Methods for Connection, Transformation, and Maintenance


For any inner connection method stated below, do not connect inwardly or to the heart energy field while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full outward attention. 




Scroll down this page to access the following topics:

  • Session protocols
  • Post-session guidelines for maintaining energetic benefits from your session
  • Grounding to Earth Energies
  • Open-ended questions for possibilities
  • Gratitude
  • S-C-A-O-R-C-G (Stop-Connect-Acknowledge-Openness-Release-Change/Create-Gratitude)
  • Creating an Energetic Boundary
  • Heart Presence Intention
  • Meditation
  • Pink Light of Unconditional Love
  • Inner Creator-Self Intention
  • Integrating What You Receive In Your Session
  • Hatha Yoga: The Sun Salutation
  • Sea salt bath for Supporting Your Energetic States
    - Sea Salt Bath

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Session protocols


  • Write your session intentions prior to your session, send the list to me prior to your session, and bring that list to your session. This applies to everyone, regardless if you’ve had previous sessions. This helps you to connect more deeply to your intentions prior to and during your session, which can result in you processing energies prior to your session and possible result in shorter discussion and session.


  • If you need to cancel your session or change the session time, a one-day notice prior to your session is required to avoid paying the missed-session fee. (Session Fees, “Missed Sessions”).

  • If your session includes a crystal bed segment, be sure to wear light-colored clothes (light-colored shirt AND pants).

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Post-session guidelines for maintaining

energetic benefits from your session


You are unique in every way and built differently than all other people. And, you also have choice in how you operate in life. The following information is only guidelines that might be useful to you after your session. With you knowing yourself, it's your choice as to how you operate after your session.


  • If you had a Pranic Healing session, do not take a bath or shower 8-12 hours after your session or on the following morning. The flowing or standing water interrupts the assimilation of new prana (life force) received in your session. After about two days, take a sea salt bath (not epsom salts) to further cleanse your energies after your Pranic Healing Session.


  • Drinking alcohol beverages on the day and evening of your session might affect the energy transformation you experienced in a session.


  • Participating in intense or strenuous physical activities or other alternative health modalities (like cryotherapy, hot yoga, etc.) after your session might disrupt the energies you received in your session. Light yoga and slow walks after your session are useful.


  • If possible, for the remainder of your day and evening after your session, choose activities and environments that connect you to the feeling of peace and are uplifting.


  • Drink plenty of water for up to three days after your session. Staying hydrated is required for optimum function and maintenance of your body, mental processes, and energetic states.


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Grounding to Earth Energies


If during the course of your day, you feel uncentered, flustered, overwhelmed, disconnected, out of your rhythm, or full of anxiety, you may not be grounded to the Earth as a result of "living in your head" for extended periods. Or, challenging events or interactions may trigger default behaviors that are part of the patterns you inherited or created.


Performing this grounding exercise in the morning is very beneficial in maintaining a feeling of being connected and centered throughout your day. And, grounding yourself before sleeping at night can release energies that might keep you awake in the night. However, grounding yourself can be performed at any time in the day you need to release energies or emotions and reconnect to the Earth.


Because we are part of the Earth and share its energies in our body, mind, emotions, and spirit, functioning in our potential requires that we maintain being grounded in our bodies and to the Earth.


To ground yourself to the Earth:


Do not perform this grounding exercise while driving, operating machinery, or participating in tasks requiring your full attention.


1.  Before starting the grounding method, state an intention to release any energies, known and unknown, that may be preventing you from being grounded, and can include fears, anxiety, confusion, certain feelings, pain, soreness, fatigue, and anything else that appears to disconnect you from your peace and wellness.


2.  While standing and with your eyes open, visualize a white light originating about ten to eighteen inches above your head. The grounding method can be performed while sitting or laying down, however, you will feel the effects more directly while standing.


Some may find it easier to visualize by closing the eyes. However, if your body wobbles or sways when closing the eyes, keep your eyes open through the grounding process.


3.   Visualize and feel this white light entering your body through the top of your head, moving slowly downward through the center of your body, down through the

- head,

- neck,

- heart center,

- abdomen,

- pelvis,

- legs and

- perineum (first chakra),

- exiting through your feet,

- and then traveling down to the core of the Earth.


As the white light travels downward through the Earth layers to the core of the Earth, you do not have to visualize the various layers of the Earth, but go directly to the Earth's core.


As the white light travels downward through the center of your body, acknowledge and visualize the white light transporting all of your tensions, fatigue, and any energies you want to release down into the core of the earth.


4.  When your awareness arrives at the core of the earth, state an intention to release the energies you want to release.


5.   After releasing the energies, pause for a few moments at the core of the Earth to acknowledge that you are connecting with Earth's rejuvenating, revitalizing, and cleansing energies.


6.  Then, visualize and feel the white light and new rejuvenating energies moving up through the Earth and entering into your body through your feet, and then through the center of your:

- legs, 

- pelvis, 

- abdomen, 

- heart center, 

- throat, and 

- head,


7.   As the Earth energies and white light move up through the center of each of your body parts, feel all of your cells being energized and rejuvenated as these energies continue upward through your body, and then out of your body at the crown chakra to the origination point above your head. 


8.  Now, you are grounded and should feel lighter, more connected to yourself, and centered. Give gratitude for the connection and cleansing you experienced.


Now, you can resume your activities or connect to your heart center for a deeper connection to yourself and whatever you are doing. Working with life issues is best approached from being grounded and connected in your heart center/intelligence.


For information about accessing the heart center, scroll up this page.


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Open-ended questions for accessing possibilities


For the purpose of creating and receiving what you want and releasing what you don’t want, what is an open-ended question and how does it work?


Our conditioning includes the DNA traits we inherited from our lineage, the environment and manner in which we are raised in our developmental years, what we are taught in our developmental years, and the lifetime of habitual perceptions, habitual thoughts, and habitual feelings that are created from our day to day experiences.


When in an automatic mode of operation (habit mode), our past experiences become a database of information and energetic references for guiding us to what we want and don’t want, without considering that more possibilities exist beyond our typical way of perceiving, thinking, and feeling.  


Because of our conditioning and the way we operate daily in our automatic mode of operation via habits of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings (created and layered in our psyches), we are usually not fully conscious in our daily experiences and in our dialog to ourselves. 


Even when we are analyzing a situation, we are often unconsciously accessing the usual ways of perceiving, thinking, and feeling that are part of our default behaviors and patterns, which operate via habits automatically.


If you believe or know that you are a human being with a physical body and a non-physical self (soul/spirit), you are aware that you can create your life beyond just the typical way most humans create daily through habit and their automatic mode of operation.


In addition to the numerous ways a human can consciously create by connecting inwardly and stating an intention to create what is wanted or to state an intention to release what is not wanted, or to learn what is being shown to you at the soul level, an open-ended question can be asked instead.


The general formula for creating outside of the typical way we use our outward directed minds to create from past experiences (conditioning) is:  

Inner Connection + Intention = Conscious Creation (as opposed to unconscious creation via habits and conditioning).


So, after bringing your focus to the heart center (in the middle of your chest, at the general location of the sternum), you can ask an open-ended question to access information, create what you want, release what you don’t want, or shift your energies to a state of being that is more useful.


An open-ended question is not meant to be answered by the person asking the open-ended question; the Universe/Creator or one’s personal guidance answers the question if you can let go enough to allow this atypical process to unfold.


An open-ended question is worded according to the end result you are seeking and is not about receiving the steps of achieving your creation, unless the specific steps are as equally important as the end result (in which steps are usually not as important as accessing the end result in this process).


An open-ended question is for the purpose of accessing possibilities of creation that are uplifting to you or for those you are assisting, and is never used for any purpose that is not mutually uplifting to all who are designated as the recipients of uplifting creations.


The intention in creating from an inner connection is always based in only energies of unconditional love and the light of unconditional love.




Here is the process for asking open-ended questions, and some examples are provided: 


IMPORTANT:  Do not connect in the heart center while driving, operating machinery, or while involved in tasks requiring your full outer attention and awareness. 


  1. Connect to the heart center by bringing your awareness to the middle of your chest at the sternum area for a few moments to allow yourself to disconnect from your active thoughts and emotions. If you cannot let go of all thoughts and emotions, ground yourself first, then connect in the heart center.
  2. Give gratitude for the help you are receiving in connecting in the heart center.
  3. Now, ask an open-ended question relative to an issue you are involved with, for which you need information, clarity, transformation, or energetic shift for anything you want to create, release, or just shift in the moment to a more useful state of being.

    Here are some examples of open-ended questions.

    Do not attempt to answer the question. Just let the question linger, while you let go and just be aware of your heart center. Just ask it and let go, trusting that you will receive what you need without your typical ego-intellect interaction. After a few moments, you can completely let go, knowing that your creation is unfolding.

    "If I were to know what is the best choice for me now about this issue (you can state the exact issue), how would this look, how would it feel, how would it be?”

    “If I were to receive clarity about this situation (you can state the exact situation), how would this look, how would it feel, how would it be?”

    “If I could let go of this pattern and the default behaviors of this pattern, how would that look, how would that feel, how would that be?”

    “If I could let go of this reoccurring perception, thought, and feeling, how would that look, how would that feel, how would that be?”


You can create your own format for open-ended questions as long as you word it in such a way as it enables you access to all possibilities, does not contain judgment, and is uplifting to you and others.


You can ask yourself an open-ended question about something you want to create, or about something you want to release, or about something you want to know, or about how you want to be.


Another open-ended question, in a different format, is:


 “How does it get any better than this?”   (from the Access Consciousness modality.) 


Again, do not attempt to answer the question. Just let it linger with your awareness in the heart center for a few moments. Then, completely let go, knowing that your question and accompanying intention is enabling you to access possibilities for you.


Here are a few more open-ended questions in a different format:


What is right about this (situation) that I’m not getting?


What would it take to change this?


What else is possible?


What would it take for this to turn out better than I could have imagined?


Your ego-intellect, based in conditioning and habits via past experiences, might introduce doubt as to the effectiveness of you asking an open-ended question with an intention. Gently let go of any doubts that pop up, and acknowledge your intention to let go and receive the information or energetic shift when and how it serves you best.


You do not have to repeat the open-ended question and only need to say it once. Then, trust and let go to activate the accessing of information and energetic shifts. Again, you will receive the information and energetic shift when and how it serves you best.


This method and process is different than your typical ego-intellect approach that you use based in conditioning and habit. Allow yourself the freedom of judgment when you use this method so you can access all possibilities via the open-ended question. This method may appear weird, flaky, or unscientific (and unproven), however, persist in your ability to let go and discover the possibilities that occur for you. 


As with all experiences and moments in life, it’s a choice. Try it. What do you have to lose?


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   






Gratitude is an aspect of love that connects you to your core spirit essence and to the essence of the Universe: love and all of its infinite aspects.


In connecting your awareness to aspects of your life for which you can give gratitude, you activate the heart center which serves to expand your awareness beyond the default behaviors that are part of our patterns (that we inherit from parents and generations, religions, education systems, culture, society, peers, and authority systems and figures) and the automatic mode in which we live throughout a large portion of our lives.


When gratitude is given for something, someone, or some event that has enhanced your life (even in the smallest way) and is silently stated or spoken from an awareness of the heart center in the middle of your chest (inside your body), the vibration that expands from you connects you deeper into your heart center and being and connects you more deeply to the Universe and the persons, things, places, or events for which you are giving gratitude.


As with all activities we practice consciously, the more we practice with conscious awareness, the deeper the connections we establish between ourselves and what we are relating to. The more you practice gratitude in a conscious manner with feeling, the stronger your connection to the heart center will be and the more frequently you will be aware of having the opportunity to think and act from a connection in the heart center.


An effective way to increase one’s awareness and connection in the heart center is to give gratitude at the beginning and end of one’s day.


Upon waking, before you open your eyes, move your attention to your heart center (in the middle of your chest) and give gratitude for the blessings in your life. If you have difficulty moving your attention to your heart center  place your hand on the middle of your chest before giving gratitude.


At the end of your day, as you lay your head on your pillow and are about to go to sleep, move your attention to your heart center and give gratitude for the blessings in your day, in your life, and even for the challenges that you experienced. The challenges of life are our medium for eventual deeper connections with our core essence.


Now that you’ve connected in your heart center through giving gratitude at the beginning and end of your day, find creative ways for you to connect in the heart center at various times throughout your day. You can do this by setting reminders in your calendar, on your cell phone, notes in your work space, or carrying small objects (crystals, stones, anything that has meaning for you) in your pockets, purse, or car that you can associate with connecting in your heart center or for giving gratitude.


The key to becoming conscious and present in our life is awareness of choice in every moment. Our commitment, participation, and creativity in finding ways in our day to connect in the heart center and conscious awareness aligns one with the life one chooses to create instead of accepting the paradigm of a life one inherits.


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   • 


S - C - A - O - R - C - G


Stop - Connect - Acknowledge - Openness - Release - Change (create) - Gratitude


The SCAORCG method is used to consciously shift yourself in the moment and not yield to your automatic mode of operation (habit), when experiencing perceptions, thoughts, feelings, or actions that are not useful to you. In using this method, you access conscious awareness more fully resulting in more fully accessing conscious choice in the moment.


The SCAORCG method takes about 20 to 30 seconds to facilitate, once the instruction are understood and integrated. It is always a good idea to invoke the presence of your non-physical assistance based in unconditional love and the light of unconditional love when accessing an inner connection. 



Break the continuity of habitual automatic conditioning and consciousness. 


When you become self aware of something you’re perceiving, thinking, or feeling that is not useful, tell yourself “Stop” to break the continuity of your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that are coming from your automatic (habitual) state of being as a result of the default behaviors of your patterns. In breaking the continuity of your automatic (habitual) mode of operation in a moment, you become more conscious and can create, via conscious choice, in a more powerful, long lasting way. 



Bring your awareness to the heart center, third eye, or any place in the body that enables you to feel connected inwardly.


By connecting inwardly, you access your non-physical self and enter a state of being that is more fully conscious than when you are operating out of habit via the ego-intellect-mind alone.



Acknowledge what you are experiencing that doesn't feel good.


Immediately after you stop yourself in the flow of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings as related to something you are experiencing out of habit that doesn't feel good and you are connected inwardly, acknowledge how you are (how you're feeling, perceiving, thinking). 


Openness (to learning on a deeper level)

I am open to receiving the learning on a deeper level from this experience.


State that you are open to receiving the learning that is available on a deeper level in this experience. This addresses the need of your soul to learn from the experience. When you consciously state this intention, you consciously integrate that deeper learning into your physical 3-D reality via the power of conscious intention.



State an intention to release what doesn’t serve you and is no longer useful. 


Next, invoke the presence of your spiritual helpers (of unconditional love and the light of unconditional love), and state a simple intention to release the perceptions, thoughts, or feelings that you don’t want or that you do not find useful. For example, with your awareness in the heart center, state “I release this feeling and energy from me permanently and on all levels.” 


Change (create)

Change your state of being and create what you want in place of what you just released. 


After stating your intention to release what is no longer useful, with your awareness in the heart center, change yourself by creating what you want that replaces what you just released by stating and/or visualizing yourself in the state of what you want, as if it already exists. Give the creation feeling and the senses to make it more real and to accept it as a deeper reality. Hold your awareness of this creation for a few moments until it feels real to you and as a knowing and not just a belief or wishful thinking.



Give heartfelt gratitude for the assistance you received in the release and in the creation you intended. 


With your attention in the heart center (in the middle of your chest), give heartfelt gratitude, a form of unconditional love, for the assistance you received in the release of the energies that are no longer useful and for the creation you created. Hold that awareness and feeling for a few moments, then let go completely, knowing that you will receive what you created when and how it serves you best.




•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   • 


Creating an Energetic Boundary


In our day-to-day lives, our energies can be depleted due to our state of mind (as a result of our thoughts and feelings in the moment or layered over time), the energy of the environment we are in, or the people or person we interact with. 


Not everyone we interact with has our best interest in mind, and at times, our energies can be influenced by the motivations and intentions of others via their energies, and often, unknowingly by them. Similarly, public places such as shopping malls and other environments sustaining chaotic energies can also influence one's energies leaving one feeling drained or even assaulted, depending on the sensitivity of the person being influenced by these energies.


A way to maintain your energetic integrity is to prepare yourself prior to interacting with a person or an environment by consciously creating an energetic boundary around yourself or your immediate environment. Notice that the words "protect yourself" is not used because "protect" implies some level of fear that is not useful in creating and maintaining an energetic boundary. However, you can also create an energetic boundary in the moment when you become aware of feeling your energies being depleted or adversely affected by the person or environment with which you are interacting.


Use the following method to create an energetic boundary:

  1. First, bring your full attention into your heart center, in the middle of your chest, without thought.

    The heart center is not the place for problem solving in the traditional sense and for mental acitivity. It is the primary location in our body for clarity and peace, absent of all fear, and is a portal for connecting to your non-physical self..

    Give yourself as much time as you need to feel the shift, which is usually indicated by a stillness, peace, and quiet that you did not feel prior to connecting in the heart center. However, if you are not in an extremely charged emotional state, you can connect in the heart center in about three to five seconds, or less. However, connecting is different for everyone, so honor the time you need. If you are ungrounded or emotionally charged, ground yourself first, and then return to connecting in the heart center. For information about grounding, scroll upward to the previous topic, Grounding to Earth Energies.

  2. When connected in the heart center, and only when you are fully connected (without thought), visualize a sphere or bubble of light completely surrounding you from the top of your head to below your feet.

  3. While creating this energetic boundary around you, through your visualization, silently state an intention using your own words such as "I create this energetic boundary so that only energies of light and love are allowed to enter my energetic boundary, and all of my energies, including negative energies, are allowed to be released through the energetic boundary."

  4. Then, let go completely, trusting that your energetic boundary is maintaining your energies regardless of the environment or people you interact with.

  5. Depending on the environment and people you interact with and your level of sensitivity, it may be useful to clear your energies once you return to your personal space, environment, or home by grounding yourself to Earth energies. For information about grounding, scroll upward to the information provided in previous topic, Grounding to Earth Energies.


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •  



Heart Presence Intention


Use the Heart Presence Intention when you are needing clarity, peace, and guidance for situations that cause you to feel disconnected or separated from your spirit or core essence.


1.   Move your attention from your thoughts and being in your head to the heart center, in the middle of your chest, inside your body. Some find it helpful to place your hand on the middle of your chest to help move your attention to this area of your body. With your focus in the middle of your chest, connect with the feeling of love and beauty by thinking of someone you love or some place that inspires beauty in you.

2.   Once connected in your heart center or when you feel your awareness there, speak or silently state the following intention:


"I hold presence in my heart for the

possibilities that serve me."


You can substitute any word or phrase in place of "me" for any issue or challenges you are experiencing, however, make sure the words or phrases you use do not contain any negative references, judgement, conditions, or limiting beliefs. See the examples below.

3.   Then, hold this connection for a few moments, then speak or silently state:


"It is done."


4.   Once the Heart Presence Intention statement is spoken or silently stated, stating "It is done" enables you to let go, and trust that this vibration is rippling out, connecting with the Universe, and manifesting when and how it serves you best. This is a very different approach from the typical way we are taught to will something into manifestation using just the intellect and mind. Instead, you are connecting with the heart intelligence and energies that enable you to connect more deeply with the possibilities available to you, moreso than just from using the intellect. You only need to state your intention once for a specific issue; the nature of how this method works is different from an affirmation or mantra that you state repeatedly throughout your day. The power is in the letting go and trusting that the Universe will align with your vibration and manifest the intention how and when it serves you or the person for whom you stated the intention.

Reminder: Always make the intention statement from a connection in the heart center; its power is much more effective than when stated from just the mind.



For a family member...

To use the Heart Presence Intention for a family member experiencing a challenging situation, you could say:

"I hold presence in my heart for the possibilities that serve __________ (child's name, spouse's name, relative's name) so they align with the energies, conditions, and situations that serve them now." Pause a moment, then state: "It is done!"

For a friend...

To use the Heart Presence Intention for a friend who is going through a transition in their career, you could say:

"I hold presence in my heart for the possibilities that serve my friend (state their name) in aligning him/her with the work that serves them in body, mind, spirit, creative fulfillment, and financial abundance." Pause a moment, and then state: "It is done!"

For personal difficulties in a relationship... 

Or, if you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship, you could say:

"I hold presence in my heart for the possibilities that serve me and my relationship with (their name) so we can connect in respect, love, clear and honest communication, and mutual understanding." Pause a moment, and then state: "It is done!"

For a child experiencing challenges...

If your child is experiencing challenges in their development or with life issues, you could say:

"I hold presence in my heart for the possibilities that serve my (son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, etc.) with the issue (you can state the specific issue) they are experiencing and they connect with the clarity, peace, love, and strength they need." Pause a moment, and then state: "It is done!" 
"I hold presence in my heart for the possibilities that serve my (son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, etc.) in aligning them with the energies, thoughts, and attitudes that serve them now." Pause a moment, and then state: "It is done!"

Reminder: Always make the intention statement from a connection in the heart center; its power is much more effective than when stated from just the mind.


The Heart Presence Intention is deceptively simple. Most of us who live in our minds will question the ability of this simple method in having any effect or having a lasting effect in their lives for the issues and challenges they face.


The two primary parts of this method are:


  • Connecting in the heart by bringing one's attention to the physical location of the heart energy field, in the middle of the chest, with a feeling of love and joy, and then,


  • After stating the intention from the heart connection (at the location in the middle of your chest, inside the body), while one's focus is in that location of the body, completely letting go of the stated intention. 

The power is in the letting go of the stated intention from the heart center. After the Heart Presence Intention is stated and released, practice bringing your attention to the heart center as much as possible every day. This will reinforce the state of your vibration and the stated intention. As Abraham-Hicks states, "Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want."


If you have difficulty connecting in the heart center or maintaining your focus in this area of your body, you may be disconnected from Earth energies and may need to ground yourself. After grounding, your energy state will be more conducive to accessing the heart center.


For information about using a grounding method, scroll up to Grounding to the Earth Energies on this page. There are several grounding methods available on the Internet, in books, and in various teachings; this is just one method that I find useful.


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   




What is meditation, and why would anyone want to meditate?


When meditation first became known to the Western world, it was usually associated with Eastern cultures or religions as a consistent, routine practice to quiet the mind for achieving a state of bliss, nirvana, or some other exalted state of consciousness or state of being, as the goal in one’s life.


Although, achieving an elevated state of consciousness is a worthy aspiration from the practice of meditation, a far more practical and immediate result is easier to attain than the lifelong goal of nirvana: a more quiet and clear state of mind replacing the chaotic state of mind one is accustomed to in a typical day.


Through the practice of meditation, beginning with 10 to 15 minutes per day, one can begin to experience a more calm, peaceful, and clear state of mind that eludes most of us in our hectic daily activities. Meditation performed in the morning, before starting one’s daily activities, is beneficial because this enables one to set a mental, emotional, and energetic state before engaging in the life activities that usually bounce us around like a piece of clothing in a washing machine.


While being jostled by life’s challenges, one can return to and connect to the state of being they experienced in the morning meditation by simply focusing one’s awareness on the third eye (slightly above and between the eyebrows on the forehead) or in the heart center (in the middle of the chest, inside the body) and watch the incoming and outgoing breath for a few seconds or minutes, whatever the moment will allow.


There are many books, videos, and internet sources that describe how to meditate. The following methods are simple and include focusing the eyes inwardly, while silently stating a phrase that follows the incoming and outgoing breath.


Breath awareness meditation:


1.   With your eyes closed, gently focus your awareness on the third eye (between and slightly above the eyebrows), while passively watching the breath come in and go out. If focusing on the third eye is uncomfortable, relax your focus so there is no tension in your eye muscles.


If you want to connect with your heart heart center while meditating, gently focus your eyes on the third eye, and then move your attention to the heart center in the middle of your chest (inside your body). This may seem challenging in the beginning, but will become easier with practice.

Or, you can just focus your attention on your heart center in the middle of your chest while relaxing your eyes. Do this only if it feels comfortable.

The most important aspect of calming the mind is passively following the incoming and outgoing breath, as stated below, regardless of where your eyes or attention are focused. So, don't be overly concerned about where to focus your attention, other than on the incoming and outgoing breath. 


2.   While passively following the incoming breath, silently state, “I am…”.

Do not control the incoming or outgoing breath, but passively follow its rhythm.


3.   While passively following the outgoing breath, silently state one of the following:




"...divine love"


“…one with the Universe (God, Source)”  

“…one with Spirit (or peace)"


...or, whatever short phrase helps you to connect to the deeper parts of yourself.

Choose only one of the above words or phrases for the outgoing breath, and continue to use only that phrase for the outgoing breath for the duration of your meditation.

Another example:

When following the incoming breath, silently say to yourself:
"I am..."

When following the outgoing breath, silently say to yourself:
"...divine unconditional love"

After you have spent a few minutes passively following the incoming and outgoing breath and your mind begins to become more quiet and peaceful, you can turn your focus to an issue with which you are working in your life and ask, through appreciation, for a solution. Or, you could give appreciation for the many blessings in your life to connect deeper in your heart (see Gratitude on this page). When working with issues or sending love energy, always do so from a connection in the heart center.


At the end of your meditation, give gratitude for the ability to meditate and to connect with the various aspects of your life through your heart intelligence. Accept how this meditation unfolded for you, and not judging your success or progress with the meditation you just completed. Gently open your eyes and be aware of the peace you feel in your body, mind, and being.


If you feel any discomfort from meditating, contact me or a yoga instructor who is knowledgeable about meditation.


When beginning to follow the incoming and outgoing breath with the phrase, you may notice that your mind may wander while you are stating the phrase you have chosen. Once you notice that your mind has wandered, gently bring your attention back to your focus (third eye, or heart center, or both) and resume silently stating the phrase as you passively follow each incoming and outgoing breath (remember, passively following the incoming and outgoing breath is the most important aspect in quieting the mind). 


If you begin to experience some moments of peace and stillness of the mind, you can introduce an aspect of your life that you can meditate on to find deeper understanding or meaning. If your mind becomes busy and begins to wander, resume the meditative breath and phrase until the peace and stillness returns.


With regard to maintaining your focus on the breath and phrase, anyone who meditates will agree that some days are easier in quieting the mind than other days. Do not be discouraged if you notice that your mind wanders easily; this will diminish over time and your focus will strengthen with more meditation. Resist judging yourself about the results of any of your meditations, and accept your best effort in that meditation. In meditating regularly, you are establishing an energetic foundation from which future meditations will benefit, regardless of the depth and inner quietness of your meditations. 


For those who value their spiritual progress, daily meditation can provide an infrastructure on which to build deepening states of peace, clarity, joy, acceptance of self and others, compassion of self and others, and health in body, mind, and spirit. 


The following link provides access to some simple, yet powerful, guided meditations offered by Self Realization Fellowship (Paramahansa Yogananda's organization).


More thoughts about meditation...


If you have never meditated and are interested in starting or you are thinking about getting back into the routine of meditation, consider this: it takes only 10-15 minutes, once or twice per day, out of your 24-hour day, and you will begin to feel the difference within only a short while, and for some, immediately.


Each of us is both physical and non-physical, meaning that inside and outside of our physical body, we have an energetic signature or energetic body that is also an integral part of who we are. In connecting with this part of ourselves, through quieting the breath, we quiet our minds and enable a connection to the non-physical aspects of ourselves, thereby tapping into those parts that are the source of peace, joy, compassion (for self and others), love (in all of its infinite aspects) and a wisdom that can be used for guidance in all life matters. In connecting with these deeper parts of ourselves, we also have the capacity to release energetic patterns (and their default behaviors triggered by events) that no longer serve us.


It is stimulating to read about spirituality and metaphysics, and study of these subjects helps one to expand one's awareness of the possibilities of connecting to our deeper self. However, reading about spirituality and metaphysics only connects one to ideas and concepts and does not actually connect one to the actual substance of the ideas. Study of spiritual and metaphysical subjects does not compare to the benefits of expanding one's awareness of their non-physical self and inner connection like a daily routine of meditation. After a short time of meditating, whether as a beginner or resuming a practice, one connects with an inner peace, quiet, and stillness that can last throughout one's day, changing how one processes challenges and how one creates the life they want.


From these transformations, one changes what flows into one's life, and new patterns are formed replacing previous patterns that no longer serve. From these shifts, one connects more easily to the heart center and energy thereby "feeling" (through heart intelligence) the resonance and coherence with one's flow of life, a flow that serves one in connecting deeper to their real self, their spirit essence. In this state, one is more effective in creating one's life and in influencing others in connecting to their resonance and coherence with their spirit essence. This is how we emerge from the awareness of mostly ego-driven intellectual perceptions that is based in our patterns and conditioning of victimhood, fear, shame, unworthiness, and a sense of lack. This is how consciousness is uplifted in ourself, and as a result, we influence the consciousness of others and the world.


Meditation helps us to be aware that we are not just this ego-driven mind, emotions, and body in the physical world, but we are a non-phyisical presence residing in and around our body and are connected (without any degree of separation) to the larger non-physical presence we refer to as God/Universe/Creator/Source/Divine Intelligence/All That Is. When you consciously connect to this awareness and state, you change yourself, and your vibration is more uplifting to others.


Most of us are conditioned to seek happiness outwardly through our experiences and perceptions as filtered through the five senses and ego-intellect. We can connect to happiness in this way, but it is fleeting and short-lived and rarely provides the long-lasting deep inner fulfillment we seek. Meditation helps one to connect more deeply within, the source of all true lasting happiness and fulfillment. When connecting to this deeper source of happiness, one integrates this state into their outer physical reality for a more complete happiness.



•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   


Pink Light of Unconditional Love


Pink light is unconditional love, love without conditions, attachments, expected results, or expected benefits to the giver. This is the same love that is available from the Universe and all non-physical assistance in light and love.


You can use this method for clearing or releasing energies with anyone, loved ones, friends, acquaintances, strangers, groups, animals, plants, and events.


Creating the pink light of unconditional love has nothing to do with forgiveness, because giving the pink light is unconditional. Forgiveness is not required for giving the pink light of unconditional love. However, creating the pink light of unconditional love can open energetic pathways for forgiveness. Because of this, creating the pink light around someone with whom you have a charged relationship (anger from you or to you, anxiety, jealosy, etc.) can help to clear the energies between you and the person. 


Creating the pink light of unconditional love:


1.   Connect in your heart center by bringing your attention to the middle of your chest, inside your body, and recall love for a loved one, friend, or pet, or connect with the memory of a beautiful place you have visited. Then, turn this love and beauty toward yourself until you feel a connection.


For more information about connecting in the heart energy field, scroll up to the top of this page to Heart Center.

2.   Close your eyes and place an image of the person, to whom you want to create the pink light of unconditional love, in front of you.

3.   Create pink light all around the person, saturating their body and the space around their body in pink light.

4.   While continuing to create pink light around the person, state one of the following phrases:


"I immerse you in the pink light of unconditional love." 

"I saturate you in the pink light of unconditional love." 

"I release you in the pink light of unconditional love."


This last phrase is good to use when you want to release someone with whom you had a relationship and you are ready to disconnect from the person.


Hold the person in the pink light for a few moments, then release the image.

5.   You can create the pink light of unconditional love for as many people as you want. After the last person, always place an image of yourself in front of you and create the pink light of unconditional love for yourself, and state the following phrase:


"I saturate myself in the pink light of unconditional love." 


Hold the image of yourself in the pink light for a few moments, then release the image.


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   



Inner Creator-Self Connection 


Note: This is a simple statement from you, your outer self, to you, your inner Creator Self (also known as your non-physical self, spirit, soul, energy body).


The purpose of the following statement is to acknowledge and connect to your inner Creator Self as part of your total self, of which, your outer self (via the ego-intellect) gets more focus and attention, which can result in feeling disconnected, uncentered, and ungrounded.


By acknowledging your inner Creator Self with regularity during your day, you begin to connect with more of your total presence and can access more useful guidance that can be used throughout your day-to-day activities. This information channel, from your inner Creator Self to your outer self, is also known as intuition.


Your truest real self is your inner Creator Self, which is the same you that has presence before you were born and will still be present after your physical body dies. The more you connect with your inner Creator Self over time, the less you will experience the fear of death of your physical body, as you will start to know outwardly (in your ego-intellect) that you are more than just your physical body.


Saying this inner Creator Self connection statement as you wake up in the morning and just before you go to sleep at night is a good first step in creating a deeper connection to your total self. Before saying the statement, bring your attention in your heart center in the middle of your chest, inside your body, then say the words while being aware of your connection to your heart center.  Saying this statement during your day can deepen your connection to your inner Creator Self.


First, connect in your Heart Center (without thought), then silently or aloud, state the following:


My inner Creator Self,

I am grateful for your presence in all parts of my life

and for this awareness.


With your assistance, I release all fear expressions

from my energy body and physical body,

in all time periods,

thereby connecting me more deeply to my limitless Self.


Above all ego-intellect perceptions and judgments,

I trust your guidance in all areas of my life,

and I am grateful for your guidance

in all moments of my life.



•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •


Integrating what you receive in your session


Your ability to maintain the changes you experience in your session or from any uplifting or transformative experience is dependent on your ongoing attitude toward changing your life in the direction you want (acknowledging, but not lingering in your focus on what is not working in your life), and is dependent on the mental and emotional states you create in these changes, and the physical actions you take in managing the changes you want. This may require that you change some aspects of your lifestyle, how you live, how you think and feel, and the daily routine choices you make. 


Your deepening and expanding awareness of your mental and emotional states, the ongoing choices you make in those awarenesses, and your expanding awareness of being present in your body are necessary for you to leverage the transformations you experience in your session and become a willing and enthusiastic participant in creating the life you want. Finding ways to become more aware of choice in every moment is key to becoming more conscious in how you live your life. Connecting inwardly or to the heart center regularly and frequently during your day can initiate the changes and connections you need to be more aware of choice in every moment. For more information, click on these web page links:  Heart Center Connection Methods.


In addition, it is necessary to be aware of the "stories" we tell ourselves and to others (and the words we use) and be willing to let go of the stories that keep one bound to a state of victimhood, where one continues to embellish the unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and actions of an experience, as a way to validate one's state or position. Unless we are letting go of old stories and creating new stories that connect us to all the possibilities that serve us in clarity, light, love, peace, joy, and wellness, we are potentially keeping ourselves bound to the patterns and their default behaviors that no longer serve us. This awareness must be accompanied by kindness toward oneself and without harsh self judgment. Regularly connecting in the heart center and in daily introspection through meditation enables one to be aware of the inner dialog that either serves us or not, and enables one to make conscious choices in determining what one creates in their life. As a result, self deceptions can begin to dissolve.


You are doing the best you can, with what you have, in every moment. If you knew how to do something differently or better, you would. Acknowledging this more deeply can be the beginning of deeper self acceptance (self love).
Now that you are aware of how to do something differently and possibly better, in all future moments, you now have the potential for consciously choosing to align with your inner Creator Self and being a co-creator (with the Divine Consciousness) in how you construct your life, thereby releasing victimhood conditioning that you inherited, learned, or that you created from the patterns you inherited or learned.


No two soul journeys are alike, even though societies and cultures often represent the human experience as a one-size-fits-all. When you are ready, you will let go a little more and trust more deeply in the intuitions and awarenesses that are presenting to you, and then the required actions to enable your conscious creations will flow more naturally to you. When you choose to create life in this way, the transition and manifestations begin slowly, but increase in frequency and power the more you commit to and practice this presence. If you’re looking for the subtle joys, peace, and loving-kindness in all of your interactions, you will discover them. If you are not looking, they will still be there, but you might not see or feel them.


You are the master of your reality: you can choose how you process experiences and how you create from those experiences. However, this requires that you are aware in the moment that you have a choice in how your process an experience, which may be different than what you habitually do and different than how you are conditioned to be.


To align with your more expanded potential for feeling joy, peace, love, creativity, and happiness in all of your experiences, regardless of the degrees of challenges, consciously choose to connect to your inner Creator Self (and your non-physical assistance) instead of allowing habitual behaviors and your unconscious conditioning to keep you bound to your patterns and their default behaviors that determine how you process life experiences. Become more aware in the moments of your life and choose to be the Creator you are instead of a victim you have been conditioned to be.


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   • 



Hatha Yoga: The Sun Salutation 


The Sun Salutation is a series of 12 Hatha Yoga postures in which one posture  flows to the next and is performed in synch with each in-coming and out-going breath. Performing one to three rounds of The Sun Salutation with conscious attention takes only a few minutes and can provide flexibility and inner connection that last your entire day. When practiced daily with conscious attention and paying attention to the limits of your body in each session, your flexibility can continue to increase and without injury.


The Sun Salutation does not include a side stretch or a spinal twist, so you may want to include these postures at the end of each round of the Sun Salutation.


Like all exercise, consult your physician or a qualified yoga instructor if you have not exercised in a while and you have concerns about whether your body and health is compatible with this type of exercise. Do not attempt to perform any of the postures beyond your physical limits. When learning the postures, a yoga instructor can provide the necessary guidance so that you do not injury yourself.


The following link provides information about how to perform The Sun Salutation:


The following graphic shows the positions and correct breathing for each position for one round of the Sun Salutation. This version of the Sun Salutation asana is borrowed from Swami Vishnudevananda's book "The Complete Book of Yoga".



Perform each position according to the flexibility and limits of your body. Do not push yourself beyond what you can comfortably stretch, and without pain. If you begin to experience pain or soreness, your body is telling you that you have stretched beyond your limit, and it is time to ease out of the position. Flexibility through yoga is a gradual process, and you cannot hasten your progress faster than what your body is ready for. If you are patient and consciously aware while performing each position in the Sun Salutation, your flexibility will develop naturally for your body. Everyone's body responds differently to Hatha Yoga. There is no competition in Hatha Yoga, only presence and self awareness on many levels if performed with conscious awareness throughout your yoga session.


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •


One of the primary purposes of the original yoga is to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Once you have completed a yoga session, your body and mind will be in an optimum state for meditation.


The following link provides access to some simple, yet powerful, guided meditations offered by Self Realization Fellowship (Paramahansa Yogananda's organization).



 •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   • 


Sea salt bath for supporting your energetic states


This method is not meant to replace, diagnose, or treat any medical conditions or protocols. As with all health related practices, consult your physician before performing any non-prescribed techniques. 


•   •   •   •   •   •   •


Sea salt bath (not the same as epsom salt bath)


After about one to three days after Pranic Healing session, to help you cleanse your energies, and any time you need a energetic purification, take a sea salt bath. You can buy an inexpensive sea salt at most grocery stores and other brands at health food stores, but it doesn't have to be the expensive kind.


Sea salt baths can help you to cleanse all your energies and release accumulated energetic cords and states that we pick up in our everyday lives. The effect of sea salt bath is similar to swimming in the ocean, where our energies are cleansed.


You can have a sea salt bath once or twice a week as needed.


Consult your physician before taking a sea salt bath to determine if it is safe for your state of health or your specific condition (pregnancy, high blood pressure, migraines, heart, lungs, etc.). Immediately get out of the bath if you experience dizziness, weakness, or other unpleasant effects.

1.  Fill your tub with warm water. Make sure the water is not too warm, as this could cause dizziness for some people.

2.  Holding the box of sea salt (one pound box), state an intention of gratitude to your non-physical assistants (angels, spiritual helpers, etc.) for your healing and for releasing all energies that no longer serve you. 

3.  Then, pour in and mix the entire one-pound box of sea salt until dissolved. Stay in the water up to your neck for 20 minutes. While soaking, you can meditate or connect inwardly in a peaceful state to assist in the release of the energies. Also, you can use a plastic cup to periodically pour the salt water over your head to wash the chakras of your head (crown, forehead, ajna (between the eyebrows), and back head chakras), which are not immersed in the bath water. Be sure to close your eyes if you pour the salt water over your head to prevent stinging of your eyes caused from the salt water.

4.  After the bath, give gratitude for your healing and energy cleansing. Take a shower to wash off the salt water.


You can have a sea salt bath once or twice a week as needed.


 •   •   •   •   •   •   •





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