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From my third visit in June 2012 to John of God at Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, in Abadiânia, Brazil, I was given permission to receive a Crystal Bed (crystal light rejuvenation system), and now offer the Crystal Bed to all clients as an additional option to Clarity Transformations sessions.


A Crystal Bed session cleanses and balances the chakras and energies of the body. The Crystal Bed is a crystal-light rejuvenation system positioned over a massage table, and contains seven light sources and seven Vogel-cut crystals (Marcel Vogel), one light source and one crystal positioned over each chakra. The person receiving the Crystal Bed session lays quietly on the massage table with closed eyes, listening to soothing music, with each crystal-light source placed about 18 inches above the body.


Typically, a Crystal Bed session lasts 30 minutes for first session (25 minutes on the Crystal Bed). After you have your first 30-minute session, you can return on another day and have two or more combined uninterrupted 30-minute sessions.


As stated in the protocol from the Casa de Dom Inácio, for optimum benefits, please wear white or light-colored clothing; avoid wearing black or red for the Crystal Bed session.


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For information about maintaining your energies after your session, go to Connections-Transformation-Maintenance Methods.


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You can schedule: 


Crystal Bed session (no discussion before or after the session),


30 minute session (25 minutes on the Crystal Bed) - $40


60 minute session (50 minutes on the Crystal Bed) - $80


75 minute session (60 minutes on the Crystal Bed) - $95


A Crystal Bed session does not include a discussion before or after the session. If a discussion is needed, a Heart Center session fee will apply. Crystal Bed sessions are facilitated in the same way they are facilitated at the Casa de Dom Inacio (John of God’s healing center in Abadiania, Brazil). It is highly recommended that the recipient of a crystal bed session maintain silence and be inwardly focused for as long as possible after receiving a crystal bed session to be aware of the energies and shifts being experienced.  


Or, a:


Heart Center Sessionwhich includes the crystal bed (no extra fee for the crystal bed segment). The time spent in a crystal bed session is included with the Heart Center Session fee rate.


When you make your appointment for just a crystal bed session, please let me know if you want additional time (in addition to the 30 minutes) to discuss your crystal bed session. Any additional time will be based on a Heart Center Session rate.


For a listing of crystal bed or Heart Center Session fees, go to the Fees page.


For more information about Crystal Beds, from the Friends of the Casa (Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola) website, click on the following link:




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