just beginning to transform. 


In these transformations, people will begin to realize that no one is more or less evolved than anyone else; we are all here playing our soul roles and assisting each other in our individual soul learning journeys, whether as a teacher or receiver, and each person is both, which therein lies the futility and harm in judging yourself and others.


In general, 2023 will be as intense as the previous years of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, with some unique energies present to assist people in their expanding awareness and decision points in how their transition to this new way of being and creating, which can be integrated according to their individual life.


Not all people will be open to or ready to make these shifts into creating differently and being self aware that they are empowered Creators with abilities beyond just the five senses, outward directed presence of the ego-intellect, and desire to control situations based on past experiences; their choice to stay the same is part of their soul learning in this lifetime, which can contribute to the soul learning of all. 


Everyone who is present on Earth at this time has the potential to thrive inwardly despite the outer turmoil; it is and has always been a personal choice in how each person chooses to process their experiences in the moment, and every moment is a new opportunity for change.


Choose, in the moment, to be aware and open to navigating your experiences from an inner awareness and connection instead of relying only on the comforts and familiarity of the usual perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that are based in your limiting conditioning of past experiences.


You have within your soul the potentials for birthing new pathways of being and creating.


Listen to the voice of your soul via your intuition and take a chance in changing how you create your moments in your days.


It's just a matter of changing your focus in the moment from being outward directed (via the ego-intellect and five senses) to being inward directed (from an inner awareness combined with a simple intention of what you want to create that is uplifting for you or others, followed with gratitude). 


In using this approach over time, you will know that the Creator lives in you on all levels.


Blessings of health, peace, joy, wisdom, empowerment, clarity, and expansive unconditional love to you in all of your creations in the new year. 🌞



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November 18, 2022


Invocation for connecting and creating inwardly in gratitude 


Here's the invocation for connecting and creating inwardly in gratitude to be used when connecting or creating from an inner connection prior to stating an intention for what you want to create, whether it be for creating a state of being, or for creating something tangible, or creating a relationship, or creating an event, and all that is uplifting and mutually beneficial to you and others. In stating the invocation or any similar invocation via an inner connection (awareness inwardly or in the heart center), you are consciously and directly linking the deepest part of you, your soul/spirit, to your physical reality.


A brief explanation about the invocation follows the invocation text.




To all my non-physical assistance of infinite unconditional love and the light of infinite unconditional love, I am grateful for your presence and participation in my life, and I am grateful for your assistance in my healing, learning, empowerment, clarity, and ever deepening and expanding conscious presence in infinite unconditional love, infinite power, and infinite intelligence, all on all levels, in all time, in all dimensions, in all universes, and in all consciousness that I am a part of. With deep gratitude, respect, and love, thank you.




The "non-physical assistance" is whatever you perceive to be your spirit helpers such as angels, spirit beings, non-physical intelligences, the spirit or energies of Mother Nature or Mother Earth, or any energetic presence that you have a relationship with or want to have a relationship with that is based in infinite unconditional love and the light of infinite unconditional love. When the invocation is stated in this way, no energies of evil or darkness can be present in your intentions or creations, and you invoke the presence of your connection to the deepest part of yourself, your soul and spirit and that light that exist in you already.


When stating that you are grateful for ever deepening and expanding conscious presence in "infinite unconditional love, infinite power, and infinite intelligence", you are consciously invoking a deeper connection to God/Source/Creator that exist in you already. 


Because we humans are both physical and non-physical beings, we exist in multi-dimensional states of being simultaneously, even though most of us cannot perceive this in our outer awareness via the ego-intellect in our physical reality. However, with interest and desire to perceive these other aspects of one's reality, these deeper perceptions can begin to emerge in time. In the invocation, the phrase "...on all levels, in all time, in all dimensions, in all universes, and in all consciousness that I am a part of" links your intention of connecting more deeply and expansively in the moment via gratitude (an expression of infinite unconditional love) to all levels in which you exist, regardless of you being intellectually aware of this or not and whether you intellectually understand this completely or not. 


If some part of you recognizes the truth in the invocation when you read it or say it, your resonance with the energies of the invocation will deepen every time you state the invocation. If you don't immediately feel a connection to the invocation, try using it at different times for about two weeks, and then you'll know if it is useful to you and can be used for all areas of your life, from pleasant experiences to challenging experiences, and for when you want to fortify your creations in their beginnings and open more intuitive communications within yourself. Intuition is the communication channel from your inner self to your outer self, and it becomes more prominent with more frequent inner connections and with intentions to enable its presence more frequently. Intuition is linked to the limitless aspects of your soul/spirit, hence your connection to God/Source/Creator that already resides in you and can be used for your benefit in physical reality.


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May 9, 2022


Conscious creations made from an inner connection, instead of creations made from just the ego-intellect, require:




Two sides of the same "coin"...


From an inner conscious creation (via the heart center):


Sometimes you have to trust first, and then let go to enable the power of the trusting to manifest your creation.


And, sometimes you have to let go first and then trust to enable the power of letting go to manifest your inner creation.


These two mutually supporting choices enable you to create from an inner connection with success instead of relying on repeating past experiences that are based on the limitations of your conditioning and patterns.


Another way to trust and let go when creating via an intention when having your awareness in the heart center (in the middle of your chest) is to say "I am letting what I need come to me now."


Your inner self as part of your soul knows infinitely more than the acquired experiences of your ego-intellect in this lifetime. So why not tap into this source that is a part of you for all meaningful creations in your life. In all creations, especially from conscious inner creations, the content of what you are creating is not as important (to your soul) as the inner processes and inner experiences of empowerment you are engaging. 


Because the approach of creating via an inner connection (via the heart center) and choosing trust/let go and let go/trust to manifest your inner creation into outward 3-D reality is so different than what your conditioned and limited ego-intellect is accustomed to, you will need to be proactive in consistently directing your awareness, energies, and spiritual patience to trusting and letting go (in whatever order shows up in the moment) to deepen your connection to your inner conscious creation and its manifestation. Over time and with repetition in using this approach to creating, your ability to trust and let go will grow and become increasingly more present and powerful, which only increases as you continue to create in this way.  


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March 19, 2022


The importance of conscious choice in more and more moments


To access more possibilities than what has already occurred in your life, be courageous enough to consult with your inner self before relying on the fixed results of past experiences when creating or choosing.


Everything you are and how you are comes from your relationship to your soul and your soul learning journey, and you can be a proactive and conscious participant in the path and direction of your soul learning via inner connection (moving your awareness from the outward five senses, thoughts, and emotions to an inner awareness of no thought or emotions in the moment, other than a simple intention created from your inner self and inner awareness).


With the Creator expressing uniquely through your soul and life, your inner self is the source to consciously engage for all meaningful creations and on all levels, if you choose. It's always a choice.


How much of your patterns of fear, guilt, and shame are directing your creations?  Do you have guilt and shame about having guilt and shame? Unconscious expressions of fear, guilt, and shame can limit your ability to access possibilities via an inner connection, especially when unconscious, conditioned judgment is active. 


To access other points of view, you can let go of conditioned judgments that were created in past experiences, which no longer serve you in how you want to consciously create with less restrictions and more openness for transformation in the present moment.


Our default presence and viewpoint for creating are focused outwardly through the five senses and ego-intellect. Our minds always want to know and understand something, and our default path to knowing is outward directed. Because we are both physical and non-physical beings, our conditioned mind (ego-intellect) has limitations in comprehending how our conscious interaction with our non-physical self functions and operates. In our developmental years, we were not taught how to directly access our non-physical self (soul/spirit) for managing and creating life experiences, other than prayer (which does not always connect the person to their empowered self as the Creator that lives within). So, as adults, we learn how to access more aspects of our empowered self as the Creator within when we consciously direct our attention inwardly with intention and full presence. In these times, more children are outwardly and inwardly aware of their true nature: both physical and non-physical beings. This evolution of adults in progression to greater consciousness, combined with the enhanced awareness of children being born now, is fertile energetics for consciousness expansion at an accelerated pace despite the seemingly opposite appearance we see in the outer world through all media (ongoing subjective outward focus). 


In the not knowing, there is all knowing. 



In the not knowing (a feeling or state we sometimes have from our ego-intellect and outward focus), there is all knowing (from an inner connection to the Creator energy expressing uniquely through us when we let go of our outward focus and choose to access our inner self).


The basis for accessing our inner self more frequently is to access the possibilities and potentials of our default inner state of being: Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Power, Infinite Unconditional Love--another way of saying accessing the Creator that we are, which lives vibrantly in each and every human at all times.


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February 3, 2022


The bones of spiritual patience


The bones of spiritual patience: Trust + Let Go



Trust in your inner connection of who you really are, a unique energetic representation and expression of the Creator, thereby making you also the Creator. So, once you've created something consciously via an inner awareness and interaction, you must trust that this aspect of yourself will manifest what you need and want, when and how it serves you (and possibly others and the world) best.




Let Go 

Letting go of your conditioned dependencies of your ego-intellect so you can get out of the way to enable the deeper power of you who are, the Creator, to come through to your outer awareness and create what you need and want. After you've consciously created via an inner awareness and interaction, the act of letting go is the "start" button that initiates the energetic progression of your creation.


Relying solely on your conditioned outward awareness via the ego-intellect and five senses is denying the full potential of your dynamic self as both a non-physical being (soul/spirit/energetic) integrated into your physical presence in 3-D reality (one dimension of your multi-dimensional self).


The more you consciously interact with yourself as a non-physical being (as in consciously bringing your awareness inwardly for the purpose of connecting to yourself in this way), the more present this aspect of yourself becomes known to you via your growing intuition in your outward awareness, and in more of your daily activities.



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December 19, 2021


Consciously creating your state of being



For any inner connection method stated below, do not connect inwardly or to the heart energy field while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention.


In addition to self empowerment, one of the things that has been presenting for us individually and in the collective is awareness of our ability to consciously create a state of being that serves us more than the states of being that automatically present as a result of our unconscious habits and patterns (which are inherited, or created by us from what we received via our lineage, society, and culture (local area, religion, education, peers, etc.)).


Because of our conditioning, most of us are not aware in the moment of how your current state of being is operating without your conscious awareness. And, if you were consciously aware of this state of being and how it affects and influences your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, you can be aware that you can change the state of being by temporarily suspending any doubts about this being possible (and be open to it manifesting), and bring your awareness inwardly, and then consciously create the state of being you want for anything you are experiencing in the moment, regardless of the source or origin of the state of being you want to replace. After consciously creating the new state of being, hold this awareness for a few moments for you to integrate your creation.



After consciously creating the state of being you want, for any desired creation that is uplifting to you or others, give gratitude and then completely let go, trusting that your consciously created state of being is presenting in your consciousness (energy centers, energy fields, physical body, and on all levels of consciousness that you are a part of).


Use this for any aspect of your life experience. Like any creation created consciously from accessing your inner source, give it some time to fully integrate and without judgment about how it presents in you. We are conditioned for immediate gratification, however, because we are all built differently (with different soul learning journeys) and because you might be new to creating in this way, spiritual patience is required, which is another aspect of conscious creating--growing your ability to trust and let go (or letting go and trusting) in the manifesting of your conscious creations.


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December 3, 2021


The trappings and limitations of "supposed to be's"


When confronted with obstacles, challenges, or an event that triggers an unpleasant response in you, how often do you tell your self "This is not the way it's supposed to be."


This response is the result of victimhood conditioning, and the obstacles, challenges, or unpleasant trigger is part of your soul learning journey and is supposed to be for you in the moment. However, if you process the experience unconsciously via habits, patterns, and conditionings, and never consider any awareness other than what emerges in your outward awareness via the ego-intellect, you are only accessing a small part of you that is not as conscious in the moment as you could be.


We are more than our past experiences, habits, patterns, and conditionings, and we have an opportunity via our current experience to access a part of ourself that is waiting to be awakened and used, but it requires a broader awareness in the moment and the willingness to let go of investments in feeling and being hurt by others or from a situation.


It is often said that "I deserve to feel bad because of what happened to me." Why would anyone want to consciously be open to feeling bad as a result of a situation or from the actions or words of someone? Again, this consciousness is the result of conditioning from one's lineage and society and is not useful in anyone's transformation unless it brings forth a broader awareness that other possibilities in perception, thought, and feeling are possible for creating a state of being that transcends conditioning and is in alignment with what the person wants to create instead of focusing on only the unpleasant feelings in the moment as a victim.


You cannot control your outward environment through sheer willfulness and your conditioned desire to control all aspects of your life. Through expanding awareness and the knowledge that you can create and manifest a different outcome other than "what is" (in physical reality), you can bring your awareness inwardly for a few moments, state a simple intention to release all obstacles preventing your creation, then spend a few moments visualizing and feeling what you want as if it has already happened, and then giving gratitude for any assistance in your releases, creation, and soul learning.


This is a simple formula for creating new patterns, habits, and energetics that are far more useful in changing your life and creating your life in a much more easeful way, which also energetically affects and changes your past experiences and energetics, and therefore changes your present and future experiences and energetics, thereby creating new empowered patterns of creating that are free of judgments, worry, fear, and the common energetics of victimhood.


Everything that is happening in your world and in the outside world are mediums for transformation and deeper soul learning. It does not mean that all that is happening in the world feels good and should be accepted, but what it does mean is that everyone in the world is on their soul learning journey and there is no way for you to understand the intricacies and complexities of those dramas at the individual and collective levels when you are scratching the surface of understanding in your soul learning journey. When we view the events in our world and in the outer world, we often judge what is supposed to be and what is not supposed to be. That awareness and judgment is not as useful as you going inward and asking for guidance and a deeper understanding of the events that are transpiring in your world and in the broader collective world. 


Judgments limit possibilities in your soul's limitless learning journey. Judgments are energetically fixed and energetically limit your reception of possibilities in perception, thought, and feeling. You have the ability to choose how you process an experience in every moment. Be aware of the conditioned judgments that drive your "supposed to be" approaches in all of your experiences. 


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December 3, 2021


Feeling tired...



A quote from a source on the internet: 


“You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.”


Worry kills the light. Fear kills the light. Both are choices. Yes, choices, whether consciously or unconsciously. 


Intention of light in the moment (over worry and fear) brings light, even if it’s just a glimmer, and a glimmer of light is all that is needed for a shift, whether the ego-intellect acknowledges it or not. Choosing to have an intention to create what you want in the moment over what appears as a pattern is a solid step in creating and expanding consciousness, which is what happens when any choice is made from an inner connection. And, an inner connection is as easily done by bringing the awareness in the heart center, or third eye, or just inwardly and letting go of outward directed awareness.


Rarely does a person consciously choose to go along with worry and fear which only breeds more worry and fear, but they do so unconsciously via patterns and conditionings. Be aware in the moment to consciously discern whether you are reacting to a situation from a pattern or conditioning. When was the last time you allowed yourself this awareness when you were emotionally triggered in an unpleasant way?


Many people rarely allow themselves the time to fully relax, and when they do, they equate being deeply relaxed with being tired because that state of being is unfamiliar and not a point of reference that is considered pleasant and is associated with being fatigued because they don't experience deep relaxation enough. This is an indicator that the person is disconnected from their deeper self, as in how they can be in meditation, introspection, or from the result of a massage, energy work session, or any way to release the energetic states of being that are not based in peace, clarity, and an expanded state of presence.


In almost any moment, anyone can have a conscious intention to release fear, worry, fatigue, and create an alignment with a state of feeling energized, revitalized, and rejuvenated, and the only thing they have to do is let go of investments in past experiences, victimhood conditionings, and any learned or self imposed limitations that obstruct connecting to oneself on a deeper level for creating in the moment a different state of being. 


“You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.”


Connect inwardly and make a commitment to restore your natural energies. There’s an abundance of pathways to connect your creativity and inspiration. Or, you could allow your unconscious self to choose worry or choose fear.


Clear solutions and clear decisions are more readily available when you are in your spark. So, go spark hunting. It feels better, and feeling better is a pathway to inner and outer creation that is aligned with your true nature and Self, not the self that tries to control everything through sheer willfulness. 


When emotionally triggered or when creating something, the following steps only takes seconds to do and can shift you in the moment or in moments that follow:


  1. In the moment, bring your awareness inward and be aware that you have a choice in how you respond to the issue, whether it’s from being emotionally triggered or from any fear or challenges you have in wanting to create something. You do have a choice in how you respond to everything. Hold this awareness that you have a choice.
  2. If you’re aware of fear or worry energy in you, while in an inward awareness, state an intention to release the fear and worry or any challenging states of being. Then, give yourself a few moments to relax and gently focus on your breathing.
  3. Next, while in an inward awareness, create the end result of what you are wanting without concern about the steps to get there, and spend a few moments visualizing and feeling how this is. Your best efforts in visualizing and/or feeling this created state of how you want to be is good enough; don’t judge your abilities to do this.
  4. Lastly, give gratitude for all assistance you receive in releasing the energies you stated in your intentions above, and for the new creation you created through your intentions. Then, let go and resume your activities. Trust in yourself knowing you do not have to repeat this process again for these specific issues, and any time you think about your creation, see it as done with you having a good feeling about it.


Just another way of going spark hunting and creating the life you want by being more present in more moments to the empowerment that resides in you at all times. These very small steps can ripple out causing great changes.


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July 13, 2021


Accepting yourself in your experiences



When relating to yourself through your experiences, in the past, in the present, and into the future, you often judge yourself harshly, inaccurately, or needlessly. This judging of yourself (and the charged energetics that accompanies judging) limits the possibilities you have access to whether you create from the ego-intellect or from your inner self (your most powerful self, which presents to you through your intuition and inner guidance).


In addition to the limiting results of judging yourself, are the limiting energetics of the fear of being judged by others, which can directly affect how you create your life, whether consciously or unconsciously. 


These judgments are part of most people's patterns and conditionings that are inherited through the lineage or learned in the developmental years. So, judgments operate automatically, usually without full conscious awareness about what is happening in the moment as a result of judging.


A very simple way to begin releasing the limitations of self judging or the fear of being judged is to be aware in the moment that you are doing the best you can with what you have. If you knew how to do something differently or better, you would. This awareness can free you from your patterns of judgment and the conditioning of judging you inherited or learned.


Here are some self connections related to how you can begin processing experiences differently whether you are relating to your experiences in the past, in the present, or projecting into the future.


When relating to yourself in the past and having judgment of yourself or having the fear of being judged by others, acknowledge:


"I was doing the best I could with what I had. If I knew how to do something differently or better, I would have. I release all of my judgments of myself and I release the fear of being judged by others."


When relating to yourself in the present, and having judgment of yourself or having the fear of being judged by others, acknowledge:


"I am doing the best I can with what I have. If I knew how to do something differently or better now, I would. I release all of my judgments of myself and I release the fear of being judged by others."


When relating to yourself in the future and projecting judgment of yourself or projecting the fear of being judged by others, acknowledge:


"I am always doing the best I can with what I have. If knowing how to do something differently or better in all moments is possible, it will present to me. I release all of my judgments of myself and I release the fear of being judged by others."


At all times, beyond judgment of good or poor decisions, you're doing the best you can with what you have in the moment. Having that level of awareness promotes self acceptance that can forge new patterns for empowering you beyond any and all judgments of good/bad, right/wrong, correct/incorrect, while enabling you to be present without guilt, shame, or judgment when you've done something in the moment that you feel differently about later, so that you can perceive clearly about how you might do it differently in the future and all without the emotional charge that comes with harsh self judgment, guilt, and shame.


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May 14, 2021


Challenges and experiences 


Challenges and all experiences are nothing more than energetic portals to possibilities from which the Universe and your soul explore creations of desire, thought, feelings, perceptions, service, and learning. 


Every choice, whether based in conditioning and patterns or is connected to your true freedom, leads to other choices and a hierarchy of experiences that are changeable at any point, all of which are manifesting what you are needing at all points in your choice path. Therefore, there are no mistakes. Judgment, from mostly the ego-intellect, severely limits your ability to access freedom oriented possibilities based in ease. Conditioning of judgment is a part of our choices, but is also a part that when released, creates a more direct learning and a choice path that feels better and is empowering to your perception of freedom. 


We are conditioned to perceive, think, and feel that we must control our experiences via willful actions to manifest the desired outcomes, thereby overlooking some of the more powerful aspects of our experiences that are based in deeper learning, more easeful manifestations and connections. We are not taught that when we connect inwardly with a more broad and present awareness, and less rooted in the ego-intellect and its need to control experiences, we can let go via our inner connection and inner intention when we create from that inner environment, knowing (or learning to know) that when we let go and trust in our inner creative process, what we need (and occasionally, what we want) will manifest when and how it serves us best.


Letting go and trusting in our inner connection is one of the most challenging things to do, given that we are all conditioned to do the opposite in almost all of our experiences. One could say we are blindly addicted to creating from controlling our experiences instead of letting go in a broader awareness and being more intuitively aware to align with the resonance that is presenting in the moment, which it always is and in all moments, if only we pay attention and are less consumed in controlling and judging our experiences from mostly a conditioned outward awareness.


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April 4, 2021 (Easter Sunday)


May we be resurrected from the miseries of our illusory constructs, regardless of their origins, and may we pause long enough to direct our awareness within at the heart center in the middle of the chest to discover the peace, joy, love, and guidance that is always available as a part of our birthright and true being. 🕊


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March 11, 2021


Emerging parts of our souls

(received 2/21/2021)


In these dynamic times, human consciousness is rapidly changing as our galaxy encounters new energies as it moves through the universe, which is causing new aspects of our souls to emerge. 


Because of how our planet in our solar system is always expanding outward in our galaxy and our galaxy is always moving through new space in the universe, we are always encountering new space and new energies in this new space. We are never in the same space from moment to moment. It is not a stretch to consider how these new energies can affect the electro-magnetic aspects of the stars, planets, and all celestial bodies in our galaxy, and the electro-magnetic aspects of our human bodies and the energies of our non-physical self (soul/spirit).


Some aspects of our multidimensional soul were dormant and not awakened until recently and are aligned with the rapidly expanding awareness and energetics of the new self being manifested.


This new self always existed within, but not in the physical world as a functioning outward awareness.


In other words, aspects of our non-physical self are emerging in our physical reality as a fully functioning presence and awareness to be consciously accessed in daily activities and creations.


Because of the dynamic presence of this non-physical energetic presence (and its connections to all past lives, all times, all dimensions, all universes, and the consciousness in which it exists), the emergence of this new presence will affect our outward awareness due to the contrast to our existing energetics, patterns, and habits, which can present challenges and conflicts (depending on the openness and readiness of the individual to perceive beyond current reality and make necessary changes, which includes the ability to let go and trust in the emerging process).


Because this emergence and process will feel very different for many people, it will trigger fears associated with the unknown, which includes the awareness that a person might not be able to control what is emerging in them; this learning is important due to a person's notion that they are in control of all aspects of their life (which is an illusion).


As people begin to learn about the new aspects of their soul in their outward physical reality, they will learn that alignment with the soul's wisdom in its learning journey will replace the need to control aspects of their outward physical reality.


As new parts of the soul presents in a person, there is nothing to do other than be aware of the new and different learning that is presenting and to begin to nurture your ability to trust and let go in what you are being shown, as this is not the same type of learning as you experienced via the conditioning of the ego-intellect and its conditioned prominent role in the outward physical reality awareness. 


There is an acclimation period for these emerging new parts of your soul to integrate into your 3-D reality; depending on the person, this period could take months or many years, and depends on the core nature of the person's soul learning journey in this life and that connection to previous lives.


Like many transitional states of being, this acclimation period can feel unsettled, ungrounded, and disconnected, like you’re in an in-between state of being (which you are). 


Daily grounding and inner connection (via heart center and meditation) can help in smoothing and accelerating the integration process. 


Acknowledging this emergence in you, and then nurturing your ability to trust and let go in how this unfolds in you will help you to begin letting go of your conditioning of controlling the physical aspects of your life, and instead help you to align with your creations that align with the new (to you) emerging wisdom of your soul in its learning journey in these dynamic times.


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January 31, 2021


Connect inwardly and state an intention to connect more deeply  


Like all creations made from a conscious inner connection, stating an intention to connect more directly and deeply through your entire system, physical and non-physical, can enhance and deepen your inner connections via the heart center or through whatever energy point you focus on to enable you to connect more directly and deeply.


Being able to connect more deeply and in a way you know you are connecting deeply can provide you with more confidence and inspiration to connect inwardly more often to release what you need to release and create what you want or need to create, all with more ease and deepening confidence and eventual knowing.


Do not perform the following inner connection while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention.




Close your eyes, let go of all thoughts and emotions as best you can.


Passively be aware of your natural breathing for a few breaths, and let go in this awareness.


Bring your awareness to the heart center in the middle of your chest (in the area of the sternum). Do not concentrate, just have a gentle awareness of this part of your body.


After a few moments of being in this awareness, either open your eyes and read the following intention statement, or keep your eyes closed and state the following intention from memory:


"I am open to receiving the physiology and energetics, based in infinite unconditional love, that connects me more deeply and directly to my non-physical self and in a way I can perceive in my outward awareness."


If your eyes are open (from reading the statement), close your eyes, or if already closed, keep them closed for a few moments.


After saying the statement, remain in an inward awareness and let go. If thoughts pop in, let them go and have a gentle awareness in the heart center or wherever your inward awareness is focused. Just observe yourself passively. Resist looking for specific results, and just observe yourself. By just observing yourself, you will notice any differences in how you connect without getting into any limiting thought processes and judgments.


While focused inwardly, give gratitude for receiving the deeper connection to your non-physical self, even if you don't immediately feel a difference.


After a few moments, open your eyes and resume your activities. It's always beneficial to drink water after engaging in an inner connection.


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December 10, 2020


Rewrite your story


Regardless of your current situation and your mental and emotional investments in past experiences, you can rewrite your current story, and create a new reality in the present and future that is more in alignment of what you want and need.


How does this happen?


You can rewrite your current story and situation by changing how you perceive, think, and feel in the moment via an expanded self awareness. 


An expanded self awareness in the moment means that you perceive yourself objectively outside of your usual habitual thoughts and feelings and habitual reliance on past experiences from which you base your judgments.


In this awareness, you acknowledge that you have a choice in how you frame and process the experience, which is free of any investments in past experiences (especially emotionally charged experiences) and judgments, and you acknowledge that you are open to receiving expanded possibilities of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. 


To enable this awareness more fully and to activate a deeper power within yourself, first let go of what is triggering you in the moment or what has been triggering you over an extended period, as this will break the continuity of the energies that are keeping you captive in your current limited and habitual perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.


Then, bring your awareness inside at some point in your body that enables you to connect more deeply than your usual outward awareness; this point in your body can be the heart center in the middle of your chest, or the third eye at a point between your eyebrows, or crown center at the top of your head, or any other point that enables you to connect inwardly easily.


Then, briefly acknowledge what is triggering you without going into an elaborate exploration of the cause.


Next, with your awareness inwardly, state an intention to release the energies and causes of what is unpleasant, unresolved, and disruptive.


Then, state an intention to create what you want in place of what you just released, which is usually the opposite of what you want to release, and then visualize yourself in this new state of being that is a result of what you just created, and hold this visualization for a few moments and allow yourself to feel how this can be for you.


Then, and this is very important in this process, state the following intention:

I am open to receiving the deeper learning from this experience and in a way my outward awareness can understand. This intention addresses the needs of the soul in its learning journey, and while this learning is completing, the energies transform.


Lastly, while still focused inwardly, give heartfelt gratitude for this creation and for any inner assistance you receive in its manifestation, and then completely let go and resume your activities knowing (trusting) that you are receiving what you want and need when and how it serves you best. 


The more frequently you process your experiences from an expanded awareness of choice in the moment, and not from habitual perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and judgments, you will begin to see and experience the results of the new patterns you created and are being supported in your daily experiences. 


This approach is a more direct connection to your spirit/soul and is a form of self love, which is also an expression of love for the Creator that lives uniquely in you as your soul and is an expression of love for the empowered Creator that you are. 




Continue in the energies of habitual perceptions, thoughts, and feelings (and all related habits and patterns), or connect to your expanded awareness of choice in the moment to change your story?


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November 26, 2020


Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving and gratitude for the awareness of how we can choose to be in every experience, the key to true freedom and happiness.



Wishing your day is present with gratitude and awareness of your blessings in these challenging times.


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November 9, 2020


My body is...


When your inner awareness gets your attention to be proactive in shifting a physical state of being in your body or in shifting a limiting attitude about your body, bring your awareness inwardly and state the following intention statement three times, pausing between statements until you are prompted to make the next statement. 


“My body is a self-correcting consciousness being, and I honor and support its power and intelligence on all levels.”


After stating the statement three times, give heartfelt gratitude of unconditional love to yourself and all aspects of your being, physical and non-physical, for the shift and creation you are experiencing. 



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November 8, 2020


Go to your death (not literally)…

Most recent update: 11/8/2020


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the tasks you’ve accepted as needing to be done on a daily or weekly basis, go to your death (not literally) to determine if any of those tasks you’ve identified as required are tasks that are really not as important as other tasks you prefer and enjoy. 


In other words, visualize yourself in the moments just before your death, when you look back on your life and identify the most meaningful and significant moments and events of your life. 


How do all the tasks you’ve currently identified as necessary, that are making you feel overwhelmed, measure up to other tasks you could do instead and are much more enjoyable? 


Which of those tasks that are adding to your stress could be delayed or even eliminated and instead be substituted by something that makes you feel good?


Do you automatically take on responsibilities that really aren’t necessary and are not yours, or are not as important as you’ve elevated those tasks to be?


Can the tasks you’ve identified as necessary be done differently or at a time that is more convenient, which can change your resonance with the tasks as being pleasant?


Becoming more conscious in how and why you do things can lead to simplification and more flow resonance in how and why you create your life the way you do. 


As always, becoming more consciously aware in the moment enables conscious choice in the moment instead of operating mostly out of unconscious habit and the automatic mode of operation that is a result of your layered conditioning that you are mostly unaware of in the moment.


Connecting inwardly daily is a conscious path in refining how you create the life you want and need, and when what you want and what you need is aligned, your soul learning becomes very powerful, enhancing your intuition, conscious creating, and connections to more possibilities.


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November 3, 2020

Most recent update: 11/3/2020


When becoming consciously aware in a situation or moment, when you are aware that you can change the way you process or frame an experience (that might not feel good), bring your awareness inwardly, then ask:


"What is there for me to learn on a deeper level from this experience and in a way I will understand in my outer awareness?"


After asking the question, give gratitude for receiving what you need from the connection and completely let go, trusting you will receive what you need when and how it serves you best.


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October 28, 2020

Most recent update: 11/3/2020


Resist the automatic habit of judging an experience in the moment


When an experience gets your attention in a more significant way than what is the usual flow of experiences in your day, resist the automatic and habitual way you usually judge the situation, if you want to access more possibilities that are available to you in the experience. 


In other words, in reading this now, if you make a commitment to not automatically judge an experience that feels significant or energetically charged, through objective observation you can have access to possibilities, options, solutions, and creations that are beyond what you would usually access through past experiences via your usual and present judgments.


When judging, we usually access past experiences and unconscious conditioning that determines a set perception, set thoughts, and set feelings, and in doing so, we limit accessing unlimited possibilities that are available in the moment. However, when you are allowing an objective point of view to emerge in your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings in the moment, your energies are not set and your emotions are usually not charged, therefore you allow access to unlimited possibilities that energetically best match your current experience and in a way that translates into something that is useful and in a way you understand in your outward awareness.


Even though you might be triggered with familiar perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that you've had in similar past experiences, in the moment, simply acknowledge how you're perceiving, thinking, and feeling, and then let go and objectively observe yourself and the situation without rushing to a judgement or rushing to find a solution to "fix" the situation.  


Even without bringing your attention inwardly, you might be amazed at what can present in an objective neutral state of being when you aren't processing triggered thoughts and emotions or trying to quickly either suppress the situation or fix it as quickly as possible to return to "normal."


Via our ego-intellect in our habitual outward-driven awareness, the conditioning from our past experiences and the energetic charges from these experiences often activate without us having an awareness that we have a choice in the moment as to how we can react, process, and create an experience other than how we've reacted, processed, and created previously in past experiences.


You have a choice in every moment to create an experience that is beyond your conditioning and automatic habitual way you react to an experience. Your choice!


•  •  •  •  •  •  •



October 28, 2020

Most recent update: 10/28/2020


Affirmation for connecting to your Inner Self


My Inner Self,


I am grateful for your presence in all parts of my life and for this awareness.


With your assistance, I release all fear expressions from my energy body and


physical body, in all time periods, thereby connecting me more deeply to my limitless Self.


Above all ego-intellect perceptions and judgments, I trust your guidance in all areas


of my life, and I am grateful for your guidance in all moments of my life.


💙 💙 💙


The above affirmation for connecting to your Inner Self is a revised edit of Dr. Dan Mathews' Parable of Christ Consciousness. You can find the original version on the following YouTube link: The original words are presented on the screen at the end of the video. 


To get the most from using this affirmation, prior to stating the affirmation, connect inwardly in the heart center or third eye, and let go of all thoughts and emotions as best you can.


Using this affirmation every day when you first wake up in the morning and again just before going to sleep at night can be a way for you to create a new and useful pattern of inner connection that can make conscious connections in your day easier to access and provide access to more possibilities and intuitive guidance in your conscious connections.


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October 22, 2020

Most recent update: 10/27/2020


Considerations when pursuing a creation:



1.  Is it easy?

The level of difficulty you detect when considering pursuing a creation is often based on past experiences and the automatic way in which you process your experiences. Is there a different way to perceive and process an experience that can show your resonance or lack of resonance with an idea or creation before starting your creation?


When consciously connecting to your resonance with a creation before starting it, you access insights to more possibilities that can provide an awareness as to your alignment with why and how you want to create something. That conscious awareness can provide an ongoing intuitive link to aligning with the paths of least resistance beyond what previous experiences has provided.


How to do this: Connect inwardly and state an intention to receive a knowing for why you want or need to create your creation, and to receive the best approach for you in creating your creation.


2.  If it's not easy, is it worth it?

Maybe. Often, we forge ahead in our pursuits of creations thinking a creation will be difficult or easy based on the difficulties or ease we had in our past experiences. Is that necessarily how it will emerge again? Maybe.


If we have set judgements about how an experience will occur because of how it occurred in the past, especially with difficulties, and we are not open to perceiving it differently, then there is a likelihood that those experiences (difficulties) will reoccur based on how you are energizing the possibilities in the planning of your creation. Why do difficulties seem to be more likely to reoccur? Because our experiences with difficulties are more charged with emotions and the related energies of those emotions, and in a way that does not serve us such as fear, anxiety, extreme dislike or hate, sadness, etc. When we are not conscious in our interactions with our creations, we are operating from habits and conditionings thereby automatically triggering patterns and the energies of those patterns, which automatically express instantly. Those energies reinforce the reoccurrence of past similar experiences and accompanying energies. Is this process changeable? Yes! But, only via conscious awareness in the moment, which means not out of habit or conditioning, unless a new habit and conditioning is based in conscious awareness and conscious presence. 


Whether something is easy or difficult is based on how we frame or process the experience. What appears difficult for you might be considered easy by someone else. And, what appeared to be difficult for you in the past might be considered to be easy now. 


To get a "feel" for the nature of a creation you are considering and whether it will be difficult, or worth pursuing, and to connect to the possibilities of all aspects of the creation that might be beyond the information available to you from past experiences, allow time for connecting inwardly, as follows:

- Bring your awareness inwardly to the heart center, or third eye, or wherever you feel it easy to connect inwardly.

- Let go of all thoughts (and emotions) about the creation or past experiences related to the creation, and just observe your breathing for a few moments to deepen your inner awareness.

- When you are focused inwardly and your mind is a little more quiet than before connecting inwardly, state an intention to receive all possibilities for the best approaches for the creation and based on joy in the creation and ease of execution of the creation. You can add any other intention you feel you need in accessing all the possibilities that serve you (and others) in your creation.

- Next, visualize the end result of yourself being happy with the completed creation, and hold this awareness for a few moments.

- Then, give gratitude for the receiving of information, awareness, and energies contributing to all the possibilities that serve you in your creation.

- Let go and trust that your inner connection and its contribution to your creation is activated and in process. 


💙 💙 💙 


The theme of the above message is similar to all of the information and messages on this website and is available to you from within yourself in any and all moments, which is:


As a human being, you are both physical (your body) and non-physical (you as an energetic consciousness being (spirit, soul)). And, as an empowered Creator Being that you are, you can consciously change how you experience every moment from your partially conscious conditioned habitual awareness to a more inner conscious awareness where you can access your ability to frame and process an experience differently than you habitually and automatically react to in your daily experiences, which includes accessing a different perception, a different thought, and a different feeling that better serves you.


In accessing this part of yourself, you are willing to let go of all thoughts, emotions, and dependence on past experiences, to access unlimited possibilities that are available to you in the moment. When you use this approach, your focus on accessing this part of yourself more directly seamlessly integrates with your predominant outward driven awareness, and the information and energies that are accessed translate into experiences you understand, and is usually beyond what you would or can access just with an awareness via your ego-intellect-mind.


So, what is the purpose in consciously connecting inwardly in a moment instead of allowing yourself to automatically and habitually react or respond to what you are experiencing?


In consciously connecting inwardly in the moment, you consciously let go of your dependency on past experiences and habitual perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that limit your ability to perceive unlimited possibilities that are available to you beyond what you normally access via the ego-intellect-mind. 


In this state of being, you are more directly connected to who you are as a non-physical being with a physical body, with the source of all that you create originates from your non-physical self.


In this state of being (consciously inwardly connected), instead of automatically and habitually reacting and responding to an experience, you can create the end result of what you need by:

- first, honestly acknowledging your present experience without judgment,

- next, let go of all thought and emotions as best you can, and bring your awareness inwardly by either focusing on the heart center (in the middle of your chest) or third eye (point between the eyebrows),

- then state a simple intention about the end result you need,

- then hold that awareness for a few moments,  

- then give gratitude to all aspects of your non-physical self as soul/spirit (which is without separation a part of God/Source/Creator/Universe), 

- and then, completely let go, trusting that your creation will manifest when and how it serves you best.


Because our conditioning of being mostly outward driven in our awareness is so dynamically present among most people in all societies, transitioning to using an inner connection as a means for accessing more of yourself as an empowered Creator Being can feel a little challenging in the beginning. However, like any new venture into learning, the more you use it, the more it will become familiar and it will become easier to access, and with it, the related results that accompany this transformation will present. If you commit to and use this approach in processing more of your daily experiences, you will discover this amazing part of yourself, and the incentive to continue in accessing this part of yourself will be increasingly present.


The information in this message and on the website is not for everyone, as each of us on the planet is a unique soul with a unique soul learning journey. And, as such, we resonate differently to different ideas and constructs. Each of us will discover our own pathway to our expanding consciousness and soul learning. And, one path is no better or worse than any other path, just different and in accordance with the resonance of each person/soul. 


Just know that you, in any moment, can decide to consciously change yourself in how you perceive, think, and feel to align yourself more directly to the soul learning journey you design and need, and all in the context of what you are experiencing now.



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October 4, 2020


Empowerment connection via open-ended question



Open-ended questions can be used to consciously connect to aspects of your non-physical self (higher self, soul, spirit, spiritual helpers, God/Source/Universe/Creator) to create something, release something, or receive clarity and energetic connection for something. 


Open-ended questions, when asked in a conscious connected state, are not meant to be answered with your ego-intellect-mind, but instead meant to be answered by aspects of your non-physical self.


Asking open-ended questions from an inner connected state of being enables you to connect to all the possibilities that are beyond what you can access only through past experiences and your conditioning. 


Like most approaches that involve consciousness exploration, energy work, and transformations of the mind, body, and human energetics that are expressed and manifested in 3-D physical reality, the limitations of Newtonian science yields to the more current quantum science (which is still not as accepted in society and popular  culture as Newtonian science), thereby causing some people to doubt the credibility and efficacy of any methods related to quantum science. The non-locality aspects of quantum science are proven based on measurable, repeatable, and proven science processes (theorem/experiment/conclusion). 


All that is required for you to benefit from using an open-ended question in an inner connected state is to be open to receiving what is created by you, and suspending all doubts and need to believe and understand, as best you can. This openness to connecting to what you want beyond the traditional means (requiring belief and understanding) enables you to access what already exists within you, which might not have been accessed before and will translate to something you can understand once received. 


The following open-ended question can be used for any situation, condition, event, or experience you are having or have had, for which you need a shift in your state of being via an inner connection.


How can I transform this experience to something that is useful and to what I want?


After asking the question, do not attempt to answer the question with your ego-intellect, and allow yourself a few moments to relax without thought to enable the energy of the question to linger and expand outward from you.


After a few moments, give gratitude for your creation (the asking of the question) and for your acknowledgement that the open-ended question will be answered when and how it serves you best, which could be immediately, in a few hours, in a few days, or even weeks or months later.


Then, let go completely and resume your activities knowing you will receive what you created.



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September 1, 2020


Connecting inwardly to manage current intensities


Prior to the emergence of Covid-19 globally, human consciousness and the related 3-D realities were experiencing increasing intensities as part of a shift in human consciousness, affecting each person's personal evolution and growth.


Since the emergence of Covid-19 globally, the intensities in 3-D realities has increased significantly resulting in the emergence and presentation of unresolved issues in each person and in the collective.


These surfacing issues and related energies, including dynamic energies of fear on many levels, has resulted in intensifying emotions, physical conditions, mental/emotional conditions, increasing anxieties, confusion, relationship issues, work issues, and general turmoil on many levels.


For those who still approach these emerging states of being in a traditional outward directed approach for resolution and solutions, these times can appear to be chaotic and hopeless.


The emergence and presence of Covid-19, in addition to all of its current impacts, is a consciousness catalyst. 


In this period of human history as related to consciousness evolution, transformation (and in some instances, transmutation), we are being nudged (pushed?) to access our Inner Self as a source for resolving and managing issues in our outward directed realities. 


As more and more people are discovering this awareness, consciousness begins to change and even in an accelerated manner, as the traditional paradigms from which we relied on in our daily existence are evaporating. 


The emerging energies that are part of the current consciousness shift do not support the traditional paradigms, approaches, and energies as was a part of what we considered "normal."


Connecting inwardly daily is a way to access the energies and states of being that are more aligned with the current emerging energies and new paradigms that are being created individually and collectively, even if popular culture (via news, media, communications) do not yet fully show this.


How can you connect inwardly?


You can connect inwardly by being aware in the moment that you can direct your attention from being outwardly focused (via the five senses and random thoughts and feelings) to a focus on the heart center (middle of the chest), third eye (location between the eyebrows), or any energy center (chakra) that enables you to let go and feel a more quiet and peaceful presence within. 


After a few moments of connecting within, you can state an intention to release perceptions, thoughts, feelings, experiences, or events, and the energies of these, from your body and energetic system (chakras and energy fields). 


Then, it is useful to visualize yourself in the state of being that is the end result of what you want and how you want to be and feel. (Hold this visualization and feeling for a few moments.)


Then, give heartfelt gratitude for any assistance you receive in manifesting your creation (release and/or new creation).


In addition to creating (releasing something you don't want and/or creating something you do want) via an inner connection, you can also start and end your day with an intention statement that connects you to your non-physical self, the source of intuition and empowerment.


The following statement, stated once or twice a day can change your vibration, which will change your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings (and resulting actions).


My Inner Self,


I am grateful for your presence in all parts of my life and for this awareness. 


With your assistance, I release all fear expressions from my energy body and physical body, in all time periods, thereby connecting me more deeply to my limitless Self. 


Above all ego-intellect perceptions and judgments, I trust your guidance in all areas of my life, and I am grateful for your guidance in all moments in my life. 



The power in this intention statement lies in the acknowledgment that you are more than just your physical body, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and conditionings. Your Inner Presence, when consciously accessed and integrated in your outward directed physical reality activates a part of you that will assist and guide you more directly to the life you want to create instead of being captive to the conditionings of your developmental years and current habitual outer influences that include energetic, mental, and emotional investments in sustaining perceptions, thoughts, and feelings of being hurt or wronged by another person, persons, or events and not having empowered options in the moment.


As this transformation emerges in you, you begin to realize in more and more moments that you have a choice in how you process your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, either do as you've always done via unconscious habit and in ego investments in feeling hurt or wronged, OR, connect within to change how you perceive, think, and feel about what you are experiencing or have experienced.


And, you can start on this new path with less and less judgment of yourself and others because you will soon discover that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have and for where they are in their unique soul learning journey, just as you are.


Begin breaking out of unconscious habits that hold you captive to your conditioning and the resulting limiting perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, and connect to your awakened self empowerment via conscious choice in the moment.



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August 28, 2020


Consciously or unconsciously following the path of your soul learning


How much of your current soul learning is conscious or unconscious?


If you’re reacting to experiences out of habit, which includes expressing the energies of your patterns and conditioning, you are not fully conscious, and as a result, you have limited conscious abilities to release what no longer serves you and limited ability to create what better serves you according to how you truly want to create your life. 


This state of being is part of your current soul learning journey, neither good or bad, or correct or incorrect. 


However, you do have a choice in how you process every moment and every experience if you are willing to let go of how you habitually react to experiences, which might include letting go of conditioned investments in how you habitually perceive think, and feel. 


Investment in how you perceive, think, and feel, via habits of the conditioned ego-intellect, which frequently leads to the expressing of victimhood consciousness, is part of not being fully conscious in choosing how you interact and create in your soul learning in your moments, experiences, and days. 


When invested in the state of being from the ego-intellect’s habitual and automatic perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, the possibilities of you connecting to your true empowered state of being that is not associated with victimhood conditioning is limited. 


This is particularly challenging when you feel that you’ve been hurt or wronged by a person, group, or event. 


In this situation, a person feels that they have the right to feel the way they feel, which is feeling an unpleasant feeling. 


Another way of seeing the situation is the person who was hurt has the right to feel bad because of another person’s interaction, in other words, the hurt person has the right to give away their power as a result of an interaction and then immerse their self in a state of feeling unpleasant (in anger, sadness, resentment, anxiety, loss of control, confusion, feeling less than, etc.). 


Is this victimhood conditioning truly useful in creating the life you want to create and in creating how you want to be?


In such a moment of awareness, you can choose to let go of your investment in feeling bad, and without judgement of yourself or others, and be open to accessing a part of yourself that is directly connected to yourself as an empowered Creator that you are. 


Many times the interaction you receive from others is not yours to process, and if you choose to process what is not yours, you’re assuming a false responsibility, which when done unconsciously, can lead to complexities and suffering.


Letting go of the momentary investment in feeling bad is challenging for most, however, when being aware that this state of being is only limiting your connection to greater and unlimited possibilities, you’ll begin to let go to access more of your inner power, your connection to your empowered Divine Self. 


In this letting go, you are choosing to not use the experiences of being hurt or wronged to validate yourself and your value.


You realize that you have the ability to frame every moment you experience according to what empowers you (an awareness that is useful) or continue to react out of habit according to your conditioning and investment in automatic past victimhood reactions.


The beginning to make a change in how you participate in your soul learning path and how you create your life is by committing to become more self aware about how and when you are triggered by anything that makes you feel unpleasant, or anything that stimulates negative thoughts and feelings (more accurately stated, makes you feel disconnected).


Once you’ve made this commitment, your part is to participate as often as possible in acknowledging these life-defining moments and how you objectively see yourself and the way you truly feel, think, and perceive, and without judgment of yourself. 


Then, you can connect inwardly by letting go of the thoughts and emotions that are part of what triggers you in the moment, and stating an intention for releasing what no longer serves you and stating an intention to receive the inner and outer learning that is available to you in this moment. 


Then, completely let go, trusting that what you just created, via your inner connection and intentions, will manifest when and how it serves you best. 


Nudge yourself to trust in this very different way of creating your life, and you will eventually see and know the results to be authentic and part of your emerging empowered self.


It’s all a choice for you to make in every moment or at least in the moments you designate as important, or you can continue in your habit-oriented automatic mode of operating in life, which you already know and is sometimes lacking in usefulness to shift you and provide solutions with ease. 




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July 6, 2020


Remember Love?


Remember to connect to love for yourself and others at least once in your day. Because of our conditioning, combined with the chaos occurring in the world in these times, it's easy to be consumed with the frenetic operations of patterns, conditioning, and habits of the ego-intellect-mind. 


Find at least one moment in your day to disconnect from the habit-driven outward awareness, focus inwardly for a few moments (via the heart center, third eye, or any energy center that connects you easily), and experience the peace and simple joy that you are without the usual mental activity and emotional expressions. Allow yourself to go deeper into this state of being until you feel the deeper peace of your Inner Being. This state of being and inner presence is your connection to Source/God/Creator/Universe that lives in you on all levels. It is also the source of your spirit/soul and that unique connection to who you are in this lifetime. Allow yourself time and focus to connect to this presence at least once a day, which does not require a lot of time, only your ability to let go of your habitual outward awareness via the senses and the non-stop operation of the ego-intellect-mind. Once connected and in a deeper state of peace, acknowledge this connection, and let go to go deeper. Passively following the breath with every inhalation and exhalation can assist you in letting go more and going more deeply into your inner connection. When your mind wanders, let go, and bring yourself back to passively observing the breath as you breathe normally and without interacting with your breathing. You can "prime the pump" by creating the feeling of peace, either from a memory or from any reference that connects you to your peace easily. 


Allow your awareness of connecting in this way to be a commitment that you will honor for yourself daily, knowing this connection and state of being is your connection to the ever-present state of infinite unconditional love that is part of you on the deepest level. That's remembering love daily.


•  •  •  •  •  •  •


June 21, 2020  


Happy Father's Day 


Happy Father's Day to all, and to all the fathers who now have an opportunity to release restrictions and limitations of the past (your conditioning since childhood) and connect with the ever present current energies that support the reinvention of yourself and your abilities to be of service to all in new ways (including yourself).



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June 17, 2020




Forgiveness:  Allowing the resistance of an interaction to find its freedom and higher consciousness.


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May 20, 2020


Empowerment from Your History


You can use your history, past experiences, and stories to empower you to create what you want now and in the future.


Or, you can energize your victimhood conditioning of "woulda," "coulda," "shoulda," regrets, and focusing on all the hurts of what didn't go right in your past experiences. 


Once in the awareness of your past experiences that you define as unpleasant, you can ask "How can I use this past experience to create what I want now and into the future?"


Which is more empowering as an empowered Creator Being you are:

• focusing on the victimhood conditioning and past experiences of hurts and allowing those energies to impede your creations in the present and future,


• focusing on leveraging the learning from past experiences to create what you want in the present and with more ease?


Is holding on to unpleasant past experiences, hurts, and traumas connecting you more deeply to your true nature of an empowered Creator Being, and is this choice useful in creating a life more directly connected to happiness, service to yourself and others, and all with more ease and love?


Are you using past hurts and traumas to validate your current unhappiness and limitations, and if so, is that truly useful in creating the happiness you want?


You have a choice to continue in energizing all the aspects of unpleasant past experiences, or begin to release the energies of those experiences so that you are less impeded in creating the life you want.


If you release and let go of all the hurts, traumas, and events you consider to be damaging to yourself, you will not lose any part of yourself that is truly valuable, and you will initiate a catalyst of empowerment that will continue to unfold as you become free of the past burdens you've been holding on to.


In those past experiences, you might not have been able to influence or control the outcome of the experience to your desired result, and in that awareness, you might have projected onto yourself or others, your interpretation of what transpired as negative, less than, disrespectful, cruel, unfair, or unjustified. 


No matter how you handled your treatment of yourself as related to past experiences you define as unpleasant or negative, you did so mostly due to your conditioning from your developmental years.


That conditioning has been reinforced through the years and has become the default way you react to challenges or certain situations that trigger you in an unpleasant way; there is no thinking involved, as it has become the perceptions, thoughts, and feelings of habit that are expressed.


Here is another way, a simple meditation, to change the past to create the present and future according to what you want. This approach is not about denying what you experienced in the past which was unpleasant; you fully know how the unpleasant experience has affected you, and you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about it and feeling the results of it every time you visit the experience. However, when you revisit the past experience from your patterns via the ego-intellect, you are limited in how you can shift the experience into an awareness and state of being that does not include the energies of the past experience.


There is a difference in recalling the past from only the ego-intellect and all of the judgments that it includes, and when you recall the past from an inwardly connected state with no judgments and only intentions to transform the past into something that is useful and empowering in the present. If you know you have this ability, the ability to change the past to empower the present, then don't let your ego-intellect sabotage you by hanging on to the sufferings of the past to validate your unhappiness and disempower you now. 


If you can connect inwardly for a brief period, let go of all thoughts and emotions for a few moments, and trust in yourself and the power of your non-physical self (soul/spirit), you can transform the energetics of a past experience so that the experience is only a memory and does not carry the charged emotions and energies of that experience into your current life. This shift, via your inward connection and intention to create the past differently can change your current connection to the past experience. When those energies are changed, you change in the present and are better equipped to create your present and future life.


Inner Connection for Changing the Past (energetically)


1.  In a moment, let go of all thoughts and emotions and bring your attention inwardly to any energetic point (chakra) in your body that enables you to connect with ease. Remain in that connection for a few moments to enable yourself to more completely disconnect from the flow of thoughts and emotions.


2.  After you have accessed a deeper state of awareness, bring forth the memory of an experience that did not result in a way that you wanted (such as a failed performance or negative personal interaction), or a memory of an event that affected you in a way that made you feel less than or feeling a loss (such as the death of a loved one or friend). 


3.  While connected inwardly, create, via visualization, the past experience according to how you wanted it to end (that is uplifting for you and all involved). This is more related to how you were in the moment (your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings) and how you would change how you perceived, thought, or felt in that moment. If the past experience is the death of someone, create the experience of yourself having a deeper understanding and an expanded awareness of the person's death that empowers your inner compassion and connection to unconditional love.


4.  Hold this visualization for a few moments, and expand on the details to make it more real to you, all in an uplifting way.


5.  Give gratitude for your creation, and completely let go, trusting that what you created will change and benefit all who were included in your creation regardless of where they are in their soul learning journey.


Your choices in how you treat yourself and others as related to the past can severely limit your desire to be happy now and into the future, or it can empower you to greater freedom where the past is recreated to empower your present and future moments, and all with more ease.


As you become more deeply aware of how certain past experiences and your reactions to current experiences are affecting your ability to create the life you want and in the way you want to create that happiness, you might come to the realization "I respect myself too much to give my power away to what I cannot control." The only thing in life you can control is how you choose to experience the moment, how you choose to empower the past, and how you want to create yourself in your future.


The above method can be used to create your future; just substitute a visualization about creating your future self via a future experience in place of a visualization of creating a new past experience.


Let go of your conditioning and allow your creativity and imagination via an inwardly connected state, to assist you in creating all that you want.


•  •  •  •  •  •  •


May 19, 2020  


The Inner You, The Real You


Be who you are beyond your past experiences and life-long conditioning (of unconscious habits).


If you rely only on your past experiences and unconscious conditioning of habit to process both the important and less important experiences in the moment, you are not using your full potential as an empowered Creator Being that is both physical and non-physical (spirit/soul). The guidance you can access through connecting to your non-physical self far surpasses the guidance received from only past experiences and habit. Confusion, indecision, or any state of heightened emotional charge can be indicators and nudges to your awareness that you are ungrounded, disconnected, and in need of some way to access the information and state of being you are seeking and to be connected and in a state of peace and empowerment, which is not the same as being in control (a conditioning of the ego-intellect). 


In these days of restricted activities, most of us have more time to do activities that connect us to parts of ourselves we may have forgotten about or never knew. The current vibration of the Earth and shifting consciousness of humanity is providing unique energies for inner explorations in whatever way resonates with a person. A good perspective to begin is to introspect and be open to seeing how you process your experiences, the default mindset you have for events that are pleasant and those that are unpleasant. Try to see yourself objectively and ask yourself if there are other ways to perceive, think, and feel when encountering a challenge. Do you have the courage to temporarily abandon the habits of perceiving, thinking, and feeling from the outward driven ego-intellect that accesses mostly past experiences and familiar habits, and instead, direct your focus and attention inwardly to access your non-physical self and the pristine intuitive information and states of being that aren't linked to all of your fears and patterns?


The payoff for accessing and using inner connections with consistency is a life of more ease and expanding self empowerment. 


•  •  •  •  •  •  •


May 17, 2020  


Conscious Creation Formula


Let go + Connect inwardly + State intention + Let go/give gratitude = Conscious Creation


  1. In the moment, let go of the ego-intellect investment in your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that present out of habit and conditioning.

  2. Without thoughts, connect inwardly for a few moments by bringing your awareness to the heart center (in the middle of your chest) or to the third eye (between your eyebrows), or to any chakra that enables you to connect inwardly and let go of your full outer awareness.

  3. State a simple intention for what you want to change such as releasing energies, thoughts, feelings, and then create something you want or need in place of what you want released. To create something you want, visualize the end result of what you want (not the steps to get there), and hold that visualization for a few moments. You can add feelings and emotions and details to make it more real to you.

  4. Then, completely let go of your intentions and all thoughts, and just have your awareness inwardly for a few moments. Give gratitude for your creation and resume your activities.


•  •  •  •  •  •  •


May 13, 2020  


Innovative Empowerment


Connect inwardly to access new and different ways to create the new you in these times that are optimally charged to support dynamic personal transmutation. Connecting inwardly when in a challenging moment is choosing to align with the energies of Soul/Spirit (the most powerful part of yourself) and the available energies of empowerment (some of which are untapped), and is a potentially less harsh path to consciousness expansion and soul learning while functioning in dynamic times.



•  •  •  •  •  •  •



April 30, 2020  


Discerning Truth in Information


With the diversity of information that is available on the internet, in media, in social media, and from people, it is important to remain grounded and clear to discern what is truth for you. 


Analyzing information solely from the ego-intellect (based in experience, conditioning, and patterns) does not give you access to the state of being that enables discerning truth for you, especially if the information viewed or listened to triggers strong emotion that leads to anger, fear, confusion, anxiety, or any feeling that leads to feeling disconnected and ungrounded. 


This does not mean that you’re not supposed to hear information that triggers you, however, it is important to be more fully present in accessing your inner self for discerning truth for you, which might not be possible when analyzing the information solely from the ego-intellect and habit reactions (based in patterns). 


Does the information you interact with enable empowerment for creating the life you want daily, or does it cause emotions and feelings that lead to disconnection, disempowerment, and triggering the pattern of victimhood in you? 


It’s okay to experience a disconnection in the moment when receiving information that is disturbing or foreign to you.


However, once you acknowledge how you feel and become aware of how the information is affecting you, you have a choice in how you process the information, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings in the moment, even though most people are not consciously aware of this choice in the moment.


Do you enable existing conditioning and patterns and the resulting habits of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings to determine how you process the information received to determine how you proceed in the moment, or do you simply acknowledge how you’re feeling, and then choose to connect inwardly to access a state of being that can yield the truth for you in the moment?


Does your ego-intellect automatically insist on investing in perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that validate your past experiences, beliefs, conditionings, and patterns, or is it possible to perceive, think, and feel objectively about something as a path to truth (even though your ego-intellect might rebel at doing something differently or being objective instead of investing in your hurts)?


Regarding the current virus event, there is an abundance of information available about almost anything you want to know related to the virus, its causes, treatment, how it started, the source of its beginning, and many sources of information that include conspiracy theories.


Some of the information from these sources that provide information from a conspiracy point of view might be true, while the premise of the overall conspiracy idea might not be true. 


If you feel an attraction to the information related to conspiracy theories, it is important to discern which of the information is true for you, while not automatically accepting all of the information and the premise for the conspiracy theory, and this also applies to all information read or heard from all medias and sources. 


Because victimhood consciousness exists in almost all humans, the energetics of that pattern is triggered when we feel threatened, which occurs when fear is triggered as related to survival (and the corresponding energy centers of the body).  


When we are triggered in this way, it is mostly unconscious on our part because of the existing patterns in each of us as automatically expressed through our habits of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. 


To discern truth for you related to anything, it is important to temporarily disconnect from the state of being of our automatic mode of operation (via the ego-intellect) and habits, and connect inwardly to access the state of being that is the pathway to receiving intuitive information that is truth for you.


For most who are open to doing this, this approach is still considered foreign to how a person typically operates, and therefore not the automatic first choice in how to process important moments.


When becoming self aware in how you are perceiving, thinking, or feeling about something that has gotten your attention, a good question to ask yourself is “Is there a different or better way of processing this experience other than how I usually perceive, think, and feel about this?”


From the perspective of your soul learning journey, you cannot make a wrong or incorrect decision, as your soul will get what it needs from an experience.


However, by aligning with your non-physical self via an inner connection, you can become more directly aligned with what your soul is needing, and in the process, you can change how you create your life to satisfy what your soul is needing to learn, which often equates to more ease in all you do.


In that state of being, you will know more quickly what is truth for you and what is empowering in the life you are consciously creating, which contrast with being partially conscious and operating mostly out of habit resulting in navigating through all of the dramas that the partial unconscious state creates.


More than ever, it is so important to be more fully conscious and present in all of your interactions, including the information you hear, read, or energetically receive.


An inner connection and the resulting intuitions can be your guidance in all interactions, if you choose to do so in more of your moments.


It is a conscious choice when you commit to accessing your inner connections in more of your moments and then act on this commitment when your awareness shows you an opportunity to connect within.


You can create this commitment now via an inner connection, which initiates a more powerful way of creating your life and with much more ease.


These times and the available energies for transformation are optimum for your conscious empowerment.


Your choice. 


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April 15, 2020  


Receiving Intuitive Guidance


When triggered and a new or different approach is needed, allow your awareness in the moment to become conscious awareness by letting go of ego-intellect investments in habit reactions of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, and then connect inwardly (via the heart center, third eye, or any inner awareness that gets you out of your outward driven awareness). Then, state an intention to receive the awareness you need on a deeper level for the experience you are having ("I am open to receiving the awareness and information I need, on a deeper level, for this experience."). Let go for a few moments, and be open to receiving the expanded awareness when and how it serves you best, which could be in the moment, or later. Then, give gratitude for your new creation; gratitude connects you to your essence of unconditional love, which is the energy that supports all creations when you're aligned with yourself as the Creator Being you are.


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