Distance Sessions


For those who are not familiar with energy work or this facilitation, distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. 

Due to the non-local effects of quantum physics, intuition and energy transformation affecting mental, emotional, and physical aspects of a person do not require face-to-face proximity for effective results to occur and are not limited by time and space.

Many energy workers I’ve met facilitate only distance sessions via phone, Zoom, FaceTime, and even without a phone/voice connection. Some of my clients have said that their distance sessions were more powerful than their previous in-person sessions.
As in a face-to-face session, all that is required in a distance session is an openness and a little trust in your ability to transform energies and patterns you no longer need and to reconnect to energies that serve you in how your want to create your life.  For a few client statements about their distance sessions, click on the following link:  Client experiences from distance sessions
For a distance session:
  • You will need complete privacy and quiet, where you will not be disturbed or interrupted by other people, pets, or electronic devices for the duration of the session.

  • You can sit in a chair or lie down for the session. Please do not stand during a distance session unless requested by the facilitator.

  • It is highly recommended that you provide a list of your session intentions to me prior to your session, as this facilitates a deeper connection, potentially less discussion time, and often starts the session processes when the list is submitted by acknowledging what you are ready to change.
To schedule an appointment for a distance session, send your date and time preference, and I’ll confirm the availability of your preference, or I’ll provide other possible available times if your selected times are not available.

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There is some flexibility in the following session start times.


NOTE:  I no longer facilitate session start times past 4:00 p.m. EST.


• 10:00 AM       • 11:00 AM       • 1:30 PM       • 3:00 PM


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Contact information for making an appointment:


Email:  lbegnaud1@gmail.com


Phone or text message:  512-965-2149


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Follow the instructions below to schedule a session.


1.  Contact me at lbegnaud1@gmail.com or 512-965-2149 (call or text message) with the following information:


•  Your preferred date. 


Please provide your second and third choice in case your first preference is already scheduled.


•  One of the session start times listed below. These start times are flexible.


NOTE:  Start times for sessions are no longer available after 4:00 p.m. EST.


• 10:00 AM       • 11:00 AM       • 1:30 PM       • 3:00 PM


Please provide your second and third choice in case your first preference is already scheduled. 


•  One of the session lengths listed on the Fees page, depending on how long you anticipate you will need to discuss your issues. Click on the following link for session lengths and fees:  Fees page 


Please note... 

Most long sessions are due to the amount of time spent in discussion.


Because of how people perceive time in a session and the unique way time seems to be distorted due to effects from being connected to the heart center (and the quantum nature of that energy), many people are surprised by the amount of time that has occurred in a session, feeling that they were in the session for only a short period of time, when the actual time that passed was much longer. Because one is also connected in their heart center during discussions, this phenomena is also experienced during these segments too.

2.  Then, I will send you a confirmation email, text message, or phone call.


Please wait for my confirmation before planning the session date/time in your calendar.


For distance sessions, please submit your payment immediately after your session. The Fees page shows the session fees for the various session lengths. You can make your payment via Venmo, PayPal (Friends and Family), or check (contact me for the Venmo, PayPal, or mailing address information).


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Here are a few notes about session protocols:

  • Write your session intentions prior to your session, and send it via email. This is not required, but it does help you to connect to your session intentions prior to the session and helps us to possibly shorten the discussion time and focus more keenly on the important issues within your session intentions.

  • If you need to cancel your session or change the session time, a one-day notice prior to your session is required to avoid paying the missed-session fee. (Session Fees, “Missed Sessions”)


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Post-session guidelines for maintaining

energetic benefits from your session


You are unique in every way and built differently than all other people. And, you also have choice in how you operate in life. The following information is only guidelines that might be useful to you after your session. With you knowing yourself, it's your choice as to how you operate after your session.


  • Drinking alcohol beverages on the day and evening of your session might affect or diminish the energy transformation you experienced in a session. 

  • Participating in intense or strenuous physical activities or other alternative health modalities (such as acupuncture, cryo therapy, etc.) after your session might disrupt the energies you received in your sessionLight yoga, slow walks, or light exercise after your session are useful to help you process the energies. 

  • If possible, for the remainder of your day and evening after your session, choose activities and environments that are uplifting and connect you to the feeling of peace, calmness, and ease.

  • Drink plenty of water for up to three or four days after your session. Staying hydrated is required for optimum function and maintenance of your body, mental processes, and energetic states, especially after a session. Energy work affects body hydration similar to rigorous exercise, so it is important to stay hydrated for a few days after your session to give your body an optimum environment for processing the energies from your session.


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For practices for maintaining your energetic and mental, emotional, and physical states, click on the following link, and then scroll to the information on the page:


Connection, Transformation, and Maintenance Methods


You may want to print these methods for future reference. 



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Integrating what you receive in your session


Your ability to maintain the changes you experience in your session or from any uplifting or transformative experience is dependent on your ongoing attitude toward changing your life in the direction you want (acknowledging, but not lingering in your focus on what is not working in your life), and is dependent on the mental and emotional states you create in these changes, and the physical actions you take in managing the changes you want. This may require that you change some aspects of your lifestyle, how you live, how you think and feel about yourself and others, awareness of the automatic judgments you make, and the daily routine choices you make. 


Your deepening and expanding awareness of your mental and emotional states, the ongoing choices you make in those awarenesses, and your expanding awareness of being present in your body are necessary for you to leverage the transformations you experience in your session and become a willing and enthusiastic participant in creating the life you want.


Finding ways to become more aware of conscious choice in every moment is key to becoming more conscious in how you live your life. Connecting inwardly or to the heart center regularly and frequently during your day can initiate the changes and connections you need to be more aware of conscious choice in more moments and to initiate the inner and outer actions required for change. This is how you create new patterns that are useful and empowering to you. For more information, click on these web page links:  Heart Center Connection and Methods for Connection, Transformation, and Maintenance.


In addition, it is necessary to be aware of the "stories" you tell yourself and to others (and the words you use) and be willing to let go of the stories and words that keep you bound to a state of victimhood (disempowerment), where you continue to embellish the unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and actions of an experience, as a way to validate your state or position.


Unless you are letting go of old stories and creating new stories that connect you to all the possibilities that serve you in clarity, light, love, peace, joy, wellness, and empowerment, you are potentially keeping yourself bound to the patterns and their default behaviors that no longer serve you.


This awareness must be accompanied by kindness toward yourself and without harsh self judgment. Regularly connecting in the heart center and in daily introspection through meditation enables you to be aware of the inner dialog that either serves you or not, and enables you to make conscious choices in determining what you create in your life. As a result, self deceptions can begin to dissolve.


You are doing the best you can, with what you have, in every moment. If you knew how to do something differently or better, you would. Acknowledging this more deeply can be the beginning of deeper self acceptance (self love).


Now that you are aware of how to do something differently and possibly better, in all future moments, you now have the potential for consciously choosing to align with your inner Empowered Self (in connection with Infinite Unconditional Love, Infinite Power, and Infinite Intelligence) to consciously create your life, thereby releasing victimhood conditioning that you inherited, learned, or that you created from the patterns you inherited or learned.


No two soul journeys are alike, even though societies and cultures often represent the human experience as a one-size-fits-all. When you are ready, you will let go a little more and trust more deeply in the emerging intuitions and awarenesses that are presenting to you, and then the required actions to enable your conscious creations will flow more naturally to you.


When you choose to create life in this way, the transition and manifestations begin slowly, but increase in frequency and power the more you commit to and practice this presence. If you’re looking for the subtle joys, peace, and loving-kindness in all of your interactions, you will discover them. If you are not looking, they will still be there, but you might not see or feel them.


What are you focusing on? Are you stuck in only the perceptions of what you don't want, and failing to see that you can create what you do want by changing your focus (changing your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings toward what you do want, and then taking actions to support your new perceptions, thoughts, and feelings)? 


You are the master of your reality: you can choose how you process experiences, how you frame your experiences, and how you create from those experiences. However, you have to be aware in the moment that you have a choice in how you process an experience (IN THE MOMENT), which may be different than how you habitually react, and different than how you are conditioned to be, and possibly different than how the people in society are reacting to similar experiences.


To align with your more expanded potential for feeling joy, peace, love, creativity, and happiness in all of your experiences, regardless of the degrees of challenges, consciously choose to connect to your inner Empowered Self (and your non-physical assistance) via an inward connection instead of allowing habitual behaviors and your unconscious conditioning to keep you bound to your patterns and their default behaviors that determine how you process life experiences.


Become more aware in the moments of your life and choose to be the Empowered Self you are instead of unconsciously relying on the automatic mode of operation (and unconscious habits) and the accompanying patterns of victimhood you have been conditioned to express.


Make the commitment, and then support your commitment daily.


You can do it. It is always a choice, if you allow and intend for yourself to have this awareness in the moments that are meaningful to you, whether the moments are unpleasant, pleasant, or neutral.


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2023, 2024, and the coming years


This year, like the last few years, will be a year of dynamic transformations for almost all aspects of the human experience, individually and collectively.


We are living in times of increasingly accelerating changes, which are becoming more dynamically noticeable in relationships (with self, others, and the collective), and in politics, Earth events, and in people's awareness of different energies in themselves, in others, and in overall human consciousness, compared to previous years. And, many of these changes are challenging, especially with the starkly differing points of view among segments of society.


You were born as an empowered Creator being to learn, create, and express as a unique soul in all of your experiences. Your presence and expression in this world does not have to look like or be similar to the presence and expression of anyone or of the human collective. You can choose to tap into this presence in you, and its power to create what you want in your experiences, OR you can unconsciously and habitually yield to the conditioning that separates you from your Essence and empowerment that resides in you. 


Once you have this awareness, it is a choice. You are not being judged right or wrong if you do not connect to this presence and awareness in your experiences, but you are missing a dynamic pathway to happiness and inner and outer health and empowerment that is beyond comparison and with more ease than you know (if you haven't tried this approach). 


It's as simple as shifting your awareness in the moment from how you usually process an experience (from your conditioning, past experiences, and habit) to having an inner awareness and knowing that you can process your current experience differently than how you usually process your experiences. Then, from that expanded awareness, you can access possibilities that yield the desired outcome, not through the willfulness of the ego-intellect (as you usually do), but from the intuitive flow of information and energy from being connected inwardly in your awareness.


The transformation tools on this website and tools from other similar sources that connect you inwardly will greatly help you to process and manage your inner and outer environments throughout the coming changes and keep you grounded, if you make the choice to do so in your experiences. As with all life changes, how you process your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings in your experiences, and the tools you choose to support yourself can determine how you create overall happiness in your life. 


It is always a choice: 

• To be more consciously aware in the moment, OR 

• Unconsciously yield to the automatic habitual mode in processing your experiences.


If you commit to allowing yourself to be more deeply aware of yourself as an empowered Creator being in all of your experiences (and taking the time to connect within via the heart center to enable this), and you know (not just believe) that you can change any and all experiences because of your inner awareness and your connection to its power, you are on a path to greater and greater empowerment in all you perceive, think, feel, and do. And, one of the greatest benefits in this ongoing connection is you influence others, and your relationship to others and the world in an uplifting and empowering way.


Consciously connecting inwardly to yourself in the moment, as an empowered Creator being that you are, enables you to create and process your experiences differently, thereby consciously bypassing patterns of victimhood and the fear of being judged in what you perceive, think, feel, and do. The freedom that this approach offers is one that unfolds naturally in you according to how you integrate the new choices you make in stepping into this paradigm. 


It's your choice in all you perceive, think, and feel, and in all moments. The power that emerges from your choices to become more consciously aware in more moments accumulates and gains momentum the more often you use it and with consistency. If you do this, your life will change more in alignment with how you want to create your life and with more ease.


Let me know if you have any questions about any of the information.


Thank you,




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