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Heart Center Connection


Sessions are available via distance session (by phone, Zoom, or FaceTime).


The results of a distance session is the same as an in-person session and is an option if you live in another city or cannot attend the session in person due to other limitations.


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For information about Heart Center Connection Methods, scroll down this page.


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Heart Center Introduction


The Heart Center, in the middle of your chest (in the area of the sternum) is one of the most powerful energetic points in the body. Because of this, when a person consciously connects to this point in the body, and states an intention to transform something, create something, or just connect to this point for guidance, energetic transformation occurs, which can affect the body and mental/emotional patterns for transforming what is no longer needed. 


I do not have a set formula for how a session using a connection to the Heart Center presents. Intuition is the primary perception through which I access a diverse vocabulary of methods and training that I've learned and received through seminars, spiritual and consciousness experiences, intuitions and guidance, and life experiences.


I rely soley on the information and energies that present in intuition via a heart center connection with the person I am connected to in a session. From this connection, the person energetically guides me to use whatever method, energy, information, or change that is needed in the moment to facilitate a release, deeper connection to their inner Creator Self or inner intelligence. 


Because I completely trust and let go in this connection, I am able to perceive some of what the person is accessing and rely on intuition and guidance to facilitate what presents in the moment. This connection can result in the emergence of information, energetic shifts, or typically, a combination of both.


Regardless of what presents to me or the client, the client in a session accesses what they are needing to transform, and in the transformation, they connect more deeply to their inner intelligence and power (their connection to their non-physical self), and not everything in the non-physical is perceptible to me or the person. This is where trust in the process is important, and this trust enables the person to let go and enable the connections and energies to ripple out and manifest when and how they serve the person best.


All energies accessed in a session are based only in Infinite Unconditional Love and the light of Infinite Unconditional Love, the true nature of the soul and of the Creator expressing uniquely through the soul. Any energetics or disconnections encountered that are not in resonance with the true nature of the soul are accessed for transformation and reconnection to Infinite Unconditional Love and its light as uniquely expressed by the Creator through that soul.  


Awakened Self Empowerment session via the Heart Center


Do not connect to the heart center while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention. 


Prior to your session, it is recommended that you send the facilitator a short list of your session intentions (things you want to change, release, create).


This is not required but does help you to connect to the energies of what will be transformed and can actually start the transformation process prior to your session.


Most sessions begin with the facilitator assisting you to connect inwardly (heart center, or other chakras), and for you to notice what you notice.


Then, you can discuss and elaborate on the session intentions you submitted.


The true purpose of discussing your intentions is for you to bring up the energies of these issues so that you can be open to changing in a way that connects you to the intelligence of your body and energy fields for accessing a more fluid, easeful, and empowered you. This also includes connecting with yourself in a less judgmental way and bring yourself more deeply into self acceptance and unconditional love. 


While you discuss your intentions, you are connecting to deeper parts of yourself, and with the facilitator intuitively, and energetic transformations are actively in process (which you might or might not perceive).


After the session, it is recommended that you stay hydrated with water for the next three or four days. Energy work has a similar effect on the body's hydration as when performing rigorous exercise. Your body uses more water than usual when processing changing energies, which directly affects your body. All parts of you, non-physical and physical, are connected. 



For information about fees and session lengths, go to the Fees web page.


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Heart Center

Connection Methods


These methods are deceptively simple, may not be intellectually stimulating, and may appear to be too simple to be transformative. However, if you practice these methods regularly, as instructed, you will notice varying degrees of empowerment emerging in how you process your experiences, thereby releasing victimhood conditioning and aligning your expanding awareness with the empowered Creator you are. Just reading about these methods will not yield the results you seek. Select any of the following methods that resonate with you, and then practice them daily.


The following Heart Center connection methods are available on this page. To access these methods, scroll down the page.


  • Heart Center
  • Ways to Use a Heart Center Connection in Your Day


For additional connection, transformation, and energy maintenance methods, go to the Connection-Transformation-Maintenance Methods page.


Do not connect to the heart center while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention. 


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Heart Center


Most societies and cultures around the world, especially those of industrialized societies, place great value on the abilities and power of our intellect. In this ongoing focus, we have overlooked one of the most important and valued attributes of being human, the power of the human heart energy field and the extraordinary results attained when accessing, expanding, and nurturing its electromagnetic energy and integrating this presence and awareness with our default operating mode through the ego-intellect-mind.


What is the purpose of connecting to the heart center and your heart energy field?


To connect you to the awareness, energies, abilities, and possibilities that reside in you that are directly linked to you as an empowered being and to begin releasing the limitations of disempowered victimhood conditioning that are perpetuated through unconscious automatic and habit-driven awareness as expressed through accessing possibilities only through past experiences via the ego-intellect. In other words, connecting in the heart center is accessing the direct connection to your non-physical self (spirit, soul, consciousness) and integrating that awareness and state of being into your physical reality for you to create the life you want and need.


Accessing the heart center is fairly simple, but may prove to be challenging because of our conditioning, which is the belief and practice of processing most aspects of life through thought processes, patterns, and relying solely on one's experiences via the ego-driven intellect. 


To access and connect to the heart center (heart energy field):


Until you are very familiar with connecting in the heart center, do not connect to the heart center while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention. 


  1. First, move your attention from being in your thoughts and in your head to the middle of your chest, inside your body, and release all thoughts and emotions as best you can and without concentration.

    Closing your eyes will reduce distractions. Bring your awareness deeper into your body, and hold this awareness for a few seconds.

  2. With your attention in your heart center, direct some of your attention to the top of your head, in the middle, which is the crown center. Hold a gentle awareness of the crown center and the heart center at the same time for a few seconds, without thought. Do not concentrate, but have a gentle awareness of both places at the same time.
  3. Next, with your attention in your heart center, in the middle of your chest, inside your body and without thought, connect more deeply in your heart center by stating an intention to feel good, light, and being open to receiving. Let go of judgments of yourself, others, and of other things.

    When you are connected in the heart center, you will feel a subtle stillness, peace, and sometimes, a gentle expanding physical presence in the middle of your chest that you did not feel prior to connecting in the heart center. Because we are all built differently, some might not feel anything and others might feel a dynamic experience. You receive what you need. Your experience is the only thing that is meaningful, so don't judge yourself about what you are experiencing. 

  4. Once connected in your heart center, you can begin working through any life issues by stating a simple intention for what you are wanting to change or create, release energies that no longer serve you, or just to connect within and give gratitude. See Ways To Use A Heart Center Connection In Your Day on the Connection-Transformation-Maintenance Methods page.

    Ensure that the intention statement stated from the heart center does not contain negative references or self-limiting thoughts. The intention statement should include only the end result of what you are wanting and not the steps for achieving the end result. The how's and when's related to manifesting your intention are for the Universe to assist you in manifesting your heart intention. This requires you to trust and let go, which might be a new experience for you to trust and let go in this way. 

    The heart center is not the place for traditional problem solving as performed by the ego-intellect-mind. So, other than stating a simple intention statement or invoking the presence of your non-physical assistance through appreciation, your presence in the heart center will be absent of thoughts, to the best of your ability (and with no judgment in your intention to do so).

  5. After stating your intention for what you want to change, create, or release, ask to receive the learning that is available to you on a deeper level as related to the stated intention(s) and the related life experiences.

    One of the primary purposes of the soul (you) in life is the soul learning and acquiring the soul knowledge on the inner and outer levels of your existence. So, it makes sense to ask for the deeper learning when consciously accessing the heart center to change a situation, create what you want, or release energies and feelings that no longer serve you.

  6. Then, give gratitude to your non-physical assistance (angels, spiritual helpers, saints, etc., all of which are an integrated part of you), whoever or whatever that is to you, for the help you are receiving in becoming more empowered on more levels, or simply give gratitude for your awareness and ability to connect within.

    Developing your ability to connect more frequently and deeply in the heart center takes commitment and regular participation, and can be done almost any where and any time.

  7. After giving gratitude, completely let go of your inner connection, trusting that what you intended will manifest when and how it serves you best.

One of the best ways to train yourself in connecting in the heart center is through gratitude. In an average day, we have many opportunities to give gratitude, one of the most unique forms of love. Simply drop your attention from your thoughts to the heart center, and consciously give gratitude in a simple statement of thanks for something or someone who’s enhanced your life, or give gratitude to your spiritual helpers for your blessings and for their help in the challenges in your life. This simple act is very powerful, and when practiced routinely, will rapidly deepen and expand your heart center presence. For more information about using gratitude to connect in the heart center,  go to Gratitude on the Connection-Transformation-Maintenance Methods page.


Connecting to the heart center brings clarity to personal issues, perceptions, and problem solving, and activates intuition and creativity. Living through your heart-connected awareness will transform your life and provide a deeper sense of wellness, clarity, ease, and peace--which may be unlike anything you have ever experienced.


Depending solely on our outer experiences as a means to create the life we want limits the possibilites from which we can co-create with Creator/God/Source/Universe that exists within each of us. 


Through directing one's attention to the heart center (in the middle of the chest and without the usual thinking process) and then stating a simple intention based on the desired change you want, and then letting go and trusting that the Universe is co-creating with you and your intention, you connect with all of the possibilities beyond what you can perceive and conceive. Then, all that is required is to hold presence for your intention, trusting that it will manifest when and how it serves you best.


This approach is very different than how we are all conditioned and is an acquired skill, but if you persist in developing this way of interacting with yourself in a light, fun, and adventurous approach, more possibilities that serve you will emerge and possibly surpassing what was originally intended.


Connecting to your heart center (heart intelligence), by bringing your attention to the middle of your chest (inside your body), is the portal through which you have access to the immense possibilities that are within your consciousness and also beyond what you can conceive and perceive in the traditional sense.


Developing and deepening this awareness and connection enables you to transform yourself from the energetic and behavioral patterns we inherit to the life we create in ease and joy.


Daily meditation, introspection (without judgment), and giving gratitude throughout your day helps to change your awareness from only being in your head (automatic thought processes based on one's patterns, conditioning, and experiences) to connecting in the heart center and integrating this presence into your daily activities for conscious creating.


Every moment is your choice:


You have a choice in every moment to live in the automatic mode where your patterns and the triggered default behaviors determine the life you live,




be conscious in the moment from a heart center connection, where you consciously choose to create beyond the limiting patterns you inherited or learned in your developmental years and emerge into the empowered life you create.


It's your choice in EVERY MOMENT!


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Ways to Use a Heart Center Connection in Your Day


If you are not familiar with connecting in the heart center, read the information above, under Heart Center, and then resume reading this section.


Do not connect to the heart center while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention. 


The three basic ways to use a heart center connection are:

  • To transform energies, patterns, or feelings and emotions that no longer serve you, and to receive the inner learning that is available to you to integrate in your outer experiences

  • To create what you want in your life that is different than what your conditioning and automatic reactions provide

  • To receive guidance and give gratitude for your blessings, when all is well and when challenges are present, and for connecting to your non-physical self (spirit, soul, consciousness) to create this presence in your outer life.

You can use a connection to your heart center to transform yourself in the moment for anything in your life, from the smallest of issues like deciding on which brand to buy to issues you consider very important like matters related to a job/career, relationships, residence location, health, etc.


There are no limits as to how these methods can be applied and how often you use them. And, as you use and integrate the methods, they become your own and may even cease to resemble the original method over time due to you integrating and honoring how the changing methods function in you. 


Using a heart center connection to transform what no longer serves you, create what you want, receive guidance, or connect with gratitude


The key to creating changes in one's life is self awareness, in the moments when we become aware of energies, patterns, or feelings that no longer serve us, such as fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, envy, feelings of lack, feelings of unworthiness, and extreme judgments of self or others. When aware in this way, most of us will notice the issue or feeling and make a judgment about it, and then let it go. Occassionally, becoming aware of something that no longer serves you is enough to release the energy, feeling, or pattern, but this is rare. 


To have a more dynamic result in transforming energies that no longer serve you, you must act on the awareness presenting to you. This is accomplished as follows:

  1. First, bring your attention into your heart center, in the middle of your chest, without thought.

    The heart center is not the place for problem solving in the traditional sense and for mental activity. It is the primary location in our body for clarity and peace, absent of all fear, and is a portal for connecting to your non-physical self, your Inner Self.

    Give yourself as much time as you need to feel the shift, which is usually indicated by a subtle stillness, peace, and quiet that you did not feel prior to connecting in the heart center.  If you are not in an extremely charged emotional state, you can connect in the heart center in about three to five seconds, or less. However, connecting is different for everyone, so honor the time you need. If you are ungrounded or emotionally charged, ground yourself first, and then return to connecting in the heart center. Go to Grounding to Earth Energies on the Connection-Transformation-Maintenance Methods page.

  2. When connected in the heart center, you can ask for your non-physical assistance (angels, saints, Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, or whoever or whatever that is to you) to give you help for what you are needing to change or create.

    To do this, while focused in the heart center, invoke their presence through gratitude and state something similar to this:

    "To my non-physical assistance of unconditional love (or anything you call "assistance"), I am grateful for your presence in helping me with (one of the following): 
    - changing my state of being to something more useful,
    - creating this creation (state whatever it is you want to create),
    - receiving guidance for what is needed
    - feeling gratitude throughout all my life activities,
    and I am open to learning what is available on deeper levels in this experience." 

  3. Hold that awareness for a few moments, and notice anything that is occurring differently.

  4. Then, let go completely, give gratitude for the assistance received, and trust that your heart center connection and intentions are engaged and unfolding in the processes within you and you will receive the inner learning that is available to you, when and how it serves you best. 


When using the method described above, if you have difficulty making a connection in the heart center, you might be ungrounded (chaotic thoughts or emotions) and need to reconnect to Earth energies, which is described in Grounding to Earth Energies on the Connection-Transformation-Maintenance Methods page. After grounding yourself, try connecting in the heart center again and resume using the methods.  


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