Access Bars Session

Access Bars Sessions are not available during the pandemic, as this modality is for in-person sessions only.


In an Access Bars session, 32 points on the head are touched in varying sequences, enabling you to release energies of old mental programming, conditioning that inhibits your connection to happiness, energies from traumas, and anything that blocks you from operating in a state of choice and awareness, and connects you to deeper mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.


In an Access Bars session, you lay on a massage table, and I sit at the end of the table behind your head. Throughout the session, I place my fingers on your head in various touch points. All you have to do is to let go and observe what occurs in you. At the end of the session, I will touch your shoulders and let you know that the session has ended. 


This method releases energies and states of being, which enables you to begin perceiving more possibilities in your life through the awareness that you have choice in how you create life, and this way of creating can be free of judgment and with much greater awareness.


In an Access Bars session, you do not have to verbalize your session intentions or elaborate on the current issues in your life to access the energies, blocks, and conditioning you want to release. On the deepest levels, your body, mind, and energies know what exist in you and what is needed to release all that is blocking you from your happiness and wellbeing, which already exists within.


An Access Bars session can be completed in about an hour, without discussing your issues, session intentions, or the issues and stories of what you are experiencing in your life at this time. If you feel a discussion is needed, because you feel you need to talk about your issues, the session can be completed in about 1.5 hours or more, depending on the length of discussion. However, you are invited to trust yourself and this process a little deeper and let go enough to feel that you do not have to verbalize what you need to release and trust that you will release all that you are ready to release.


Because Access Bars is a touch modality, remote/distance sessions are not available.


For more information about Access Bars and the Access Consciousness modality, click on the following link:  Access Bars.



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Integrating what you receive in your session


Your ability to maintain the changes you experience in your session or from any uplifting or transformative experience is dependent on your ongoing attitude toward changing your life in the direction you want (acknowledging, but not lingering in your focus on what is not working in your life), and is dependent on the mental and emotional states you create in these changes, and the physical actions you take in managing the changes you want. This may require that you change some aspects of your lifestyle, how you live, how you think and feel, and the daily routine choices you make. 


Your deepening and expanding awareness of your mental and emotional states, the ongoing choices you make in those awarenesses, and your expanding awareness of being present in your body are necessary for you to leverage the transformations you experience in your session and become a willing and enthusiastic participant in creating the life you want. Finding ways to become more aware of choice in every moment is key to becoming more conscious in how you live your life. Connecting inwardly or to the heart center regularly and frequently during your day can initiate the changes and connections you need to be more aware of choice in every moment. 


In addition, it is necessary to be aware of the "stories" we tell ourselves and to others (and the words we use) and be willing to let go of the stories that keep one bound to a state of victimhood (disempowerment), where one continues to embellish the unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and actions of an experience, as a way to validate one's state or position. Unless we are letting go of old stories and creating new stories that connect us to all the possibilities that serve us in clarity, light, love, peace, joy, and wellness, we are potentially keeping ourselves bound to the patterns and their default behaviors that no longer serve us. This awareness must be accompanied by kindness toward oneself and without harsh self judgment. Regularly connecting in the heart center and in daily introspection through meditation enables one to be aware of the inner dialog that either serves us or not, and enables one to make conscious choices in determining what one creates in their life. As a result, self deceptions can begin to dissolve.


You are doing the best you can, with what you have, in every moment. If you knew how to do something differently or better, you would. Acknowledging this more deeply can be the beginning of deeper self acceptance (self love).
Now that you are aware of how to do something differently and possibly better, in all future moments, you now have the potential for consciously choosing to align with your inner Creator Self and being a co-creator (with the Divine Consciousness) in how you construct your life, thereby releasing victimhood conditioning that you inherited, learned, or that you created from the patterns you inherited or learned.


No two soul journeys are alike, even though societies and cultures often represent the human experience as a one-size-fits-all. When you are ready, you will let go a little more and trust more deeply in the emerging intuitions and awarenesses that are presenting to you, and then the required actions to enable your conscious creations will flow more naturally to you. When you choose to create life in this way, the transition and manifestations begin slowly, but increase in frequency and power the more you commit to and practice this presence. If you’re looking for the subtle joys, peace, and loving-kindness in all of your interactions, you will discover them. If you are not looking, they will still be there, but you might not see or feel them.
You are the master of your reality: you can choose how you process experiences and how you create from those experiences. However, you have to be aware in the moment that you have a choice in how your process an experience, which may be different than what you habitually do and different than how you are conditioned to be.
To align with your more expanded potential for feeling joy, peace, love, creativity, and happiness in all of your experiences, regardless of the degrees of challenges, consciously choose to connect to your inner Creator Self (and your non-physical assistance) instead of allowing habitual behaviors and your unconscious conditioning to keep you bound to your patterns and their default behaviors that determine how you process life experiences. Become more aware in the moments of your life and choose to be the Creator you are instead of a victim you have been conditioned to be.
Your mode of operation in every moment is a choice, and you can change how you perceive, think, and feel about all aspects of your life, which by doing so, will change your life in a way that you want to change.
This change happens when you commit to perceiving, thinking, and feeling differently about the aspects of your life that are getting your attention every day, and then participate daily in your commitment to perceive, think, and feel differently by actually choosing to perceive, think, and feel differently than what you do automatically every day as a result of your conditioning.
It's your life. Choose. Be aware. Choose...



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